Osako power! Let's feel the arrival of summer in Harley

Osako power! Let's feel the arrival of summer in Harley
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Beginning this year too! Hot season and hot competition

Every year on May 4th of old calendar, the sound of Harley Gongs and the high sound of Harley gongs, and Harley is held in various parts of Okinawa Prefecture. At this time, the rainy season rises, and the shining summer comes.


Harley is a traditional event event held in hope of voyage with bountiful catch. Many people get on a boat called Ryusen, which resembles a dragon, and competes for Osako power.
Recently, the popularity of tourists has been increasing. Especially in Naha Harley and Itoman Harley, local and tourists are crowded, and the venue is filled with enthusiasm.
There are also events that anyone can participate in, so why not visit us?

Both scales and boats are big! The charm of Naha Harley

"Naha Harley" is held every year from May 3 to May 5.
Unlike other Harleys, it will be held in the new calendar because many tourists want to watch it.
It may be held during GW, so it is also attractive to be able to stop by in addition to sightseeing. It is a large-scale event that is said to be visited by 200,000 people every year.


Naha Harley is characterized by a repelling ship. The reptile ship used in Naha Harley is large enough to accommodate as many as 42 people, and the decoration is often made of primary colors, and it is colorful.


In Naha Harley, there is an event where you can ride the reptile ship, and anyone can participate for free without reservation.
Of course, you can not only ride a dragon boat, but also actually rows and go on the sea. The experience of traveling through the sea while feeling the sea breeze and waves should remain as a colorful memory.

Date: May 3-May 5, 2024 (planned)

Experience boarding: I will let you know as soon as it is decided.

Venue: Naha Port New Port Wharf parking lot: The number of units is limited. Let's take public transportation.

Keeping tradition. Attractiveness of Itoman Harley

"Itoman Harley" will be held every year on Yuccanuhi (June 17, 2018).
Itoman has a culture that calls "Harley" as "Harley". In the past, the dragon boat was called "Hare (dialect meaning running) Bune" and continues to keep that tradition.
Itoman is also known as a city that preserves traditional traditions, and the culture of celebrating the Old Bon and Lunar New Year continues.


In Itoman Harley, a reptile boat called Sabani, which can be used by 12 people, is used, and races against local communities and schools.
A lot of attention to the energetic support of the local grandmothers! The venue is lively every year, and you can feel good just by watching it.

Image provider: Itoman City Commerce and Industry Tourism Division

You can't miss the elaborate overturned barley (Kunukase).
To compete for the technology, how to fix it when the boat capsizes, get on a boat that has been temporarily overturned, and aim for the goal while scraping out the water.
It can be said that it was a race developed only in Itoman, a city of marines (meaning Uminchu * fisherman).

Image provider: Itoman City Commerce and Industry Tourism Division

Date: June 9, 2024 (planned)

Venue: Itoman fishing port middle district

Parking: None

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