Four recommended events in Okinawa-September

Four recommended events in Okinawa-September
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September in Okinawa is a season when it is still hot and the end of summer is not visible. In various parts of the prefecture, lively events that blow away the heat are held.
Therefore, this time, we will focus on the Okinawa event to be held in September and introduce their attractions. Enjoy Okinawa in September in a variety of ways, such as enjoying traditional local festivals and back time in the Kingdom of ryukyu era.

Enjoy a unique performance! Uruma City Eisa folk dance Festival

The Uruma City Eisa folk dance Festival is a Eisa folk dance event where Eisa folk dance groups from all over Uruma City come together, and will be held at Uruma City Yonashiro General Park Athletics Stadium. By the way, the eve is held the day before the festival, and you can enjoy Eisa folk dance's performance a little earlier on the road in front of the Uruma City Hall Main Government Building.

At the event, you can enjoy the powerful Eisa folk dance performances by various Eisa folk dance groups, including the traditional Heshikiya Eisa folk dance, which has been handed down for more than 300 years. Even with Eisa folk dance, the choreography, costumes, and selection of songs vary depending on each group of Eisa folk dance. Some groups use the Eisa folk dance style of Osako power using large Wadaiko, while others are fascinated by the style of small drums. In addition, the individuality of each group appears in the fine parts such as how to hold the bee and the feet, so the more you appreciate it, the more you can enjoy the individuality.

The Uruma City Eisa folk dance Festival is not limited to youth associations around the city. The children's party, who dance Eisa folk dance with a small body, also excites the festival. The movement of the platoon is an area that is no longer suitable to be called "art." Be sure to visit the venue and get drunk with the performance.

Recommended points

[Event Name] The 18th Uruma City Eisa folk dance Festival
[Date and time] eve festival September 15, 2023 (Fri), this festival Saturday, September 16 and 17 (Sun)
[Place] Uruma City Yonashiro General Park Athletics Stadium
※There is a temporary parking lot at this festival. There is no temporary parking lot in eve festival. Please use public transportation (route bus or taxi) before coming.
[Entrance fee] Free
※There are traffic restrictions around the venue. Please check the website for details.
[Contact] 098-923-7612 (Uruma City Eisa folk dance Festival Secretariat)

Traditional performance that shook the soul! The All-Okinawa Eisa Festival

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The Okinawa All Island Acer Festival is the best Eisa folk dance Festival in the prefecture, held every year at the end of the Old Bon Festival.
On the first day, the Eisa folk dance group formed a platoon parade around the city, and the second day is the Okinawa City Youth Festival, where the youth groups from Okinawa, the home of Eisa folk dance, will come together.
On the last day, a selection of groups from various parts of Motojima gathered to show off the unique Eisa folk dance. Kachashi of the finale Kachashi, the audience is avalanche in the venue and is excited as one, and fireworks and laser shows color the night sky.
At the start of 1956, it was a contest format, so this festival is said to have the highest heat of the performers even today. The charming performance that takes pride in each region's traditions and pride.
In addition to the traditional Eisa folk dance, there are many other groups, such as the original "Creative Eisa folk dance" and "Children's Eisa folk dance" by local children.

※Programs vary every year, so please check the official website for details.

Recommended points

[Event Name] The 69th Okinawa All Island Acer Festival
[Date and time] August 23, 2024 18: 30-21: 00 Road Junne,
Saturday, August 24 15:00-21: 00 Chunichi The 46th Okinawa City Youth Festival,
The last day of August 25 (Sun) The 68th Eisa folk dance Festival
[Place] Around Okinawa City Koza Sports Park Athletics Stadium and Ebisuya Crossroads
[Entrance fee] The upper seats (stand seats) of the Okinawa Acer Festival, the upper seats (stand seats) of the Okinawa All Island Acer Festival are charged.
[Parking lot] There is a temporary parking lot / shuttle bus available
[Contact] Okinawa Athur Festival Executive Committee

Experience Kachashi with local people! Hagoromo festival

The "Hagoromo Festival" is a festival in connection with the "Hagoromo Legend", which has been around for a long time in Ginowan Seaside Park (multipurpose open space) in September every year.
The attraction of this event is that it is a citizen-based festival. Every year, it is full of locals and tourists. The main part of the street event held on the first day is the history picture scroll procession that reproduces the history picture scroll. There are other local events such as marching and youth Eisa folk dance. The highlight of the festival held on the second day, the Kachashii Tournament, is also a must-see! (* Kachashii: Okinawa hand dance)
On stage, men and women of all ages will show off Kachashi, which focuses on music and costumes, to spread traditional Okinawan performing arts. You can enjoy it just by watching it, but if you feel better, it may be a good idea to dance with the locals who are there.

In addition, you can enjoy live performances by artists active in Okinawa Prefecture, and water gun championships that children can enjoy together. And with about 1,800 fireworks going up to the event finale, one shakutama, which is rare in the prefecture, is launched. Try this summer's tradition in Okinawa.

Recommended points

[Event Name] The 46th Ginowan Hagomo Festival
[Date] September 30 (Sat) and October 1 (Sun), 2023
[Place] Ginowan Kaihin Park Multipurpose Plaza

※Event article is being prepared

How was it? A variety of events will be held, from the good old traditional event to the summer tradition of Eisa folk dance and the tug of war. One of the ways to enjoy watching these events while enjoying the summer heat remaining on the spot. If you are considering a trip to Okinawa in September, please take a look.

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