Experience making Shisa in Okinawa! You can use it as a souvenir! It's okay to take pictures and enjoy!

Experience making Shisa in Okinawa! You can use it as a souvenir! It's okay to take pictures and enjoy!
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Shisa, a guardian deity of Okinawa and is popular as a souvenir. When you arrive in Okinawa, you will often see it here and there in the city, such as airports, houses and shops. In recent years, the types of colorful Shisa, expressive Shisa, and cute Shisa have also increased. This time, we will introduce 7 spots where you can enjoy taking pictures, as well as purchasing, and feel free to experience making Shisa!

【1】 Powerful! Japan's largest Shisa "Zanba Dai Lion"

Zanpafujishi is also popular as a shooting spot in Yomitan Village. It is the best Shisa in Japan, 8.75 meters high and 7.8 meters long. It was erected over a year in 1987, and has become its current size after restoration in 1993. It is a spot that is often used for shooting promotional videos and local commercials of artists from the prefecture. There is no doubt that all visitors will be overwhelmed!

★Recommended points★

It was built with the aim of conveying various cultures to future generations. In the Kingdom of ryukyu era, Yomitanson prospered greatly in diplomatic relations with China on the other side of the sea. If you know the reason for construction and the location where Shisa is located, you can enjoy twice as much.

【2】 Challenge yourself to make only one Shisa! "Enjoy Studio"

"Enjoy Kobo" located in the northern part of Motojima where you can paint a wide variety of Shisa. Choose your favorites from more than 50 types of Shisa carefully produced by craftsmen in the workshop. The size, shape, and facial expressions are different one by one, and by painting your choice makes it the only Shisa in the world.


★Recommended points★

If you want to be particular about it, we recommend a Shisa making from clay balls + painting experience full course. The staff will teach you in an easy-to-understand manner, so even first-timers can challenge with confidence.


【3】 You can make Shisa in a minimum of 40 minutes! "Kobo Churaumi Family Head Office"

"Kobo Churaumi Family" located in Heiwa-dori St. in Naha. In addition to the experience of making Shisa, you can experience various handmade experiences that make use of Okinawan materials, such as red mold experience, coral lamp making, candle making. The Shisa painting experience is one of the pleasures that you can choose from among many Shisa handmade by the staff. You can experience it in about 40 to 60 minutes. Ryuso, a traditional Okinawa costume, can also be worn for free.

★Recommended points★

We also sell handmade kits that can be enjoyed at home, so you can enjoy making Shisa at home slowly. I want to experience it but I don't have time to experience…Why don't you try it at home?

【4】 "Okinawa Grand Mail Resort" with 68 Shisa.

At the entrance of the resort hotel "Okinawa Grand Mail Resort" in Okinawa City, 68 Shisas are lined up all over the wall. The size of the frame containing Shisa is about 7 meters high and about 8 meters wide. It's fun just to look at the various expressions of 68 Shisa. After completion in July 2006, it has become popular among guests as a shooting spot.

★Recommended points★

Did you know that Shisa has males and females? The mouth is male, and the closed one is female. There are 34 males and females each, so be sure to look for them.

【5】 Shisa and popular characters collaborate! "Okinawaya,"

Okinawan souvenir shop "Okinawaya" has a wide range of awamori, sweets, and Okinawa-only character products. There are more than 200 kinds of products in which Shisa and character collaborate, all of which are pretty. There are plenty of sea turtles such as stuffed animals and key chains. Gamaguchi wallet seems to be pleased as a souvenir for your friends. Which character do you choose?

★Recommended points★

If you have missed it or are worried about more luggage, we recommend that you purchase it at an online shop. Don't miss it because there are limited products that can only be purchased at "Okinawaya".

【6】 A must-see for girls! Shisa Mask, which can be transformed into Shisa

"Shisa Mask" is becoming a standard for Okinawa souvenirs. It contains two kinds of red shisa with mouth closed and yellow Shisa with open mouth open. Beauty masks that make you want to take photos and post them to SNS are impactful! If you distribute it as a souvenir to your friends and family, everyone can enjoy it, and your skin will be moist and two birds per stone. Beauty mask that will surely make everyday skin care fun.

★Recommended points★

Mixing Okinawan plants such as aloe, okra, loofah, shekwasha, and turmeric in addition to hyaluronic acid and collagen. Not only looks, but also ingredients are packed with Okinawan-like ingredients.

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