Okinawa -4 recommended events in April

Okinawa -4 recommended events in April
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Okinawa is already a summer entrance when you can feel the warm spring air on the mainland. In April, there are many events that signal the arrival of summer, and you can feel summer as the earliest in Japan. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the four recommended events from the events held in Okinawa in April. Please refer to it when you set up a sightseeing schedule!

Summer starts from here! The Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival 2024


First of all, I would like to introduce the Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival, one of Japan's largest fireworks event. 10,000 fireworks launched against the backdrop of the sea will brilliantly color the night sky.

The attraction of the Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival is a place where you can feel "summer" faster than anywhere in Japan under the theme of "First Summer Fireworks in Japan"! The event is the 21st this year, and it is an event that is popular among Okinawan citizens, and at the same time, many tourists from outside the prefecture also participate.
Not only is the early event, but also the dynamics of fireworks is one of the reasons why the Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival attracts many people. With a volume of about an hour from 19:00, fireworks created by world designers bloom in the night sky.
In addition, the feature of the Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival is that the production is performed in accordance with the music. Using a computer to control the launch timing with a surprising accuracy of 1/30 seconds, a detailed and dynamic fireworks illusion is realized.
Also, in order to enjoy the fireworks of the Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival, in addition to admission tickets, if you want to sit in a chair, you need to purchase a reserved seat ticket.
When accessing the Ginwan Seaside Park, you can also use the toll parking lot, but you can also take a shuttle bus that runs from Yui Rail Omoromachi Station. Please refer to the official website for details on fees and meeting places in shuttle bus.

Recommended points

[Event Name] The Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival 2024
[Date and time] Saturday, April 13, 2024 Opening 15:30, start 19:00 (planned)
[Place] Ginowan Seaside Park (Ginowan Tropical Beach)
[Tickets] Please check the official website.

A festival with the whole island! The 16th Okinawa International Film Festival in Okinawa

Photos provided: At the time of past events

For two days from April 20 (Sat) to 21 (Sun), 2024, the "Every Island Okina Festival-The 16th Okinawa International Film Festival-" will be held. A few years ago, it has been held in April, saying, "I want to send beautiful Okinawa in April, where the weather is more stable and the temperature is warm and comfortable."
The program varies slightly from year to year, but you can experience a variety of ways to enjoy, not only movies, comedy, music and dance, sports and workshops.

It is a feature of the Okinawa International Film Festival that many popular comedians participate every year. Isn't it good to participate in talk events and live events after sightseeing?

Recommended points

[Event Name] Okinawa International Film Festival-The 16th Okinawa International Film Festival~
[Date and time] April 20 (Sat)-21 (Sun), 2024
[Place] (Naha City) Kokusai Dori, Naha Cultural Arts Theater Nahato, Palette Kumoji-mae Traffic Plaza, (Kitanakagusuku Village) Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom, (Okinawa City) Theater Donut etc.

Enchanted by the mysterious beauty! The 27th Ieshima Yuri Festival

Photos provided: I-Eshima Tourism Association

It is said that Teppoyu lily, a flower of Ie Village, blooms about 1 million flowers every year. In addition, you can enjoy not only Teppo lilies but also lilies around the world, and about 90 varieties of lilies are in full bloom. In addition to the pure white lily flowers that spread all over, there is also a “Yuri of the World” corner where pink and orange flowers bloom, so you may forget your time as you look around.
Take the ferry to Ieshima by ferry from Motobu Port. During the Yuri Festival, the number of flights is increasing, and shuttle bus runs from Ie Port to the festival venue, making it easier to match the schedule of sightseeing. You can drive by car, but you need to make a reservation in advance, so don't forget if you plan to go sightseeing in a rental car.
There are plenty of other attractions in I-Eshima. In addition to lilies, if you go to I Eshima hibiscus Garden, you can meet more than 1,000 varieties of hibiscus. Recommended spots are also recommended spots such as Ie Beach, GI Beach, and Shiroyama, which has a spectacular view of the island.

Recommended points

[Event Name] The 27th Ieshima Yuri Festival
[Date and time] April 27 (Sat)-May 5 (Sun / Holiday) 2024
[Place] Iemura Lily Field Park
[Entrance fee] Free
[Inquiry] Iemura Commerce and Industry Tourism Division Telephone: 0980-49-2906

Children are very excited! The sea opening festival

Photos provided: Azama Sunsun Beach

The sea opening is one of the events where you can feel the summer has come. The opening of the sea in southern countries is earlier than in the mainland, and many beaches open the sea from March to April.
Normally, at the Sea Opening Festival, you can swim for the first time after praying for safety and enjoy other programs!
"Emerald Beach" in Marine Expo Park, "Onna Seaside Park Navi Beach" in Onna Village, and "Chatan Park Sunset Beach" in Chatan Town will hold sea opening events. In addition to these beaches, there are many beaches that open the sea in April, so be sure to enjoy the pleasant Okinawa sea opening according to your sightseeing schedule.

Recommended points

[Event Name] 2024 Okinawa Sea Opening Information
[Holding period] From mid-March to April 2024
[Place] Beaches in Okinawa

Enjoy the summer in a mild climate

How was it? Summer events such as fireworks and swimming, and lilies, a summer flower, can be enjoyed in Okinawa in April. If you are planning to travel to Okinawa in April, why not incorporate these events into a part of sightseeing?
I hope that sightseeing in Okinawa will be a wonderful memory.

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