A must-see for those who stay in Onna Village! Search by genre 11 selections of izakayas in Onna Village

A must-see for those who stay in Onna Village! Search by genre 11 selections of izakayas in Onna Village
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Onna Village is one of the most popular areas in Okinawa Prefecture, with many resort hotels. We will introduce 12 stores at once, from shops where you can enjoy the sea and sunset up close, as well as shops equipped with parlor seats and private rooms for families, and shops where you can enjoy Okinawa folk song Live.

The mood is perfect. "Location Dining Nagi" a hideaway izakaya that I want to keep secret

Location Dining Nagi, a retreat izakaya that appears when you run between sugarcane fields aiming for the sea. Inside the tree-based store, jazz music is played. The sunset and night view seen from glass-filled seats are so that you can forget the time. The vessels made by Okinawa potters and Ryukyu glasses make the meal even more luxuriously.

Recommended points

The inside of the store with a calm atmosphere like a hideaway and a moody location are perfect for dates and anniversary. We also recommend the Okinawan beef hot pot course that can be used by two people, and the Okinawa enjoyment set course where you can enjoy Okinawan cuisine.

Enjoy a relaxing time. "Agu shabu-shabu-shabu Okinawa Cuisine Kafu"

"Agu Shabu-Shabu Okinawa Cuisine Kafu" is marked by a stone sign along National Route 58. At the entrance of the store, tropical fish swimming freely in a large aquarium welcome you. The recommended menu is Agu-shabu-shabu which can be eaten with a special dish sauce. Enjoy the time of Uchina (Okinawa) where time flows slowly in a relaxing space created by the soft light.

Recommended points

Lighting made from empty bottles of awamori, music by artists from the prefecture, BGM centered on Okinawa folk song, and many awamori and old sake are full of Okinawa. You will surely be able to see, listen, taste, and feel Okinawa with your whole body.

The sea x sun set in front of you. "Okinawa Dining Sea House"

As the name implies, "Okinawa Dining Sea House" is an Okinawa izakaya where the East China Sea spreads out in front of you. It is a popular shop not only with tourists but also locals because of its good scenery. The owner enjoys cooking using local ingredients, such as fresh seafood purchased from local fishermen themselves, goya and red potatoes sent directly to farmers. A lot of Shisa dancing on the red tiled roof is a landmark.

Recommended points

Because it faces the coast, you can see the sunset sinking to the west coast up close. Sunset time varies depending on the season, so it is recommended to match the opening time of 17:00 in winter.

Hospitality for the whole family. "Ryukyutei" where you can spend a lot of time

Ryukyu-tei is located a 1-minute walk from the hotel Lisancy Park Hotel Tancha Bay, which is popular among families. You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as seafood and Okinawan cuisine, and the spacious shop, which has nearly 100 seats, is fully equipped with parlor seats and digging seats where you can relax and relax. In addition, there is a free pick-up at a hotel in Onna Village, so it is safe to have a family trip for three generations and small children together.

Recommended points

There are also chairs and trays for children, so if you need it, call out to the staff. There are soft drinks with plenty of tropical feeling, such as pine juice and mango juice, so children can have fun toast together!

Both adults and children are very satisfied. "Toto-chanpul" which has a rich menu

"Totochanpuru" is very popular with local customers when they can taste various dishes at a reasonable price. In addition to menus for adults such as islanders and butter grilling of inshore fish, there are plenty of menus for children, such as red potato croquettes and sausages using Okinawan brand pork. There are twelve private rooms and table seats with dugs. You can choose according to your child's age and scene.

Recommended points

In addition to Okinawan cuisine, there are plenty of izakaya dishes, creative dishes and children's menus, so children and elderly customers can enjoy dinner in Okinawa regardless of men and women of all ages! Please enjoy the fish dishes that the restaurant boasts.

There is a private room with DVD! "Manza Table" is relaxed in your room

"Manza Table" where you can enjoy Okinawa's standard dishes and creative dishes. Raftate mashed potatoes, where raft and mashed potatoes are intertwined, is a very popular signboard menu for all generations. In addition, there are many dishes that can be shared by the whole family, such as Okinawa soba, which has a bonito soup and seasoned octopus rice that is easy for children to eat.

Recommended points

All private rooms with 4 rooms are equipped with DVDs. In addition to bringing in software, we also rent children's software free of charge at stores, so both adults and children can enjoy meals while relaxing. It would be smooth if you make a reservation for a seat.

"Ryukyu Island Cuisine Potato" boasts a dish that focuses on taste and safety

"Ryukyu Island Cuisine Potato", which focuses on food safety. Taimo, called "Tammu" in the Okinawa dialect, is perfect for a variety of dishes. Here, you can enjoy the specialty rice potatoes grown by the staff themselves in tempura and sweetDengaku. In addition, the cloudy soup made by boiling about 35 Kumejima chicken over 2 days is also recommended with plenty of collagen.

Recommended points

Not only cooking but also the drink menu is attractive! There are cocktails and sour with awamori, fruit wine from awamori and rare awamori. There is also a course where you can compare awamori drinking, so awamori lovers are a must-see.

"Okinawa Cuisine Shop Island Time" where you can fully enjoy Okinawan cuisine at Ryukyu House

"Okinawa Cuisine Shop Island Time", marked by red tiled roofs and stone walls, is a shop where you can enjoy more than 80 kinds of Okinawan cuisine. The recommended is a shabu-shabu of Kaneshiro Agu, a brand pig that draws blood from Okinawan native pigs. You can taste both rose meat and loin, and the original sweetness of pork is excellent compatibility with Shimano greens, and everyone will be frustrated. In addition, fresh raw tuna and Ikushima octopus sashimi purchased from local fishermen are also recommended.

Recommended points

At lunchtime, we will turn into a Okinawa soba specialty store. No chemical seasoning is used, and Shima Soba, which is a very popular dish from children to adults, with Atsushi shaved bonito and kelp, and sweet and spicy Honsoki is a very popular dish for children and adults. After lunch, go to Okinawan zenzai.

I am proud of the secret soup stock! "Okinawa izakaya Adan" where you can eat and compare Okinawan brand pork.

Okinawa Izakaya Adan is an Okinawa pork shabu-shabu shop that has five types of Okinawa brand pork: Agu pork, Yanbaru Island pork, red pork, longevity pork, and Ryumi pork. You will have a simple soup stocked meat with a secret special soup stock. Since all meats are compatible, it is recommended to order pork little by little. I put Okinawa soba in the pot! The soup stock and Okinawa soba are well entangled, and you can eat it tasty until the end.

Recommended points

While there are plenty of dishes that are popular with tourists, such as sea grapes and jemmy tofu, the original menu of white raft (pork boiled) is a proud dish. Because it is boiled in salt, it is soft enough to collapse with chopsticks and goes well with awamori.

Eat, drink and sing! Live izakaya "Okinawa Kitchen Paikaji Onna Head Office"

An entertainment izakaya "Okinawa Kitchen Paikaji Onna Head Office" where you can enjoy Okinawan cuisine and traditional performing arts at once. Female staff dressed in Okinawa's colorful appearance and Ryukyu costumes at the entrance have come to Okinawa! That makes me feel. You can experience Okinawa's culture to the fullest with live performances of Sanshin, which is held three times a day at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00.

Recommended points

Toast with awamori in one hand while watching folk song live! We have abundant awamori of 37 sake breweries in the prefecture, so try to find your favorite taste. If you are a nearby hotel in Onna Village, you can also use free pick-up, so it is safe to drink.

Held every day! Daily live stage "Jun Okinawa Cuisine Sanshin no Hana"

"Jun Okinawa Cuisine Sanshin no Hana" stands in the middle of the Onna Village resort area, right in front of Hotel Montre Okinawa Spa & Resort. The Sanshin Live, which is held twice at 19:00 and 20:30 for about 30 minutes, has a variety of performers on a daily basis. It will explain the contents of the song and the words of Okinawa, so people who are easy to understand and dance naturally! To enjoy the Sanshin Live in front of your eyes, you must reserve a seat.

Recommended points

awamori is made of Ryukyu glass carefully selected by the owner. If you speak to the staff, you will be able to recommend awamori. We also boast classic Okinawan dishes such as mozuku, Champuru, and carrot Shirishiri, which were caught in the sea of Onna Village.

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