Okinawa's cool sweets - six masterpieces

Okinawa's cool sweets - six masterpieces
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The summer in Okinawa is long anyway, and even when the season is winter, there are many days warm enough to want cold things. Under the glowing sun, you want shaved ice and ice cream. Recommended for such people is cool sweets that use plenty of prefecture-grown ingredients. It is enough to cool down from the core of the body just by chewing on the cheek. Let's go and find your favorite sweets while driving.

Recommended points

Okinawan sweets with plenty of coolness that can be enjoyed by both eyes and tongue. The taste that makes you smile unintentionally makes your heart and body HAPPY!

A thousand days

This is the royal road! Good old Okinawa zenzai, you can enjoy it because it is a long-established store

Zenzai specialty store loved by tourists as well as local residents. One thousand days' popular sweets, which still inherits the recipe of the predecessor, is a simple ice zenzai. Powder ice is fluffy and blurmy. Smooth soft mouth brings out the sweetness of moist boiled beans. Usually, red beans are used on the mainland, but Okinawa Zenzai uses Kintoki beans, which are hard to boil down. It's chewy texture and moderate sweetness makes your habit. The huge size of 25cm in height, is just a masterpiece. It's surprising that you can eat it alone.

Tsurukamedo zenzai

I'm excited about the rich variation! If you have different kinds of sweets, coco

There are many unusual cool sweets such as "Cara Miruku Zenzai" using coffee liqueur. Among them, the impact of "Red Sweet Potato Black Sugar Zenzai" is outstanding. The first jump into your eyes are the bright purple color of red potato powder that dyes ice and gentle brown sugar syrup. If you break down the ice mountain, red potato ice is hiding secretly. There is no doubt that your tongue will be captivated by the Okinawan combination of red potato x brown sugar.

Ryubi Ryu-pin

Arranged Taiwanese shaved ice in Okinawa style! Dynamic sweets

Ryu-pin, which has a store at Onna's station, "Ice Mountain," which uses ingredients unique to Okinawa, such as red moya tamo and jimami (peanuts) are very popular. Among them, "Ice Mountain Tropical Fruit", which is topped with seasonal fruits and ice cream topped, is a place where you want to eat while traveling to Okinawa. The soft ice like powder snow and the rich flavor of mango and dragonflies are excellent. As the name implies, it is full of volume, so it may be a good idea to share with friends and couples.

Vita Smoothies

Let's charge vitamins with Okina One Fruit Smoothie!

Vita Smoothies, located close to Kokusai Dori, can be said to be the firefighter of Okinawa Smoothies. There are always more than 20 types, such as tropical fruits and berries, etc.! Because it is made after receiving an order, you can enjoy fresh smoothies anytime. In particular, Red Dragonfruit Smoothie, which uses dragonflies, has excellent antioxidant effect, so it gives you a tired body that is exposed to ultraviolet rays. If you add lich with toppings, you can expect high beautiful skin effect. An international street where the summer sunshine shines. Smoothie gives healing to the body tired of walking.

Tanaka Fruit Store

A fascinating taste with plenty of Okinawa's fruits and the western coast

It boasts cool sweets that use seasonal fruits purchased from local farmers and luxuriously. The “Mountain Mango Parfait,” which uses one whole mango, is a blisss rich in the tongue to melt. In addition, the colorful and cute visual “Sheavy Ice” is also important. There are 13 types of handmade flavors, from Hawaiian to Okinawa, and you can choose three you like from them. Enjoy your own original flavor is one of the nice points.

[Temporary closure] Blue Seal Makiko Port Main Store

A representative of Okinawa ice cream! A pop guy born in America

Ice mountain where you can enjoy several kinds of ice cream at once. There are Blue Seal Mountain with 7 types of ice cream and Big Mountain with 17 types of ice. Among them, the big mountain looks like a monster. Ice cream is piled up narrowly, and the whole topping of the ice sand "Porara Bear", a standard blue seal product. Top strawberry adds fresh sourness to sweet ice cream. Why don't you try to try to remember your trip?

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