At least 15 minutes! Six remote islands go by boat from Okinawa Island where you can enjoy a day trip

At least 15 minutes! Six remote islands go by boat from Okinawa Island where you can enjoy a day trip
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My trip to Okinawa. I want to enjoy both Okinawa Island and the surrounding remote islands! Introducing six recommended islands that you can go on a day trip to such greedy. In fact, Okinawa Prefecture has about 150 remote islands. If you enjoy the peaceful scenery and interacting with local people, you can spend an extraordinary and relaxing time. There are plenty of remote islands that can be enjoyed on a day trip, such as Minna Island and I Eshima from the port in northern Okinawa, and the Kerama Islands from Naha City and Tomari Port. Both beginners in Okinawa and repeaters must-see.

Marine activity! Minnajima

Minnajima is about 15 minutes by high-speed boat from Toguchi Port in Motobu-cho, northern Okinawa. It is a popular remote island where you can enjoy bathing on a day trip close to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. It is also called "Croissant Island" because it looks like a crescent moon when viewed from the sky. It is a small island with a circumference of about 4.6 km, but 60,000 people visit a year in search of the sea. As the island approaches, the transparency of the sea increases, and everyone is excited when you can see fish from the boat!

The sea around the island is ideal for snorkeling, as you can see colorful fish and coral reefs even in shallow waters. The waves are calm, so families with small children can enjoy swimming with peace of mind. Lots of exciting sea play such as classic marine sports banana boards, big marbles and U boats! You can rent everything you need for marine activities, so you have a swimsuit and a towel.

I Eshima, where you can enjoy 360-degree panoramic view

Iejima, which floats to the west of the northern part of Okinawa Island, is a remote island that can be easily reached in about 30 minutes while swaying by ferry from the headquarters port on the way to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. The symbol of the island, Shiroyama, is commonly known as "I Eshima Toucho" and features a mountain like a sharp hat. The top is less than 300 steps to the top, so parents and children can climb while having fun. From the top, you can see a peaceful view of the green and brown fields with the contrast between the blue sea and the sky.

Nyatiya Cave, which is likely to be overwhelmed by the large entrance, is said to be the sanctuary and worship place for the people of Ieshima. It is a natural cave known as an auspicious power spot for praying for child treasure, and it is said that when a woman lifts the power stone (vizil stone) in the cave, they give child treasures. There is a heart-shaped loophole in the back of the cave, so you're lucky!

People who are fascinated by the blueness of the sea! Tokashiki Island I want to visit many times

Tokashikijima is the largest of the Kerama Islands, where the blue shining sea called "Kerama Blue". It is a popular remote island with many repeaters because it is almost 35 minutes by high-speed boat from Naha City and Tomari Port, and the facilities are substantial. During the season, Aharen Beach, which is crowded with locals and tourists, has plenty of rest spots such as marine shops, sea houses and palmers. If you use a banana boat or a glass boat, you can land on the offshore uninhabited island, Hanari Island!

Aharen Garden, located about 10 minutes by car from Aharen Beach, is known as a sunset spot. Because it is on a hill, you can overlook the beach and the surrounding islands, and you can relax and enjoy the sky and the sea changing from blue to orange. It's a nice point that the parking lot and toilet are maintained. The promenade extends to Cape Aharen, the southernmost tip of Tokashiki Island, so it is recommended to take a walk.

Zamami Island has a top-level sea that attracts divers from around the world.

Zamami Island, which has one of the world's most transparent seas, is one of the Kerama Islands designated as a national park. The old Zamami Beach, which has won two stars in the Michelin Green Guide, is full of pure white sandy beaches and the sea of cobalt blue. It is said that you can enjoy extraordinary life in 50 minutes by high-speed boat from Naha, and during the summer season, it is full of people who swim as well as swimmers and diving every day. On the sandy beach, there are not only rental shops for life jackets and beach parasols, but also restaurants, so why not take a break after playing as much as you can?

"Wayama Mozuku", a 3-minute walk from the port, is a specialty shop where Mozuku Soba is a specialty shop. It features a chewy textured hand-made thick noodles kneaded with 100% Zamami mozuku. The compatibility of sweet soup stock based on bonito and kelp and three slices is perfect! Why don't you spend a sunny day on a terrace seat where you can feel the wind of Zamami Island? Lunch time is crowded, so we recommend that you take extra time.

Cheerful charge at Carrot Island! Tsuken Island

30 minutes by high-speed boat from Heshikiya Port in Uruma City, central Okinawa Island. Tsukenjima, which is also known as Carrot Island, is a famous carrot production area. A 10-minute walk from the port, there are observation deck and benches with carrot motifs. If you climb the top floor, you will surely be able to see an unimaginable view from its cute appearance. It is a recommended sightseeing spot on Tsuken Island where you can overlook the carrot field in Shimauchi, Tumai Beach (Tsuken Island Beach) and Okinawa Island.

Sweet Tsuken carrot full of blessings of nature. How about "Tsuken carrot cider" that uses plenty of such proud carrots? It is also recommended for children who are not good at carrots because it has a refreshing exhilaration of carbonated carbonated and a hidden taste of Shikwasha juice. The colorful orange color and the nostalgic retro design match perfectly, and the photo looks perfect. It can be purchased at Heshikiya Port Terminal, so it is perfect as a souvenir for traveling.

If you have a relaxing trip, go to Kudaka Island, the island of God

Kudakajima is located just 15 minutes by high-speed boat from Azama Port in Nanjo City, southern Okinawa Island. The island where about 200 islanders live, is lined with traditional old folk house, where you can enjoy the peaceful scenery unique to remote islands. If you want to enjoy a small island with a circumference of about 8 km and a small island, we recommend traveling by bicycle. Kudaka Island, which is famous as the island of God, has many power spots. Cape Cape, the northernmost tip of Kudaka Island, is still worshiped as a sacred place where Ama Mikiyo, the ancestor patron of Ryukyu, descended.

"Romanse Road" is indispensable if you want to fully enjoy the sea of Kudaka Island. The promenade, which has a clear view of the sea, is as short as about 600 meters, and the road width is narrow, so it is recommended that you park and walk around. The arbor with the red tiled roof on the way is perfect as a resting spot, but also for viewing the superb view! If you get off the rocky area, you can go to the hideous beach and Woody beach.

The remote island, a little away from Okinawa Island is not only easy to visit, but also ideal for day trips. You can plan the itinerary and visit multiple remote islands at once, or return to make a small trip. When traveling to Okinawa, be sure to check out the surrounding islands.

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