Okinawa -4 recommended events in June

Okinawa -4 recommended events in June
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Okinawa in June is just the rainy season. Even at such times, there are many fun events, such as touching traditional event and traditional performing arts and enjoying the stage of famous artists.
This page introduces four events where you can fully enjoy Okinawa in such a season.

Blow the rainy season sky! Itoman Harley, a festival for fishermen (Uminchu)

Photos provided: Itoman-shi Office

Among the annual events in Itoman City, "Itoman Harley" is the most grand festival. Itoman Harley is the traditional event held on May 4 in old calendar in the middle of Itoman fishing port. Participants board the traditional Okinawan ship, Sabani, and compete with each other's community called "Mura". The venue is full of local and tourists who support it, and it is a day of the festivities.
In Itoman Harley, not only various rows, but also a competition called "hil removal competition" to catch ducks released in Itoman fishing port. Ducking competition is an event where not only local tourists but also tourists can participate freely. As soon as the order to start the competition sounded, the participants jump into the sea one after another is a highlight!
In the competition, not only ducks but also large watermelons are floated on the sea, and balls that can be exchanged for red snappers are thrown in, so it is one of the ways to enjoy such prizes.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Itoman harley
[Date and time] Sunday, June 9, 2024
[Place] Itoman fishing port middle district
[Entrance fee] Free
[Parking lot] No parking lot. Let's take public transportation.
[Contact] 098-851-8339 ※Inquiries will be accepted only during the event period (Itoman Harley Event Committee)

Enjoy a lot of traditional Okinawan performing arts! Eisa folk dance Night 2024

"Eisa folk dance Night" is an event where you can enjoy Eisa folk dance in Okinawa on weekends from around June 13, the day when Okinawa City declared the "Eisa folk dance Town Declaration" to the Old Bon Festival.
At places such as Koza Music Town Music Market, youth associations will perform Eisa folk dance performances.
"Eisa folk dance" is one of the traditional performing arts of Okinawa. There are various theories about its origin and are not known to be clear. One theory suggests thatEisa folk dance was born inKingdom of ryukyu. The charm of Eisa folk dance is the most brave performance! If you watch this up close, you will surely get chimdondondon (thing your chest).
The feature of Eisa folk dance Night is that you can enjoy Eisa folk dance in Okinawa, which has a unique culture. Okinawa City, where the Eisa folk dance Night is held, developed into a U.S. military base town immediately after the war. Bars, jazz clubs, fast food restaurants, etc. where you can feel the American culture of those days, and are known as "Champloo culture" that combines Okinawa and American cultures. Why not enjoy the dynamic Eisa folk dance up close while enjoying the exotic atmosphere of Okinawa City?

Recommended points

[Event Name] Eisa folk dance Night 2024
[Date and time] June 15 (Sat), June 23 (Sun), June 30 (Sun), July 7 (Sun), 2024
[Place] (6/15) Okinawa Prefectural Sports Park Multipurpose Plaza, (6/23) Southeast Botanical Paradise, (6/30, 7/7) Koza Sports Park Athletics Stadium
[Price] The venue for the Southeast Botanical Paradise will be charged, so please check the official website for details.
[Contact] 098-937-3986 (Okinawa Athur Festival Executive Committee Secretariat)

A search light is on a quiet night on the day of memorial service! Pillars of the Light of Peace

The "Memorial Day" on June 23, which was established as a day to comfort the spirits of the war dead in Okinawa and pray for peace, is an unforgettable day for Okinawan citizens. On June 23 and the 22nd of the previous day as the memorial service eve festival, the "Pillars of Peace" are irradiating the "Pillars of the Light" are irradiated to the sky so that it can be seen by people "farer and wider" people.
In the Peace Memorial Park in the southern part of Okinawa Prefecture, five search lights that resemble the pillars of Shiraki, which will be the ancestor of the war dead, connect the land of Mabunhito, Itoman City, the end of Okinawa to heaven.
※The five lights represent the dead in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Korean Peninsula, and Taiwan.
The main event will be the "Pillar of Peace" at the Peace Memorial Park, which has no permanent night lighting, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the main event will be the "Pillar of Peace". In addition, as a sub-event, we plan to light up candles, sing and dance so that participants can feel the memorial service and the value of peace.
I think it's a good opportunity to think about peace with your family and friends, so why not spend this trip a slightly different Okinawa night?

Recommended points

[Event Name] The light of the Pillars of Peace
[Date and time] ※Confirming schedule for 2024
[Place] Peace Memorial Park
[Contact] 098-997-2765 (Okinawa Peace Memorial Foundation)

4. Celebrate Okinawa's "Uta no Day" The song is open from Okinawa! Uta no Day Concert 2024 in Yomitan

Photos provided: Uta no Day Executive Committee Secretariat

Every year on the weekend of late June, "Songs from Okinawa!" "Song Day Concert" will be held. This event was launched in 2001, led by BEGIN, a popular artist from the prefecture. Popular artists from inside and outside the prefecture will show off their spectacular performance.
In the first place, "Uta no Day" is an anniversary established by BEGIN. On June 24, the day after the end of the Battle of Okinawa, June 24, the day after the end of the Battle of Okinawa, June 24, was designated as "Uta no Day."
The event is held on Saturdays and Sundays from the 24th of every year, in order to encourage all men and women of all ages, including local residents and tourists from Japan and abroad.
At the Song Day Concert, original goods such as T-shirts, half pants, face towels, and wristbands are sold. If you wear these goods, you will surely be able to enjoy the event while enjoying a sense of unity with the performing artists and other guests!

Recommended points

[Event Name] The song is open from Okinawa! Uta no Day Concert 2024 in Yomitan
[Date and time] Saturday, June 29, 2024 12:00 Open / 14:00 Start
※Time is subject to change.
[Place] Yomitan Village Sports Plaza
[The Performer] BEGIN, Misako Kozai, Parsha Club, Chiharu Tamashiro (Kiroro), MONGOL800, HoRookies, So Nakasone, Nanaironote, Rude-α, D-51 and others
[Entrance fee] General: 5,500 Yen (tax included)/high school student: 2,500 yen (tax included) ※Comes with a leisure sheet
※Admission is free for preschoolers and elementary and junior high school students

How was it? Even before the full-fledged sightseeing season, you can fully enjoy your trip to Okinawa. If you come on a trip to Okinawa in June, you can touch the historic traditional event or get excited at each music event. Why don't you enjoy your trip to Okinawa in front of summer?

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