Reward lunch buffet at Okinawa Hotel

Reward lunch buffet at Okinawa Hotel
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Why don't you give me a little reward today to yourself who is always working hard? A variety of lunch buffet and buffet with a nice taste of "I like a hotel maid taste". Why not enjoy the tropical time at a luxurious location unique to the hotel and enjoy a reasonable tropical time?

Renaissance Resort Okinawa

Onna-son | Sail Fish Cafe "Resort Lunch Buffet"

A restaurant where you can enjoy about 80 kinds of dishes and sweets from all over the world. There are plenty of special menus in addition to the hot Ishigama pizza and oven dishes. Kids menu for children is available in the kids corner, so it is recommended for family and mom friends lunch.

At the terrace seat, you can enjoy a meal while watching the sea where you change your expression every time.

There are 15 kinds of desserts as well as crepes made by patissier in front of you, as well as 15 kinds of desserts.

Fresh bakery with fragrant aromas such as croissant and buggetet

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Resort lunch bushe
(Adult) 2,700 yen, (Senior 65 years old-) 2,400 yen, (elementary school student) 1,350 yen, (infant 3-5 years old) 800 yen

Double tree by Hilton, Naha Shuri Castle

Naha-shi | Grand Castle Café & Dining

Old-day dining where you can enjoy a variety of menus at buffet in a pleasant daylight. You can enjoy a wide variety of menus that incorporate Okinawa ingredients in a comfortable space where comfortable light shines through windows with three-sided glass windows.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Lunch buffet
Adult 3,300 yen, children (10 to 12 years old), 1,700 yen (4 to 9 years old) 1,100 yen, free for 3 years old and under

Okinawa Harbor View Hotel

Naha-shi | Garden restaurant plantan

Garden restaurant stands in rich nature. The sunbeams create a fresh lunch time. Taste to meet for the first time, delicate tailoring, and warm scent. Buffet that you can enjoy each dish.

Recommended points

●Reward MENU●

Lunch buffet
[Weekdays] Adult 3,300 yen, senior (65 years old and over), 2,500 yen, elementary school students (7-12 years old) 1,200 yen, preschoolers (4-6 years old) 600 yen, infants (3 years old and under) free
[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] Adult 3,600 yen

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

Itoman-shi | Ocean view recreational

About 10 km from Naha Airport. An ocean view restaurant located at a direct resort, about 20 minutes by car. A variety of buffet with plenty of seasonal ingredients as well as local ingredients.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Southern de lunch busfee
[Weekdays] (Adult) 2,200 yen, (Senior 65 years old and over) 2,000 yen, (elementary school students) 1,000 yen, (toddlers 4-6 years old) 550 yen, (free under 3 years old)
[Saturday, Sunday and Sunday] (Adult) 2,400 yen, (Senior 65 years old or older), 2,200 yen (elementary school students) 1,000 yen, (infants 4 to 6 years old) 550 yen, (free under 3 years old)
※Prices may change on hotel designated days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Respect for the Elderly.

Laguna Garden Hotel

Ginowan-shi | Parseo garden

Paseo Garden Western Food Buffet is a collaboration between casual European style dining and Chinese cuisine. A wide selection of 15 kinds of fruits and desserts. You can enjoy a meal in an open mood while looking at the large green garden.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Western food buffet
[Weekdays] Adult 2,500 yen, children (6 to 12 years old), 1,250 yen, infants (4 to 5 years old) 515 yen
[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] Adult 3,000 yen, children (6 to 12 years old) 1,500 yen, infants (4 to 5 years old) 515 yen

Okinawa Grand Mail Resort

Okinawa-shi | Dress diner

From October 1, 2023 (Sun) to February 29, 2012 (Thu), a “Best-selling Gourmet Fair” will be held with a wide range of popular menus. There are plenty of kinds of seafood such as seafood rice bowl, Okinawa tempura, and content soup. In open kitchen, you can eat freshly baked steak. The menu that can be enjoyed by children and elderly people.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Lunch buffet
(Adult) 2,200 yen, (6-11 years old) 990 yen, (3-5 years old) 550 yen, free for 2 years old

ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort

Onna-son | Old days dining aquabell

How about a resort lunch that fills both mind and body? The buffet stand is lined with dishes and sweets that incorporate local ingredients, such as healthy vegetables grown in the sun of Okinawa. The live kitchen where the chef wears his arm in front of you is also popular.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Adult 4,000 yen, child (6-12 years old) 2,000 yen, infants (3-5 years old) 850 yen

The Moon Beach Museum Resort

Onna-son | Old days inning Corallo

A blissful buffet with a variety of dishes in an open space where sea breeze sways. Open kitchens full of presence are set up for each Japanese, Western, and Chinese, and you can enjoy the luxurious dishes of hotel maid to the fullest.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

[Weekdays] Lunch buffet (junior high school students and above) 2,686 yen, (elementary school students) 1,343 yen
[Saturday, Sunday and Sunday] Lunch buffet (junior high school students and above) 3,143 yen, (elementary school students) 1,408 yen
※All of the above amounts are subject to consumption tax including consumption tax, 13% separately

Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa

Onna-son | THE DINING warm Ryumansai

The Japanese, Western and Chinese Buffet contains plenty oflocally grown and consumed. In the powerful live kitchen cooked in front of you, you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Lunch busfe
[Weekdays] You can choose Japanese, Western and Chinese lunch & sweets semi-buffe, 2,200 yen ※Preschool children Kids Plate 600 Yen
[Saturday, Sunday and Sunday] Lunch & Sweets Semi Buffet (adult) 2.200 yen, (6-12 years old) 1,100 yen, (4-5 years old) 600 yen, free for 3 years old and under

Kafuri Resort Fuchakcondo Hotel

Onna-son | Wine&Dining The Orange

We offer order buffet of all eight kinds of authentic pasta risotto and "order pasta" where you can enjoy abundant sweets. Pasta risotto can be made by order at your seat. In addition, please enjoy orange homemade aya rich hors d'oeuvres, salad, chef original curry.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Semi-buffet (adult) 2,420 yen, (elementary school student) 1,331 yen, (preschool children) free

Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa

Nago-shi | Buffet & gluekwatch

You can use a lot of ingredients from Okinawa Prefecture, and you can also enjoy Western cuisine dishes by the chef, Ryukyu cuisine by Ryukyu cuisine traditioners, and medicinal dishes by a farming medicinal. It has a luxurious lineup where you can taste three kinds of dishes at once, and a kids menu is enriched, and a buffet that can be enjoyed by families.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

Lunch busfe
(Adult) 2,500 yen-, (child 7-12 years old) 1,250 yen, (child 3 to 6 years old) 500 yen, children under 2 years old free

Aquasens Hotel & Resort

Onna-son | Ryukyu China's Bon Fire

Lunch to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine at the All buffet As much as you like more than 27 authentic Chinese dishes, such as "Shrimp chili sauce stew" and "Ryukyu sweet vinegar bean paste", which is a combination of seasonal Ryukyu ingredients and classic Chinese. There is also a Chinese porridge that can be served from 12 kinds of toppings. We also offer a wide selection of Chinese tea carefully selected Bon Fire.

Recommended points

●Reward menu●

All buffet lunch
Adults 2,300 yen, elementary school students 1,800 Yen ※Tax-included service charges

※The content of each hotel restaurant is subject to change.
Please check on the hotel official website or contact the hotel directly before using.

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