"Sustainable" trip to Okinawa in consideration of environment!

"Sustainable" trip to Okinawa in consideration of environment!
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Opportunities to listen to the words SDGs and sustainable / sustainability on a daily basis have become commonplace. How do you actually do it yourself? When thinking about such things, there are different purposes and targets, but it is a sustainable and SDGs approach to be connected to such a way that "it will be for me, my important people, and my important place." We think that.

For places (islands) that we want to keep carefully, we will focus on the activities of companies and facilities that engage in sustainable initiatives so that everyone who enjoys sightseeing in Okinawa can also participate together!

[Drinking and buying in Okinawa] "Coral Regeneration Program" in which corals are increasing in the sea of Okinawa with casual drink

The blue sea is impressive, but it has been damaged by rising sea levels, rising water temperature, and marine pollution due to weather warming. Coral reefs where creatures gather are also rich fish grounds and natural breakwaters, and are very important to purify water quality. Transplanting baby corals for corals that protect the marine ecosystem are being carried out throughout Okinawa Prefecture across the boundaries of public and private sectors.


"35COFFEE" to take a break while walking around Kokusai Street. 35 Hibisukast is made by roasting tea leaves with coral balls made of weathered coral and awamori distilled lees in a roasting kiln. Since 2009, 3.5% of sales have been used for coral regeneration activities (baby coral transplantation), and hibisukasts and coffee born from corals in Okinawa protect the corals, and Tetrabag type is also for souvenirs besides yourself and souvenirs. Perfect!

Tea leaves of "Coral Roasting 35 Hibisukasti" can only be made in Okinawa. Okinawa limited tropical tea 1 bag 2g x 5 bags 540 yen

Trial Cafe Don Quixote Kokusai Dori Store 2F
Trial Cafe Okinawa World Garden
What's a trial cafe? Trial Cafe (35coffee.com)

[Learn by sightseeing in Okinawa] Hot spot of biodiversity "Dugon's Eye" where you can feel the nature of Okinawa

Introducing an application that covers biodiversity information in Okinawa. How many types of dragonflies are available in places where you can see the richness of the corals on the beach in front of you, where there are many sea fish, or in the park you dropped in while driving? You can feel the nature of Okinawa close to you using the "Biodiversity Map".

If you use the recording / observation mode, you can record the creatures and plants found in Okinawa, and deepen your understanding of the creatures you observed! And there is no doubt that I want to know more about Okinawa! Is it possible to become a natural expert? Please try to download it.

[Eat for sightseeing in Okinawa] Not only tasty, but also a pleasant and comfortable approach

The hamburger shop "H & S", which has two stores in Onna Village, Okinawa Island, practices Dyba City-XX Plustic Free! Respecting culture, age, race and gender, making use of all individuality and respecting each other's identity to create a comfortable workplace, and improving services leads to customer comfort. Considering marine pollution, such as choosing plastic-free for materials used at stores, and efforts are being made to reduce plastic waste by using take-out containers as eco-friendly. 

Burger Shop H&S Maeda Store
TEL: 098‐989‐3538
Address: Onna Village Maeida 2662-2 https://maps.app.goo.gl/9AkYLByuPfQMe1r7
Access: About 15 minutes by car from Ishikawa IC
Operating hours: 11:30~21:00(LO20:30)
Holiday: Irregular holiday
P: Available (2 cars in front of the store, 8 in the second parking lot)
※Cash paid only in cash

[Buy sightseeing in Okinawa] The window of the scrap car makes the rock glasses with a chic texture!

In the Ryukyu Glass Village, located in Itoman City in the southern part of Motojima, we work with a recycling company Takunan Shoji Co., Ltd., a recycling company in the prefecture, to crush and collect the window glass of scrapped cars as raw materials. going.

The product born by blowing new life into the window glass of scrapped vehicles is called `` mado '', and the chic texture that finishes in two different shades depending on the position of the glass used is gaining popularity as a new attraction of Ryukyu glass. .

In the "Glass Free Laboratory", which conveys the appeal of Ryukyu glass to children, you can learn panels, videos, and manufacturing techniques, and learn and experience tools. It is unique to Ryukyu glass, which was born from the reuse of resources after the war, up cycles of familiar things. I would like to pay attention to efforts to convey this value to the next generation.

Ryukyu Glass Village
TEL: 098ー997‐4784
Address: 169, Fukuji, Itoman-shi
Access: About 25 minutes by car from Naha Airport
Operating hours: 9:30~17:30
Holiday: Close
P: Available (100 units)

[Lending in Okinawa] It's safe even with small children! Comfortable!

Bebical is a stroller rental service that is expanding nationwide based on the concept of "a society where children can go out more easily with children!" It is also located at stations and commercial facilities nationwide, so it is safe and easy to travel with small children. Advance reservations are possible, take them to your favorite places, and can be used for up to 7 days. Bevical's website can use a fee simulation to check the approximate price in advance, so it's safe to know the fee in advance. 

How was it? With this introduction, I would be grateful if you could feel a little closer to the sustainable approach and be interested in being able to work on Okinawa.



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