Reward dinner buffet at Okinawa Hotel

Reward dinner buffet at Okinawa Hotel
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Why don't you give me a little reward today to yourself who is always working hard? A variety of dinner buffet and buffet with a nice taste of "I like a hotel maid taste". Enjoy a variety of chef's specialty dishes in a luxurious location unique to the hotel.

Coco Garden Resort Okinawa

Uruma-shi | Makanmakan "100 selections of drinking tea"

Makanmakan, where you can enjoy drinking tea by order buffet. A luxurious lineup where you can enjoy a special menu using shrimp and abalone, as well as Beijing Duck, which is limited to weekends and holidays. Chinese porridge, noodles, sweets, and Chinese tea are more fulfilling than ever, and ideas for beauty and health are being elaborated. Enjoy a luxurious moment to enjoy authentic taste.

Terrace dining surrounded by nature. You can enjoy a meal while looking at the outside scenery from the inside of the glass.

In addition to dim sum, you can enjoy a variety of dishes that show your chef's skill.

Let's enjoy the freshly made dim sum with the original Taiwanese dim sum master.

Recommended points

●Reward MENU●

Dinner, 100 selections dinners (adult) 6,000 yen, (elementary school student) 3,000 yen

Okinawa Grand Mail Resort

Okinawa-shi | Dress diner

From October 1, 2023 (Sun) to February 29, 2012 (Thu), a “Best-selling Gourmet Fair” will be held with a wide range of popular menus. There are plenty of kinds of seafood such as seafood rice bowl, Okinawa tempura, and content soup. In open kitchen, you can eat freshly baked steak. The menu that can be enjoyed by children and elderly people.

Recommended points

●Reward MENU●

Dinner buffet adult 2,800 yen, 6-11 years old 1,400 yen, 3-5 years old 550 yen, 2 years old and under free

Royal Hotel Okinawa Zanpamisaki

Yomitan-son | Buffet restrancorone

Why don't you spend a relaxing time at a dinner buffet while talking about the events and excitement of the day? You can enjoy a variety of dishes that end the day of your trip, such as "roast beef", which has exquisite taste of meat that spreads every time you chew, and "cheese fondue", which has a rich aroma of cheese and a creamy mouthfeel.

Recommended points

●Reward MENU●

Dinner buffet (adult) 6,655 yen, (elementary school student) 4,235 yen, (3 to 6 years old) 2,420 yen, (under 3 years old) free
※Non-alcohol fee

ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Hotel

Onna-son | Ryukyu cuisine orchid

While enjoying traditional Ryukyu performing arts, you can enjoy authentic Okinawa cuisine. You can enjoy a buffet style of many dishes that make use of Okinawan ingredients.

Recommended points

●Reward MENU●

Ryukyu Cuisine Viking & Show Adult 7,500 Yen, Children (6-12 years old) 3,500 yen, infants (3-5 years old) 1,600 yen

Lizanshi Park Hotel Tancha Bay

Onna-son | Japanese food and Ryukyu cuisine Shichifuku

Japanese food creative dinner buffet to enjoy creative Japanese and Okinawan cuisine. You can eat everything from standard Japanese food to sushi, Tenfura and shabu-shabu. I want you to enjoy the Okinawan Japanese cuisine.

Recommended points

●Reward MENU●

Japanese food dinner buffet
Adult 4,378 yen (tax included), elementary school students 3,058 yen (tax included), free infants

Sheraton Okinawa Sanma Lena Resort

Onna-son | Dining Room Sense

Delivering a new world of Okinawan cuisine with ideas and techniques of Sheraton Chef. We want you to fully enjoy the blessings of the mountains and seas and dishes that make use of seasonal fresh ingredients at a full buffet.

Recommended points

●Reward MENU●

Sense dinner buffet
Adults (13 years old and over) 5,594 yen, children (6-12 years old) 3,232 yen, infants (3-5 years old), 1,865 yen, senior (65 years old and over) 3,978 yen

※The content of each hotel restaurant is subject to change.
Please check on the hotel official website or contact the hotel directly before using.

Post: April 2022 (updatedated September 2023)

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