From topics to popular spots. Reason for getting into "Senaga Island Sea Cattle Terrace"

From topics to popular spots. Reason for getting into "Senaga Island Sea Cattle Terrace"
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Have you already gone to Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace, which has been gaining popularity since its opening in August 2015? It is a 15-minute drive from Naha Airport, and you can easily drop in on the day you arrive, just before you return. In the pure white building that shines in the deep blue sky, there are 45 stores such as restaurants and general stores, and the photos are perfect! As you can easily enjoy the resort feeling, the number of repeaters of tourists as well as local tourists. This time, we will introduce the four stores that we want to keep down from among the many stores.

Total weight 500 grams! "Chimufugas" hamburger which is also popular on TV

"Spring Burger Timufgas", which has an American atmosphere and stands out among the sea turtle terraces, is a hot hamburger shop that has a hot topic that has been featured on TV nationwide. The slightly unusual store name is a hamburger with so many ingredients that are likely to overflow, and was given with the meaning of "Chimphgas (satisfied with Okinawa dialect)".

The famous “flooding burger (1320 yen)” contains 200 grams of patiss and 100 grams of bacon, with a total weight of 500 grams. The original egg sauce and spicy sauce are intertwined, and you can enjoy a variety of flavors. It is a huge hamburger with a height of about 15 cm, but it is Chimphgas style that you eat. It's best to prepare your stomach before sightseeing.

Speaking of Okinawa's B-class gourmet "Omtaco" is "Kijimuna"

Taco rice specialty store "Kijimunaa" in Onna Village has also appeared on Umikaji Terrace. The signboard menu is "Omtako" with fluffy egg on octopus rice, which is indispensable for Okinawa gourmet. There are many types of toppings, with women ordering avocado and cheese-based, and men order grill chicken and garlic. Octopus meat can be selected from sweet, medium spicy and curry flavors, and chili beans are also available for those who cannot eat meat. The size can be selected from S, M, L, so you can easily use it with children.

The terrace seat has a roof, so you can spend your time with confidence even during hot hours.

A celebrities also come to the store for private use, real shaved ice iii

Because Okinawa is warm throughout the year, "cold food" is something you want to eat whenever you come. Here, "Shaved Ice Specialty Store iii (Three)" is a store with a reputation for raw sauce using seasonal fruits from Okinawa, fluffy kaki ice cut by craftsmen, and Okinawa zenzai (500 yen or more).
Okinawa mango is used for drink "Umikaji-kun (Mango)" with a cute cologne form. You can taste plenty of shaved ice sauce, and the smooth part is a drink and Okinawa mango.

Inside the store based on white, iii original products such as sweets and seasonings recommended for Okinawa souvenirs are also available. The most popular "Hoshino Crystal (300 yen-)" is a cute candy like Hoshi sand, and seems to be popular over shaved ice. Why don't you choose a souvenir after enjoying the sweets?

"Suisavon Shuri Soap" skin care brand from Okinawa

"SuiSavon Shuri Soap", which has many fans in Okinawa Prefecture, has 17 stores inside and outside the prefecture (as of August 2023). One of them, the Umikaji Gallery Shop, is located on the top floor of the Umikaji Terrace, where you can overlook the beautiful sea and sky from inside the store. At the entrance of the store, a phoenix, a symbol of Shuri soap, is greeted by botanically colored and greeted.

When you enter the store, you will be wrapped in pleasant citrus scent. There are skin care products that value the natural color of plants and the fragrance of only natural-derived plants. Among them, the botanical hand-made soap "Morning", which is limited to Umikaji Store, is pushed by the staff. It has a refreshing scent reminiscent of a refreshing morning of Senaga Island and is perfect for the beginning of the day. There is also a small cube type, so it is recommended as a souvenir for your friends.

How was it? Senaga Island is a popular place as a sunset spot. It's a luxurious time to look at the evening view sinking in the Kerama Islands in front of you. Also, if you are tired of walking, it is recommended to take a break in footbath. There may be traffic jams on Saturdays and Sundays only for popular spots, so if you stop by before returning, please head to the airport with plenty of time.

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