Recommended on the day you arrive in Okinawa! Women's travel drive full of superb view spots-Southern Motojima~

Recommended on the day you arrive in Okinawa! Women's travel drive full of superb view spots-Southern Motojima~
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My first trip to Okinawa with women is very exciting. For the first time, "Where can I enjoy Okinawa and have a stylish trip?" The southern part of Motojima, where you can leave immediately from the airport, is full of superb view drive spots. From classics to deep spots known to those who know it……。 Let's enjoy Okinawa to the fullest extent.

START! AM 11:30 A.m. I can't get rid of my girl trip! Senaga island sea bream

Senagajima Umikaji Terrace, a 15-minute drive from Naha Airport, is a commercial facility opened in the summer of 2015. As you can easily enjoy the resort feeling, the number of repeaters of tourists as well as local tourists. It has been gaining popularity since its opening as a new tourist and shopping spot in Okinawa.

Recommended points

The spectacle of 45 stores, including restaurants and general stores, in a pure white building shining in the deep blue sky, is a perfect photo! You can taste taco rice, big hamburgers, and Okinawan sweets while watching the sea in front of you.

PM 1:00 The memories of Okinawa with your favorite work, at the Ryukyu Glass Village

"Ryukyu Glass Village" in Itoman City in the southern part of Okinawa Island is the largest Ryukyu glass workshop in the prefecture where you can make your favorite Ryukyu glass works. The building filled with Ryukyu glass tiles is a landmark! You can make only one Ryukyu glass work in the world, from glasses to accessories and gel candles.

Recommended points

In the shop attached to the workshop, colorful Ryukyu glass line up to create a fantastic space. Products can be purchased at outlet prices, so how about one gift for family members?

PM 2:30 A break while watching the sea at a log house-style cafe

Cafe Lodge (former CAFE style tree) in Nanjo City, where there are many superb view cafes, is a log house-style cafe where you can enjoy the sea and forests at once. For snack time, we recommend "half & half cake set", which includes two half-size cakes and drinks.

Recommended points

Seeing the beautiful sea from the terrace seats on the second floor through the forest of tropical old growth forest. Scent breeze and green scent blows away everyday fatigue.

PM 3:30: One of the best scenic drive spots in the prefecture! Nirai Bridge, Kanai Bridge

The Nirai Bridge Kanai Bridge is a superb view drive spot alongside the Kouri-ohashi Bridge and the underwater Road. As you cross a long bridge that draws a large curve, you can see the magnificent sea that changes from light blue to emerald green and deep blue. If you look at the horizon, you will surely be impressed if you look at the horizon.

Recommended points

In the Okinawa dialect, you can see Kudaka Island and Komaka Island, as the word "Niraikanai", which means "the ideal town seen in the sea over there". From nearby observation deck, you can see the whole Nirai Bridge Kanai Bridge Kanai Bridge.

PM 4: 4 Seiba Mitake, which cleans the mind in a sacred place

For those who have accumulated daily stress and fatigue, go to Okinawa's representative power spot "Sefa Utaki". It is a solemn place that is considered to be Okinawa's best sacred place, so follow the minimum rules and go around with sacred feelings. After leaving the room, I feel like I feel refreshed.

Recommended points

If you want to know more about Ryukyu's myths and spiritual culture, it is recommended to go around with a guide. Seiba Utaki has poor scaffolding, such as cobblestones and slopes, and sandals and heels are prohibited, so be sure to prepare them.

PM: 00 You will feel like traveling in Okinawa at a standard tourist spot! Walk around Kokusai Dori

After checking in at a hotel in Naha city, go to Kokusai Dori! This is a standard tourist spot full of tourists both day and night. On the 1.6km street, there are Okinawan cuisine, American steaks, agu pork shop and many souvenir shops. It's a pedestrian paradise every Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00, so you can enjoy Eisa folk dance and street performances.

Recommended points

There are plenty of ways to play, such as buying matching items with friends at accessory shops and original T-shirt shops, and sample sweets and awamori. We also recommend stylish cafes and general store in Sujiguu (muscle path)

PM 7:30 Okinawa Cuisine + Enjoy Okinawa Night at Shima-uta Live

The first day of the trip is also late. To further enhance the mood of traveling in Okinawa, we recommend "Pikaji Kokusai Dori", a restaurant of Okinawan cuisine and folk song Live. In a red tiled roof shop, you can enjoy a reasonable price from home cooking to authentic flavors. folk song Live is free. The body naturally begins to dance to the unique sound level and rhythm.

Recommended points

Women performing live wear traditional costumes called "Bingata". It has plenty of patterns and colors, so women can enjoy it just by looking at the red mold design. The closing of the party is chashi!

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