A must-see with children! A famous steak 88! The side menu is also great, and families are very satisfied!

A must-see with children! A famous steak 88! The side menu is also great, and families are very satisfied!
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"Steak" representing Okinawa's gourmet. It is very popular because it is voluminous and affordable. I would like to introduce "Steak House 88", which continues to offer such popular steak!

What's the charm of steak house 88?

I would like to introduce a little history of the long-established steak group "Steak House 88", which has been in business for 45 years. Before the return of the mainland, in 1955, Koji Kaneshiro, the current representative, opened as "Club 88 (Club Ailey A)" as an A sign bar at the age of 28. At that time, many U.S. military officials and Okinawan citizens visited and were bustling.
※A sign is a business license issued by the U.S. Army. A sign that uses the acronym of "Approved (permitted)" and only to shops that have passed the examination of hygiene etc. Signs to be issued.

Founded in 1978 as "Steak House 88". Not only the main steak but also the side menu continue for tourists, we consider it “delicious”, “satisfied” and “at a reasonable price”, and not only the main steak but also side menus continue trial and error. In the 2000s, he was exposed to headwinds such as the Lehman Shock, but after a popular TV program "Okinawa, we eat shime steak after drinking!" "Steak boom has arrived since the air!

As of April 2024, it has grown to 24 stores both inside and outside the prefecture, and it is said that it will reach its 45th anniversary in November 2024.



The standard and popular menu is…Tenderloin and original soup!

Red meat with low fat is very popular in authentic American style, and abundant taste change ingredients (garlic, salt / pepper, A1 sauce, No.1 steak sauce, garlic soy sauce, original S1 steak sauce, garlic soy sauce, original S1 S1 sauce) You can enjoy while enjoying.
Conversely, if you like fat, sirloin is recommended for those who like fat.
And the representative of the menu that has been offered since its founding is the original soup! We still use a large pot that has not changed since its foundation, and the more customers come to the store for this soup, it seems that there are many fans with the taste that is loved by the locals. (* Talks from the local staff who accompanied me)

"Every side menu except steak!"  -There are plenty of side menus for children~

When I asked the shop about the "largest feature" of steak house 88, he said, "The side menu lineup is amazing that it is as competitive as other companies!" Certainly, the children's menu includes children's plate, Okinawa soba, hamburger, potato shrimp fried curry. A lunch and B lunch popular among local regular customers. For those who want to eat Okinawan cuisine, goya Champloo, beef soup set meal, tacos, squid sumi soup set meal, etc. *There are still many menus, and some of them are introduced. Also, the handling differs depending on the store.

When asked why the side menu was so substantial, he said, "The president is a greedy person. Dad may have steak if you come with your family, but your mother, child, grandpa and grandma may be different. I want many people to enjoy it because I came here! With that in mind, side menus other than steaks have increased (laughs) "! It seems that there used to be sushi!

※A Lunch (Okinawa soul food containing shrimp fried, tonkatsu, bacon, fried chicken, etc.)
※B lunch (Okinawa soul food alongside A lunch containing tonguekatsu, hamburger, fried egg, etc.)


Give me a souvenir at the shop!

Okinawa Souvenir series. If you have steak 88, you can surely get a "88 key ring", so let's try your memory!

Check the best coupon

At Steakhouse 88 Tsuji Honten, Kokusai Dori, click below and show the screen to get "Soft Drink 1 cup service".
All those who order meals are eligible for everyone!

Store Information

Store name: Steakhouse 88 Tsuji Main Store
Address: 〒900-0037 2-8-21, Tsuji, Naha-shi 1F

Access: About 14 minutes walk from Yui Rail Asahibashi Station
TEL: 098-862-3553
Operating hours: 11:00〜25:00(LO.) ※Business hours are subject to change without notice.
Regular holiday: Open all year round
There are children's menu, children's chairs, and tableware for children

How was it? When I hear steak house, I wonder if there is something that small children can eat.…。 I don't think you'll think about it, but you don't have any trouble! There is no doubt that the whole family will be very satisfied!

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