Adult girls must-see! Journey to meet fashionable pottery at Yomitan and Yachimmun no Sato

Adult girls must-see! Journey to meet fashionable pottery at Yomitan and Yachimmun no Sato
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Okinawa's traditional pottery "Yachimn" is attractive for its simple texture and crisp form. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular among younger generations. Many potters that make the Yachimmun is located in Yomitanson, central Okinawa, where many potters make the Yachimmun. Why don't you take a leisurely tour around Yachimun's village while searching for a wonderful container?

Know the treasure trove of Yachimmun "Tsuboya Yachimmunri"

About an hour drive from Naha. Yachimmun no Sato, located in Yomitan Village in the central part of Okinawa Prefecture, attracts many potters and has a pot. There are 19 potteries in this area. It's a popular tourist spot with cafes and shops.

The beginning of Yachimun no Sato began about half a century ago. At that time, many potters set up a pot in Tsuboya, Naha City, and made works using climbing kiln. However, with the development of Naha, the number of houses began to increase in this area, making it difficult to bake kilns with smoke. Friends began to gather in the wake of Jiro Kaneshiro, a master craftsman who became a living national treasure, moved to Yomitanson, seeking an environment suitable for making pottery. Today, multiple potters use four climbing kilns together to create unique pottery.

Traditional yam, here! "Yomitanyama Kiln Joint Shop"

Yomitan Yamayaki is a Yachimu that was baked in the Yomitanyama kiln. The Yomitanyama kiln was opened in 1980 by four potters: Minoo Omine, Akimitsu Kaneshiro, Terumasa Tamamoto and Maman Yamada. The beautiful figure of climbing kiln, which is a little deeper in Yachimun no Sato, is a symbol of Yachimmun no Sato. At the communal stand, many vessels made in four workshops are sold.

"Gallery Utsuwa House" with its bright colors is "Gallery Utsuwa House"

The Gallery Utsuwa House, which has a store near the entrance of Yachimmun no Sato, is a gallery that handles works created by the famous potter Tsunehide Shimabukuro, both inside and outside the prefecture. Due to its cute pattern and vivid colors, it is gaining popularity among young women.

Among them, Yachimmun, made with a special technique called "Gose Rouki", which uses indigo pigment "Kuresu", is a representative work of Mr. Shimabukuro. There are many customers who come to visit for this. The price range is wide, and the works lined up at the storefront is particularly reasonable.

In addition, pottery buttons and chopstick rests made by the staff are also affordable, so they are also recommended as souvenirs.

"Ceramics Studio Fuji" with tropical patterns.

The late Jiro Kaneshiro, the first living national treasure in Okinawa, who laid the foundation of Yachimmun no Sato. Relatives who inherited Mr. Kaneshiro's technique have set up a number of potteries in Yachimmun no Sato.

"Ceramics Studio Fuji" is also one of them. It is a pottery made by Kanako Fujioka, a potter who is the grandson of Mr. Kaneshiro, and also serves as a gallery. Mr. Fujioka has been watching his family's pottery making up close since he was young. Aiming for the path of nature and pottery, he became independent from Miya Tobo, a few years ago, his mother. We opened ceramic art studio Fuji.

Jiro Kaneshiro's representative work is a fish crest vessel depicting fish. While inheriting that tradition, we have adopted new patterns such as hibiscus, turtles, and whales, creating works that match more modern life.

"Mori no Chaya" Okinawan Zenzai "Mori no Chaya"

There are few restaurants on the premises of Yachimmun no Sato. In such a place, "Gallery Mori no Chaya" is a valuable presence that can take a break.

This is a cafe and gallery run by Hisae, a wife of ceramic artist Meiko Kaneshiro, one of the members who opened the Yomitanyama kiln. As a potter, he works on a variety of vessels.

The specialty is Okinawan-style zenzai made by Mr. Hisae. Carefully with brown sugar Beet boiled beans are plenty of shaved ice, and topped vanilla ice and white balls are also topped. Sweetness full of tenderness and sweetness of brown sugar permeates body. Of course, the vessel is the work of Akimitsu Kaneshiro and Hisae, and the glass dedicated to ice coffee is particularly unique. This original is designed to have a straw on the lid.

How was it? Vessels that have been raised in the rich nature of Yachimmun no Sato. Each pot and gallery has a different personality. There are other pottery besides the one introduced this time, so be sure to find one of your preferences in the spacious air.

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