13 selections of "roadside rest area" that is loved by Okinawan citizens

13 selections of "roadside rest area" that is loved by Okinawan citizens
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"roadside rest area" is scattered throughout the region. If you are hungry, why not get a fresh and delicious local food? Introducing roadside rest area in the prefecture, which is also popular among Okinawan citizens, by area! Of course, we also have fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables unique to the season. I recommend it as a driving break spot!

Northern Okinawa | roadside rest area Kyoda | If you are hungry, here! Freshly made B-class gourmet is popular

Immediately after the Kyoda Interchange on the Okinawa Expressway, "roadside rest area Kyoda" is a rest spot for the northern Okinawa drive. There is only roadside rest area, the oldest in Okinawa, and there are thousands of goods handled! It is loved not only by tourists but also by locals, and the word-of-mouth roadside rest area ranking by word-of-mouth site!

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Including seasonal fruits, sweets that can only be bought here and take-out OK food! "Choco-mochi" and "Brown Sugar Uncle Series" are particularly popular. Fresh local foods and fruits unique to southern countries can also be purchased at a reasonable price!

Northern Okinawa | roadside rest area Yuiyui Kunigami | Deliciousness "Inobuta" produced by nature

roadside rest area "Yuiyui Kunigami" is located in the country of nature, forests, water and ease. The unique wooden product, which is full of warmth, is truly unique! In addition, there are stores that offer rare boar pork dishes in the prefecture, so you can't miss it! It is widely popular with local people as a restaurant, such as specialty fresh vegetables, fresh fish dishes and local limited sweets.

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Kunigami Village is also famous for having the earliest new tea in Japan. Please enjoy "Oku Midori" and "Karagicha", which have been loved as Okinawa for a long time. In addition, menus cooked with Inobuta, a combination of wild boars and pigs are also popular for their high nutritional value and their umami is condensed.

Northern Okinawa | Nakijin station Sore | Let's touch the warmth of Okinawa

The concept is "I want you to know the splendor of Nakijin's farm products." The products and restaurants lined up at the sales floor reflect the warm feelings of such staff. Vegetables and fruits that can be obtained here are fresh, low pesticides and organic cultivation, and are carefully grown in "Adaiguwa (home garden)". Please pick it up and touch the deliciousness of Nakijin's pride!

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locally grown and consumed is listed, and the menu offered here also use plenty of local ingredients. You can also get the famous "Nakijin Watermelon", which is famous nationwide! Enjoy the "Sarta Anda Guy" with "Tea (sour and affection)"

Northern Okinawa | roadside rest area tree | The whole family is very excited at the full facilities!

roadside rest area "Ginoza" was greatly renewed in April 2018. In addition to selling local specialties, you can also enjoy meals at cafes and restaurants while watching Kin Bay and Kanna Fukuji River. At the tourist information center, experience programs and various events are planned at any time, and the unique water playground in the facility with the theme of water is also bustling. As a tourist base facility in Ginoza Village is attractive!

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The large playground equipment with the 4th floor structure is packed with playable devices such as trampolines and various slides, so that children can enjoy it as much as possible! It is also recommended to spend a relaxing time on the terrace seat.

Northern Okinawa | Hajino Station | Experience the deliciousness of "Yanbaru Egg" with superb view

At Hajino Station in Nago City, there are plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, but the best push is "Yanbaru Egg"! It's popular with locals because it can be obtained at any time! In summer, it is a popular feather that is hidden as a famous mango production area. You can taste fresh ingredients at the restaurant, or if you want to enjoy it at home, you can take a half-battered chicken.

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On the second floor observation deck, you can enjoy the beautiful contrast between the blue and green of the sea, which is proud of Yamahara. In restaurants, you can enjoy fresh eggs and chicken dishes, and sometimes there are rare vegetables and fruits that are not on the market. When you visit, it is recommended that you talk to the staff once!

Northern Okinawa | roadside rest area | Let's look for healthy foodstuffs in the village of longevity rich nature

"Ogimi" roadside rest area is located in Ogimi Village, which declares a longevity village. The deliciousness of vegetables and fruits grown in clear air and clean water is exquisite. The local ingredients, which are rooted in traditional food culture, are also popular as a source of health. Moreover, roadside rest area is full of energetic staff. I'm getting tired of driving to serve customers with bright smiles!

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There is also a terrace seat on the second floor, where you can enjoy the special Japanese soba made with buckwheat flour from Ogimi while watching the rich nature! In addition, special products from the Yanbaru area are cheap and available, so it's a good idea to take them home and taste while listening to the unique cooking methods.

Northern Okinawa | Bridge station Rika Rumi | I also recommend it for driving! A panorama of the sea and the forest

"Hashi no Eki Rika Rikawa Rumi" is located at the base of "Walmi Ohashi" which connects Nakijin Village and Yaga Jinoshima. Let's go in Okinawan dialect! Let's go! To Wormi! It's a pop name that means '" and is popular with locals. The popular restaurant where all-you-can-eat salad bars are popular with local island vegetable salads, is a superb view spot overlooking the beautiful nature of Yanbaru. There is also a free rental service for Ryukyu costumes, and the photo looks perfect!

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At direct sales outlets that sell fresh vegetables and fruits, watermelons specially produced by Nakijin are sold almost all year round. Out-of-season winter watermelons are small and have high sugar content, so it is unreasonable for watermelon lovers. It is also recommended to eat on the terrace seat with fresh mangos and pineapples, or mail it to your home to immerse yourself in your travel memories!

Central Okinawa | Woman's station is hot market | Let's enjoy the huge direct sales place with lots of tenants.

"Onna no Eki Nakayui Market", located one of the best beach resort areas in Okinawa, is bustling every day as a "girl direct sales place" in close contact with the community. You can taste the luxurious Okinawa gourmet that you can not stop by just taking a break during the drive. As this facility itself is established as a sightseeing spot, it is a full-fledged spot full of highlights!

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"Hama no Ie", where you can enjoy seafood at a reasonable price, is a popular shop that attracts many people from the opening of the store. In addition, there are many stores, and you can enjoy a wide range of menus. You can buy a rare sweet "Bruce", which is said to be a phantom taste, at any time. Don't miss it!

Central Okinawa | roadside rest area. | You can overlook the Kadena Air Base

"roadside rest area Kadena" is famous as a spot where you can overlook Kadena base up close. When you go up to the "Sky Lounge" on the 4th floor observation site, you can check a lot of military aircraft and many people have cameras. It's also recommended for children who like riding things.
In addition, the lounge also sells Nokunimo Soft Cream, a specialty product of Kadena-cho, and is also popular boiling with milk and mixed flavors. ♪ In addition, gallery space is also set up inside the facility where you can learn about the history of Kadena.

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"Jumbo Cheese Burger" sold at Rotary Drive-in, as the name implies, is full of volume! Of course, the taste is good! This burger has been loved by locals for many years.

Central Okinawa | Sea Station Ayahashi Museum | I'm intoxicated by the blue sea spreading all over.

"Sea Station Ayahashikan" is located on the underwater road in Uruma City, which cannot be removed from the drive course. The ship-shaped building is impressive. There are souvenirs unique to Okinawa, but we also handle goods after the hometown of the popular Okinawa band "HY" from. The dining room "Sunui" on the first floor also offers Okinawan cuisine. Why don't you relax slowly while feeling the blue sea and the tropical wind that spreads over the entire surface?

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Unlike other roadside rest area, we offer BBQ and marine sports services. There is no doubt that it will create a more enjoyable trip to Okinawa! Spend an unforgettable time with your family and friends!

Southern Okinawa | roadside rest area Itoman | A safe kitchen where you can see the producer's face

"roadside rest area Itoman" is roadside rest area, the southernmost tip of Japan. There are many agricultural products sales outlets and fishery directly managed stores, and the scale is one of the largest in the prefecture. The number of individual farmers has exceeded 1,000, and the seasonal ingredients are available at a reasonable price, and the trust of local people is strong, and it is crowded with many people every day. In addition, it is attractive that you can eat fresh seafood dishes on the spot unique to Itoman, where fishing is thriving. It is a place full of delicious food in Itoman city.

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In the large facilities, there are a lot of products that are perfect for souvenirs. Because the price is low, I bought too much involuntary! In addition to food, we also handle a lot of folk crafts. Good access to the airport, so let's stop by on the way back from your trip!

Southern Okinawa | A station in the south | Take a break and interact with each other in an open space

"South Station Yaese", which just opened in 2017, is located along the main roads of local and Okinawa sightseeing, and has a spacious space creates a comfortable time. It can also be used as a place to take a break on your trip and interact with local people. It is also famous for its oldest stone sculpture in the Tomori district, the oldest stone carving in the Tomori district, and there are plenty of Shisa's figurines. Please look for your favorite product!

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Special products that can only be obtained here are gathered! Above all, the exquisite “Tobi fish” is difficult to obtain even in the prefecture, so please try it when you stop by! In addition, goat dishes cannot be tasted near Yaese-cho, so local people seem to have a strong support. Enjoy yourself at least once!

Southern Okinawa | roadside rest area Toyosaki | Let's cover the tourist information of the prefecture!

roadside rest area Toyosaki is located in Tomigusuku, which is famous not only for resort towns but also for mango no Sato. It is the closest to Naha Airport and the largest rental car station in the prefecture, adjacent to Naha Airport. Until a direct sales place where local freshly caught vegetables and fruits are received every day, handmade sweets, and lunch take-out. At Tegumakan, you can also experience traditional crafts, so it is perfect for spending time until your flight.

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Mango is popular in summer. Harvest peaked in July, and some customers come from all over the country to buy it. On the other hand, the special product "Chura Tomato" is a popular winter product. At the information station, you can get pamphlets not only Tomigusuku City but also various parts of the prefecture.

Okinawa's "roadside rest area" is full of unique charm. You can look for souvenirs, taste delicious gourmets, or get a chance to get local information from Okinawa directly from local staff! ? Please drop in once to find the goodness of the area during your trip!

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