Okinawa's standard gourmet taco rice! Seven popular stores will be released at once

Okinawa's standard gourmet taco rice! Seven popular stores will be released at once
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Okinawa's classic B-class gourmet "Taco Rice" with minced meat and cheese are put on rice and sprinkled with salsa sauce from above. Now it has become a popular gourmet that is popular not only in Okinawa Prefecture but also outside the prefecture. This time, we will introduce a wide range of popular shops for you who want to be particular because it is a classic for each area in the southern, Naha, Chubu, and northern areas! There are plenty of fashionable octopus rice and fluffy eggs, which are the decisive factor of old octopus rice and fluffy eggs. Why don't you find your favorites and drop in for a drive or sightseeing?

[Southern] Fluffy eggs are the decisive factor! The original Omtaco shop "Taco Rice Cafe Kijimuna Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace Store"

Omtaco Rice Cafe Kijimunaa's original Omtaco restaurant. Omtaco, a combination of octopus rice and fluffy eggs, has a taste that everyone can smile. Avocado, teriyaki chicken, and mozzarella cheese are also attractive. Choose toppings according to the mood of the day, you can make your own original taco rice. Enjoy a variety of flavors by sharing with friends.

Recommended points

The shop has a bright and pop atmosphere, and you can overlook the sea from the terrace. Enjoy taking photos in the white buildings reminiscent of the Mediterranean resort. Taco-rice taco-rice while feeling the sea breeze is the best.

[Southern] "Tomigusuku Taco Rice", an evolution taco rice popular with roasted soy sauce.

"Tomigusuku Taco Rice" is a shopkeeper who is qualified as a spices advisor and a cheese sommelier. It is a full-fledged dish with three kinds of cheese exquisitely blended cheese and a crisp texture of corn tortuya. Luxurious toppings that are not found in other stores, such as spiced roasted soki and camelette cheese from flower garden ranch, are excellent compatibility with taco rice.

Recommended points

The side menu is also authentic, and the deep-fried tacos with crispness and cheese sauce fried chicken are also exquisite. Tacoss have a good cospa, 420 yen for two, and is popular as a takeout.

[Naha] The original salsa sauce and 100% beef are the decisive factor! 「LUCKY TACOS」

"LUCKY TACOS" is marked by a blue logo. The stylish shop has counter seats and table seats, so you can enjoy a meal slowly. 100% beef octopus meat and salsa sauce handmade since the opening of the museum are LUCKY TACOS original. Toppings that can be selected from 6 to 7 types such as avocado and lime, choose according to the mood of the day!

Recommended points

Toppings of Shekwasha and Avogado Shekwasha, which appear only in summer, are very popular with women. After meal, regional cuisine "Gammami Tofu" from Okinawa. It also contains kinako, so you can enjoy it like dessert.

[Chubu] RuLer's TACORiCE, a new taco-rice specialty store

RuLer's TACORiCE, a stylish shop like a café in Ginowan City, is gaining in popularity due to its many variations in taste! In addition to the standard octopus rice, there are 10 types such as Caesar octopus rice, BBQ octopus rice, avocado octopus rice, avocado octopus rice. It is a new style like fast food that can be selected by adding tacos and potatoes to the side menu and make it a combo. All menus are available to take-out!

Recommended points

There are plenty of desserts that are perfect after meals, such as Assai Bowl and oleo shake. There is a photogenic space inside the store, so why don't you take a picture while waiting for the product?

[Chubu] "Charley Tako Kotobuki Avenue Store" which has been loved for more than half a century

"Charley Tako Kotobuki Avenue Store" located on Chuo, Okinawa-shi Park Avenue, is the first tacos specialty store in Okinawa with a history of more than 60 years. Many local and tourists visit the store with an American atmosphere both day and night. Taco rice called Charlie Rice is accompanied by lettuce and tomatoes, and there are plenty of two types of cheese and beef tacos meat on the rice! Original sauces can be selected from three types: spicy mix and mild.

Recommended points

If you don't mind the sauce is spicy, choose spicy and add eggs to the topping. When you eat together, the spiciness becomes mellow, your appetite increases and you can eat it with Perot.

[Chubu] Be prepared for the line! King Tacos Kinbu Main Store, the origin of the original octopus rice.

King Tacos Kinbu Main Store, known as Kintako, is a very famous store that has long been very popular since ancient times! Located in Kincho, where the U.S. military base is located, it is very popular with local residents and foreigners. "Taco Rice Cheese Vegetables", which are topped with octopus meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on rice, are served as luxurious as they protrude from the plate. You can eat it inside the store, but take-out is also possible.

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There are two kinds of sauces: spicy special octopus sauce and sweet tomato ketchup. First, bring vegetables, add tomato ketchup for cheese, and special octopus sauce for vegetables, so you can eat deliciously twice at once.

[Northern] It is full of volume! Salsa sauce is excellent. "Jambaltako,"

"Jambaltako" is marked by three palm trees towering in front of the shop. Under the fresh crunchy lettuce, plenty of cheese, rich octopus meat, and warm rice. Excellent compatibility with homemade salsa sauce and ketchup made with plenty of tomatoes. Salsa sauce is less spicy, so even if you are not good at spicy foods, please try it.

※Currently, it is open only for take-out.

Recommended points

It is open from 14:00 to 20:30, so it can be used as a late lunch time or dinner. Also, I want to eat both octopus rice and tacos! For those greedy, we recommend a plate with these two sets.

How was it? In Okinawa, there are still many octopus rice shops that could not be introduced this time. Seasonings vary depending on the store, so it may be a good idea to stop by various shops and find your favorite taste. Also, octopus rice can be easily made at home, so why not try it?

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