It's indispensable for girls' trip! Nine spots instagrams in southern Okinawa

It's indispensable for girls' trip! Nine spots instagrams in southern Okinawa
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I want to take a photogenic photo in Okinawa. I want to show my friend by taking a cute picture. That's a must-see lady girl! In southern Okinawa, which is conveniently accessible from Naha Airport, there are plenty of spots where you can see photos from cafe gourmets, superb view spots, and secret spots. Here are nine spots where you want to post on SNS right now.

"HAMMOCK CAFE La Isla", a popular hammock cafe

Parfait and hammock of the hammock cafe "HAMMOCK CAFE La Isla". You can see the sea from the terrace, and you can enjoy a parfait while sitting on a swaying hammock.
Parfait and hammock of the hammock cafe "HAMMOCK CAFE La Isla". You can see the sea from the terrace, and you can enjoy a parfait while sitting on a swaying hammock.

"HAMMOCK CAFEELa Isla" located on the sea turtle terrace on Senaga Island. There are colorful hammocks of various shapes in the store and on the terrace seats. Tortiya roll, which can enjoy three kinds of flavors, is easy to eat even on hammock. The moment you swaying in a hammock while feeling the sea breeze on the terrace seat is just like a resort. Hammocks can be purchased, so you may be able to take photogenic photos at home! ?

This is the person who wants to take a more fashionable photo than one rank! 「Posillipo cucina meridionale」

"Posillipo cucina meridianle" where you can enjoy southern Italian cuisine. The elegant and luxurious restaurant and colorful dishes are colored in colorful dishes are spots that cannot be removed for those who want to take fashionable photos higher ranks. If you can sit on the terrace during the day, you can enjoy a luxurious lunch in front of the magnificent sea. At night, you can see the night view of Naha Airport, so you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

It's not just shine. "Okinawa fish" is delicious! "Eightman's Sea Bergh,"

"Eightman's Sea Bergh" moved from Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace in front of Namigami Beach. A full-fledged fish burger made with fresh fish from the prefecture is exquisite. It's a lot of effort to prepare everything from buns, patter and sauce. The roof top seat on the 4th floor offers a panoramic view of the beach and enjoy meals in an open location. Sunset time is also the goal.

"Karika Shokudo Karika" where you can take a luxurious piece of Okinawa

As soon as you go to Miibaru Beach in Nanjo City, you will see a hand-painted sign. "Shokudo Karika" is a Nepalese restaurant where you can eat authentic curry. The sea can be seen right in front of the audience seats on the white sandy beach, and the sense of openness. With the sea shining in cobalt blue, you can leave the luxurious scenery of Okinawa.

The palm tree road with plenty of tropical feeling

Known as the palm tree road is located along the coast close to Orion ECO Chura SUN Beach in Tomigusuku City. It's a secret spot known to those who know it. You can walk in the middle of a palm tree growing symmetrically toward the sky, or go down in the arbor where you can see the palm tree road straight. Also, at dusk, you can encounter a sunset that sinks at the end of a palm tree or a magic hour if you are lucky!

Mexican of Okinawa! ? A cactus field that appeared in Nanjo City

If you go south from Naha Airport for about 30 minutes by car, Nanjo City will arrive. The cactus field, which suddenly appears in the middle of the field, is an Instagram spot that has become a hot spot in southern Okinawa. A field full of cactus looks like a walp in Mexico. The contrast between the deep blue sky and the cactus will surely be instagram. It is recommended that you visit on a sunny day to take a photogenic photo.


I feel like I'm a bird! A superb view swing at "Manai Aokinawa"

There are many superb view swings in Okinawa with the sea in front of the sea, but there should be no swing that has been exhilaration so far. Yes, the aerial bran of "Manaiakinawa" here in Nanjo City overlooks the bright and shallow coral reef sea from a hill. You can enjoy it as an attraction because it shakes bigger than you thought. Don't forget to take photos with the colorful "RYUKYU" object next to the swing.

Power spot in the south! ? "The Bell of Heart,"

Nanjo City is called the town of hearts because the terrain is shaped like a heart. Azama Sunsun Beach in Nanjo City is a highly transparent beach that is popular among locals. On the beach, there is a "heart bell", which is now a hot topic as a power spot that makes you happy. The contrast between pink and blue is really perfect for Instagram. Maybe it's good to ring the bell! ?

This is the standard! "Nirai Bridge Kanai Bridge" which you should never hold in southern Okinawa

Finally, I would like to introduce Nirai Bridge Kanai Bridge, which is known as a classic superb view spot in southern Okinawa. When you pass through the tunnel from Naha, the blue sea spreads in front of you and it is just a word of superb view. You can enjoy various scenery while crossing the S-shaped bridge, which consists of two bridges, Nirai Bridge and Kanai Bridge. If you go to the observatory, you can take a picture of the total length of "Nirai Bridge Kanai Bridge".

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