It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from December to February

It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from December to February
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Is winter in Okinawa cold? Temperatures and climate from December to February

Winter is naturally coming to Okinawa, which has a strong summer image. It will begin in December-February. The temperature in Okinawa at this time is appropriate for the temperature around October on the mainland.
At first glance, it may not seem so cold, but due to the cold north wind unique to Okinawa surrounded by the sea, the perceived temperature is often lower than the temperature.

It is said that the perceived temperature drops by 1 ° C every 1 meter wind speed. In other words, if the temperature is 17 ° C, if the wind speed is 5 meters, the perceived temperature will be 12 ° C! Therefore, Okinawa from December to February may feel cold instead of the temperature.

However, during the daytime on sunny days, the temperature of the day changes depending on the climate and time of day, such as when the temperature exceeds 20 ° C due to strong sunlight, or when the sun sets and reaches around 15 ° C at night. Sometimes.

And above all, I want to reduce my luggage as much as possible when traveling. Winter in Okinawa is not so low compared to other areas. Nevertheless, mufflers, thick coats and gloves……If you depart with perfect clothing for cold protection, you will have more unusable luggage.

Then, what kind of clothes should I choose for my trip to Okinawa at this time?

“The point is whether the clothes can handle fluctuating temperature!

As mentioned above, Okinawa from December to February, the temperature and perceived temperature vary depending on the day. Therefore, if you are going to travel at this time, it is recommended that you choose "clothes that can handle fluctuate temperature."

At this time, we need to pay attention not only to the heat but also for the sun. It is important to protect your head with a hat or cap, as if exposed directly in the sun, it may cause heat stroke. Let's enjoy sightseeing in Okinawa comfortably by taking in fashion with heat stroke.

The key point of choosing clothes when traveling to Okinawa from December to February is that "select a thin one" under the outerwear! If it is thick, it will not be easy to get off when the temperature rises and you may get sweaty. In this regard, if it is thin, you can feel safe even during the day when the sun is strong.
That said, nothing can be done if it is thin. Miniskirts and shorts may make you feel quite cold in some days.……。 If you want to enjoy fashion with these clothes, it is important to wear tights from below and take measures to prevent cold weather.

Based on these points, we recommend innerwear and knits with cold protection function, and thin parka (coats and down are also acceptable). Parkers and courts are very active when you say, "I want to see the beautiful sea after all!" Because it can be taken off quickly according to the temperature, it is possible to prevent the body from getting cold due to the cold unique to the coast. Knit can express femininity and have a lot of cute designs, so you can enjoy fashionable while keeping the cold weather.

The points introduced here can, of course, also help small children choose clothes. If you are worried about clothes when traveling to Okinawa from December to February, please refer to it!

NO gloves! The item to warm your hands is a disposable warmer!

Winter must-have items include gloves, mufflers and knit hats. Mufflers and knit hats are often used as fashionable items, so local Uchinanakachu often wear them. However, it is not very common to wear gloves. The reason for this is that Uchinanchu favors "Disposable Cairo"……!

In winter in Okinawa, the temperature does not get as low as gloves are needed. For this reason, disposable warmers, which can easily warm your hands, is an indispensable item for Uchinanchu to survive winter.
When traveling to Okinawa, please enjoy sightseeing while warming your hands with a must-have item and disposable warmer unique to Uchinanchu.

By the way, knit hat is also a recommended item for traveling to Okinawa from December to February. In winter Okinawa, the north wind blows strongly, so the hair is often disturbed each time. If you wear a knit hat, you can enjoy sightseeing without worrying about disturbances in your hair.

How was it?
If you are planning to travel to Okinawa in winter, please refer to it.

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