Okinawa soba's dissection! I have a drink when I come to Okinawa.

Okinawa soba's dissection! I have a drink when I come to Okinawa.
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"Okinawa soba" is indispensable for Okinawa gourmet. It is so popular in Okinawa that it is said to be a prefectural food. The thickness of soups and noodles blended with pork and skipjacks varies from store to store.
This time, we will introduce the "Delicious Okinawa Soba Shop Specialty Shop" by the Okinawa Traveler Editorial Department. It's a must-see for you who are wondering where to go!

★What's popular ingredients? ★~ Ingredients ranking ~

No. 1 Soki Soba

Soki is a soft meat made by stewed pork belly. Although it is an ingredient, it has a large presence. Both dishes with bones that you want to eat while wearing, and cartilage soaked in a toro are both really delicious!

2nd place Okinawa soba (three pieces)

Okinawa soba is a royal road. There are three slices of meat (pork rose meat) and Okinawa kamaboko with a tongue taste.

3rd place Tabichi Soba

Tebichi (pork legs), which has been boiled for a long time until it becomes pluctant, is full of collagen and is delicious twice. Women's support is high!

4th place tofu soba

Yushi tofu is a fluffy condition before solidifying island tofu. Soft mouthfeel makes good compatibility with soba, and once eaten, it becomes addictive.

5th place vegetable buckwheat

Soba with meat-filled vegetable Champuru (fried). It often takes a little time to get close to you.

Recommended by area! Okinawa soba shop

[By Area] Northern Yanbaru

A hundred years old landlord

Nago-shi | Light and fine noodles
The Okinawa soba served in old folk house has a different taste

"Agu no meat soba set", which is made by carefully stewed Agu pork with plenty of umami ingredients.

Churahana Bettei

Nago-shi | Light and fine noodles
New sense! Homemade ultrafine noodles

Special Okinawa soba's homemade noodles are made with original blended wheat, salt from Okinawa, and local spring water. Good with three pieces of meat cooked slowly over low heat.

Yoshiko soba shop

Motobu-cho | Light and fine noodles
Tebichi soba, which has a reputation in the local area

Tebichi soba with plenty of gelatin is well prepared and boiled for a long time, so it is quite soft. Fresh vegetables with seasonal vegetables.

Kishimoto Shokudo

Motobu-cho | Light and thick noodles
A long-established store for over 100 years

Handmade noodles made with charcoal supernatant are made using the same manufacturing method as they were at the time. The soup made with plenty of skipjack is perfectly compatible with!

[By Area] West Coast Resort Chubu

Hanamura soba

Onna-son | Koteri and fine noodles
A cup of local customers who are particular about soba and bowls

The soup made by boiling pork bones, chicken gala, vegetables, etc. for a long time, and blending bonito and kelp, has a deep taste that condenses the taste of the ingredients.

Okinawan cuisine shop island time

Onna-son | Light, fine noodle and thick noodles
Exquisite soup made with high-quality ingredients!

The soup is a special taste that combines aggregate bone, Rishiri kelp, and thick cut bonito. Enjoy natural flavor without chemical additives.

Nakamura soba

Onna-son | Koteri and fine noodles
The three pieces of meat protruding from the bowl is full of power!

The three slices of meat are boiled soft enough to be dispensed with chopsticks, and the taste spread in the mouth is delicious. The thin noodles mix well with the soup stock. (The number is limited)

Kinzuki soba

Onna-son | Light and thick noodles

The only homemade raw noodles containing prefecture wheat

It is full of blissful raw noodles and soups made from eight kinds of fish knots combined to make it a full of blis. Let's go with three pieces of meat seasoned with exquisite balance.

[By Area] American Village Central Area


Okinawa-shi | Light and thick noodles
Juice soba with pork bone soup and seafood flavor

The taste of Miyanchi, where you can fully enjoy Okinawa Ryumi pork soup stock and seafood. Let's add clams and homemade schikers!

[By Area] Urasoe, Naha Shintoshin

Noodle shop tah

Naha-shi | Super light and thick noodles
Homemade noodles that have been laid down for a day have a different body.

Homemade noodles, which are particular about traditional handmade, have a strong elasticity and smooth throat. Uses reduced water suitable for noodles with noodle flavor.

Kenpo's bush

Naha-shi | Super light and fine noodles
We are proud of our specialty soup with a lot of time and effort

The soup made with pigs and bonito over two days has a clear and light taste. A lot of local businessmen gather at lunchtime.


Naha-shi | Super light and fine noodles
Taste the origin of Okinawa soba

Luxurious soup made with bonito and Agu pork and homemade noodle is exquisite. It goes well with soft egg toppings.

Kamesoba Port Town Head Office

Naha-shi | Light and fine noodles

A secret dashi made of 100% Aguo pork

Don't get tired soup made with bonito added to rich dashi condensed umami extract of Agu pork. Uses firm Kamehama noodle made with firmness.

[By Area] The southern part

Southern soba

Itoman-shi |Noodle and noodle

Tabichi soba with plenty of umami and collagen

The large tebichi (pork legs) placed on homemade hand fir raw noodles is boiled slowly with a secret "sauce". It goes well with skipjacked soup.

What's this on the table or menu?


The awamori is filled with island pepper. When you put it on a few drops of soba, the soup gets a lot. Be careful not to call too much.


Okinawa mugwort. Unlike mugwort on the mainland mugwort, bitterness is mild and fragrant. Let's put it in side as a condiment.


Okinawa-style cooked rice with a standard side menu. Because it is cooked with soup stock, it has a variety of flavors depending on the shop.

Updated: December, 2023

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