Which group is the sea or the forest? Eight major Okinawan Northern Fashion Cafe

Which group is the sea or the forest? Eight major Okinawan Northern Fashion Cafe
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After enjoying the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and Kotori Island, the classic sightseeing spots in the northern part of Okinawa Island, why not relax in a cafe?
In Yanbaru (Northern Motojima) where nature remains, there are many fashionable cafes that you want to stop by during sightseeing! From the superb view sea cafe shining in emerald green to the forest cafe where you feel like you are in a hideaway. We will introduce eight cafes that will make you want to take pictures of fashionable girls.

Cafe.01 Counting the Blue Sea from 82m above sea level

The Kouri Ocean Tower is located in Furuuri Island, Nakijin Village. At the café `` Restaurant Ocean Blue '' inside the tower, marinade of the island octopus mixed with a special basil sauce using octopus from Kouri Island, and an island pork grown in a 500 ° C after receiving an order. You can enjoy plenty of vegetable pizzas. Sweets made with pumpkins from Kourishima Island are also exquisite.

Recommended points

A great location from the terrace seat! You can see the sea of cobalt blue and the Kouri-ohashi Bridge from 82m above sea level. Mealing while watching the blue sea of Kotori Island is a blissful moment.

Cafe.02 Relieving in the warmth of trees "Cafe Kokuu"

Gentle dishes that combine Japanese food and macrobiotics are arranged. We recommend "Kokuu Plate", which uses fresh pesticide-free vegetables purchased from local farmers. This product is packed with particular attention to drinks, including non-caffeine dandelion coffee and other drinks. On sunny days, you can see Izena-jima Island and Iheya-jima Island.

Recommended points

Attention is paid to the inside of the store made by combining wood without using nails and the tasteful Yachimmun (Okinawa pottery). It is available to relax body and mind not only in cooking but also the whole space.

"Pizza Cafe Hanajinkai"

"Pizza Cafe Flowers Party" is located on a small hill in Motobucho. A cute Shisa will be greeted at the entrance. You can enjoy the Okinawa atmosphere just by looking at the stores made from old folk house, which is characterized by red tiles. Pizza made from spring water in Yamahara (Yanbaru) is plump and full taste that has not changed since its opening. Because it's a popular shop, I want you to come with a line.

Recommended points

We recommend after 15 o'clock to enjoy the beautiful sea and the big sky. From the outside table seats, you can see Ieshima, Sesoko Island and Minanoshima. It's a happy time to see the sun sets.

Cafe.04 360-degree panorama! "Ice Clin Cafe Ark" in a Western-style building like a castle

As you go into the mountains steadily with a handwritten signboard as a landmark, you will see a castle like a castle. This is the only directly managed store of ice cream "Ice Clin", a popular ice cream in Okinawa. Ice-cry, which has a crisp texture, can always enjoy more than 10 flavors in addition to the standard vanilla.

Recommended points

From the café located on a hill, you can enjoy a superb view of Sesoko Island and I Eshima. On a clear day, I Eshima Toucho is clear! It is also recommended to climb the rooftop to see a 360-degree panorama after dinner.

Cafe.05 A moment to spend time in the forest of Yanbaru

In November 2013, "cafe Kubaya-" changed its name and renewed to "Cafe ichara". A wood-style at-home restaurant where you can enjoy the atmosphere as if you were in a villa, and a terrace seat with greenery up close. At the terrace seat, you can feel the birds singing and the cool breeze and spend a relaxing time in nature. You will surely be able to enjoy Okinawa with your body and mind!

Recommended points

There are many dishes using Okinawan specialty products such as bitter gourd pizza, mushroom pizza, and sea grape salad. The specialty pizza made from dough and baked in stone kiln grilling is exquisite.

Cafe.06 "fuu cafe" woven by tropical plants

"Fu cafe" is located in Sesoko Island, Motobu-cho. The inside of the store, where the scent of coffee, which is carefully brewed one by one after another, spreads, has a fashionable log house style. Fern plants are overgrown and hammocks are installed in the spacious garden, so it is good to play in the garden on a sunny day. This cafe is perfect for children.

Recommended points

"Umi grapes and Agu", which uses plenty of ingredients that are particular about locally grown and consumed, and brown sugar almond latte, are popular. After playing in the garden, snack time with handmade cakes that do not use additives!

Cafe.07 "Yachimmun Cafe Shisa Garden" that blends into the green nature

Yachimmun Cafe Shisa Garden, located in Motobu-cho, is a shop full of emotions as if you came to your grandmother's house with both appearance and inside view. There are plenty of menus where you can taste Okinawan snacks such as brown sugar zenzai, Hirayachi (Okinawa-style okonomiyaki), and chinbin (Okinawa-style crepe). This cafe is recommended when you want to take a break.

Recommended points

Yachimmun (Okinawa pottery) is exhibited and sold, so you can purchase it as a souvenir. A lot of Shisa are lined up on the roof, and it is a café where you can take commemorative photos full of Okinawa.

Cafe.08 "Cafe Hakoniwa" as if the time has stopped

"Cafe Hakoniwa", located at the back of the Okinawa Island Motobumachi mountain road, is a cafe made by stylishly renovating an old private house that has been built for more than 50 years old. Hakoniwa Plate, which uses plenty of Okinawan ingredients, is a healthy, popular dish for women. Hakoniwa plate can be sold out, so it's important to go early!

Recommended points

The snack time is recommended for chocolate brownies and banana cake with a solid texture. Cakes made with a simple cooking method that focuses on ingredients, has a taste that makes you want to come to eat again.

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