It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from May to June

It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from May to June
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The rainy season in Okinawa is fast! What's the clothes suitable for Okinawa from May to June?

May to June, where you can feel both the remnants of spring and the beginning of summer. In general, it has the image as described above, but not in Okinawa.
The average temperature in Okinawa in May is about 25 ° C and about 29 ° C in June, which is equivalent to the temperature from July to August in the mainland. Therefore, if you go on a trip to Okinawa at this time, you can feel summer a little earlier!

Okinawa from May to June is the earliest in Japan to enter the rainy season. Humidity often exceeds 80%, and there are many days when you feel sultry. However, there are few days when it is raining all day, and sunny days often spread. There are many sunny days all day long. One of the characteristics of Okinawa at this time is that there are few typhoons landings. Under the clear skies, you can enjoy Okinawa by swimming and visiting tourist attractions!

So, when you travel to Okinawa from May to June, what kind of clothes should you choose? Here are some of the following:

Add a haori item to summer clothes!

Summer clothes are preferable for travel to Okinawa from May to June. Summer clothes, such as short-sleeved T-shirts, shorts and thin skirts. Nevertheless, in Okinawa at this time, the sunshine is often illuminated strongly, and the seasonal wind called "Carchibe (summer solstice south wind)" often blows strongly and feel chilly.
Therefore, as a countermeasure against sunburn and monsoon, it is recommended that you bring a thin cardigan or other haori. If you don't want to have a haori item, wear spats under short pants or wear thin long-sleeved T-shirt.

By the way, the long-sleeved T-shirt is also recommended as clothes when you enjoy swimming. When bathing in the sea, you spend a long time outside, so you may be exposed to a large amount of sunlight coming in strong sunlight. Also, in Okinawa at this time when the monsoon blows strongly, it is more affected by the sea.
From this point of view, long-sleeved T-shirts can be said to be clothes that should be incorporated as a measure against sunburn and monsoon even in the sea bathing scene. If you plan to swim in Okinawa from May to June, be sure to bring it with you.

From May to June, Okinawa is just the rainy season. Therefore, we recommend sandals at your feet when you travel. In the case of shoes or pumps, the inside of the shoes will steam when it rains.
In addition, not only shoes but also socks can get wet, making you feel uncomfortable.……。
On the other hand, sandals do not have to worry about steaming, and even if it gets wet in the rain, so you can enjoy your trip to Okinawa more comfortably.

In May, there is Golden Week, one of the major holidays. Isn't some people planning to travel with their children at this time? Regarding children's clothes, there is basically no problem with the style described above. Please refer to it.

Don't forget to fold the umbrella and sunscreen

In Okinawa from May to June, it is often said that "it was fine at the time of departure, but it rained halfway." Therefore, when traveling to Okinawa during this time, we recommend that you bring rain gear in case it rains.
However, rain gear is not a large parasol. The first thing I would like to recommend is a folded umbrella that can be used as a sunny rain. This can be used not only when it rains, but also when you want to protect your skin from the sun.

By the way, sunscreen and hats are needed from this time. Although it is not summer full, the sun is strong, so if you relax, your skin will burn and turn red in no time. The danger of heat stroke is undeniable. Therefore, bring sunscreen as a measure against sunlight and a hat as a heat stroke measure.

Hold down the points unique to this season……

How was it? When it comes to Okinawa from May to June, the point is that it is different from the clothes suitable for midsummer and midwinter season. Since the temperature and climate differ between Okinawa and the mainland from May to June, it is important to choose clothes that match the Okinawa climate when traveling.
Please refer to this article and enjoy Okinawa from May to June to your heart's content!

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