Enjoy the Kerama Islands, a paradise of the sea where you can go on a day trip from Naha

Enjoy the Kerama Islands, a paradise of the sea where you can go on a day trip from Naha
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The Kerama Islands can go on a day trip from Naha. "Kerama Blue" attracts attention in the world. There are swimming beaches on each island so you can enjoy it. Please go up from Okinawa Island and go to each island.

Enjoy the Kerama Islands, a paradise of the sea where you can go on a day trip from Naha

The Kerama Islands are a group of islands located about 40 km west of Okinawa Island. The number of islands is about 20 in total, including manned islands and unmanned islands, of which four are inhabited islands. Access to the Kerama Islands is about 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport to Tomari Port, where ships to each island are leaving. From the Tomari Port to each island, it is located in a good location of 35 to 50 minutes by high-speed boat and 70 to 120 minutes by ferry. Under these conditions, you can fully enjoy the charm of the island on a day trip.
The Kerama Islands were designated as a national park in March 2014. Many tourists visit every year, such as the highly transparent sea, untouched pure white sandy beaches, and winter-only whale watching.

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What is the charm of the Kerama Islands, which attracts attention in the world?

The attraction of the Kerama Islands is the sea.
Because of its beauty, it is known as "Kerama Blue" and attracts tourists and divers around the world.
The Kerama Islands are dotted with islands of various sizes. Among them, the most popular are Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, and Akajima, each island has a swimming beach. Each beach has its own charm and has a variety of ways to enjoy it.

Resort Beach, Tokashiki Island, which is safe for families.

Aharen Beach is a white sand beach that spreads in front of Aharen Village on Tokashiki Island. Offshore, there is an uninhabited island called "Hanare", which is gaining popularity as a place for snorkeling. The waves do not often rise, and beautiful corals can be observed even in shallow waters.

Tokashiki Beach is the second largest beach on Tokashiki Island after Aharen Beach.
It is a secret beach where there are fewer people than Aharen Beach, and you can enjoy a quiet and relaxed mood. The entire beach has a crescent-shaped arc, and it can be said that the beach is beautiful.
There are accommodations and green parks around the beach, and there are no large settlements around the beach. It can be said that even with small children can enjoy it slowly. If you want to enjoy a private beach, this kind of beach is perfect.

Snorkeling spots with one of the most transparent snorkeling spots -Zamami Island

Zamami Island is the second largest island in the Kerama Islands after Tokashiki Island. The Zamami Village is located right away from Zamami Port, where the island's only supermarket, city hall, elementary and junior high school. Each sea on such a homely island has its own charm.


Furu Zamami Beach is located about 15 minutes away from the Zamami village, crossing the mountain slope. The most common use is to use a paid shuttle bus from Zamami Port.
Known as one of the clearest seas in the Kerama Islands, it is full of tourists every summer. Snorkeling is particularly popular, and if you swim just a few meters from the sandy beach, you can observe sea creatures such as coral reefs, and sea creatures such as sea lions up close. The facilities such as changing rooms, shower rooms, and shops are also in place, so families can spend time with peace of mind.

Ama Beach is a quiet beach located in the Ama settlement of Zamami Island. Access to the Ama Village is about a 15-minute walk from Zamami Port. There are lodges and campsites near the beach, and there are shops, making it a quiet but convenient location. You can enjoy the sea in a shallow, calm waves, and close to nature. In addition, sea turtles live on the beach, and if you are lucky, you can see sea turtles swimming calmly and rising on sandy beaches.

Anaba beach where you can spend gracefully with untouched nature -Akashima

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Immediately located in the southwestern part of Zamami Island is Akajima, the second largest island among the islands belonging to Zamami Village. Aka Island is connected by Geruma Island, Tochijima Island and Ohashi, and you can freely travel between the islands by using a rental car or rental motorcycle.
Aka Port has a white statue of the movie "I Want to Meet Marilyn", which is known as one of the symbols of the island. Aka Island is also known for its inhabitation of Kerama Jika, known as a national natural monument.

The beach represents Aka Island is Kitahama Beach. Kitahama Beach is located just in the eastern part of Akajima, and is generally accessible on foot or by rental cycle.
It is said that the height of transparency is as good as old Zamami. Near the beach, the dark green old growth forest grows thick, and you can touch the nature of Okinawa. It is a good beach where you can enjoy snorkeling or relaxing the gradation of the sea at the shore.

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