Enjoy the standard spot of sightseeing in Okinawa, "Kokusai Dori" 6 selections recommended spots

Enjoy the standard spot of sightseeing in Okinawa, "Kokusai Dori" 6 selections recommended spots
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I ate standard gourmet food and bought popular Okinawa souvenirs.……。 For those people, I would like to recommend a little bit of international street! From gourmets such as Okinawa's soul food and photogenic desserts, we will provide you with nice information to Okinawan repeaters, such as Okinawan sweets and miscellaneous goods that are perfect for souvenirs. "Where's shop?" Why don't you take a new Kokusai Street sightseeing that asks, "Where did you buy it?"

Spot.1 Photogenic Gourmet is indispensable for girls' trip!

Colorful drinks made from Okinawan fruits

Photogenic shops are indispensable if you want to color the photos of stylish girls' trip more vividly. If you take a picture of the colorful smoothies and sweets with one hand, you will be able to complete one SNS! Take a photo in the store, take a while drinking, or take a lot of photogenic photos on the classic sightseeing spot, Kokusai Dori and boast to your friends.

Recommended points

"Ti-da Beach Parlour" is a parlor shop that sells drinks and ice candy in addition to accessories and miscellaneous goods. Inside the store, there are plenty of photo spots such as colorful neon signs and interiors like tropical interiors!

Spot.2 It depends on the idea. A unique piece of piece

There are plenty of photo spots on Kokusai Dori, where many shops are lined up. Near the entrance of Kokusai Dori, you can take photos full of Okinawa, such as the stone statues of Shisa, which are paired on the left and right, and huge objects of Okinawa's classic souvenirs and red potato tart. For those who want to take extraordinary photos, we recommend graphic art in the alley. Why don't you look for a photo spot and capture a unique photo in your camera?

Recommended points

Famous characters drop their shoulders on the bench set up at "OKINAWA Bunkaya General Store Kumoji Store". The bench with a bitter gourd motif. Siting next to you and pose the same pose, turn your hands on your shoulders, and depending on your idea, the width of the photo is limited!

Spot.3 Deep Okinawa sweets loved by local people

I want to buy something other than the standard Okinawan souvenirs! For such people, we recommend "market Hondori" to Makishi Public Market in Naha City. From famous sweets such as Sarta Anda Guy andchinsuko to local sweets known to those who know, such as lemon cakes and Kunpan. You can meet sweets that have been popular with local people since ancient times. You can buy it from one piece, so you will definitely be pleased with Okinawan sweets and make it a souvenir.

Recommended points

There are many sweets that cannot be understood by name alone, such as Tannafa Crew and Ann Dacashii, but chatting with locals is one of the pleasures of market sightseeing. If you ask the clerk, you'll tell me gently.

Spot.4 Handmade accessories to improve tension and women's strength!

Matching goods are a magical item that will make your girl trip more exciting. If you want to get the matching goods on Kokusai Dori, we recommend making an accessory. Accessories can be taken home on the day, and it is compact to carry without becoming a big luggage! Everyone enjoys making accessories on the first day of Okinawa trip, and it's wonderful to accompany your trip.

Recommended points

Kanoa, the second store, which has a shop in Onna Village, opens NEW on Kokusai Street. "Kanoa Kokusai Dori" offers more than 30 kinds of natural stones, including starfish and seagrasss.

Spot.5 Carry around Okinawa. Handmade goods that you can usually use

Handmade miscellaneous goods are recommended for those who want a different daily necessities. There are various items, such as bags, pouches, wallets and key cases, even if you say miscellaneous goods. Even with the same motif design, it is unique to hand-made designs. If you buy it with your friends and family, you can enjoy a little matching senior item.

Recommended points

"MIMURI shop" located on Ukishima Street. Many fans have a tropical design with Okinawan scenery, flora and fauna as motifs! You must also see cute naming such as "just right bag" or "a little bit gaguchi".

Spot.6 Make the dining table a little gorgeous. I'm looking for someone I like.

"Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori" is a 5-minute walk from Kokusai Dori. There are potteries, workshops, and dealers of Okinawa's traditional pottery "Yachimn", and Yachimmun with various designs, including traditional patterns and modern arrangements. In addition, there are plenty of lineups such as flat plates, bowls, chopstick rests, and bean plates, so try align your favorite yachim. This item is cute not only for everyday use as tableware, but also as an interior.

Recommended points

"Guma guwa" is a brand shop designed by potters of Tsuboya ware. The "Morning Series", which is designed to be easy to use on a daily basis, is also recommended for beginners in Yachimun.

How was it? It is a famous international street that is famous as a standard tourist destination in Okinawa, but there are plenty of secret spots that are not listed on guidebooks and sightseeing sites. It is good to enjoy the royal road course, but why not try sightseeing on Kokusai Dori so that you can find your own way of enjoying and want to come as many times as possible?

Posted on November 20, 2018
Updated on November 30, 2023

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