I definitely want it for myself! I'd like to take you home

I definitely want it for myself! I'd like to take you home
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Natural and soft. Nice souvenirs that soften your heart brought up by nature and people of the beautiful island of Okinawa. Here are not only souvenirs for loved ones, but also special souvenirs that you want for yourself.

"Kotori no Hashioki" reminds me of the sky and sea

Taste "Kotori no Hashioki" made from waste glass together. It's been a popular product since its opening. Refreshing glass based on blue is reminiscent of the sea of Okinawa. The price is reasonable, so it's a good idea to use it not only as an accent for the dining table but also as a place. There isn't the same color as one. Look for your favorites.

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At Kobo Kotorino, simple and cute items that make the image of nature are shifted. Why don't you blend into the fairy tale world view where the owner's sense shines brilliantly?

Everybody is captivated by the lovely expression! "Siriken Pocket,"

Shiriken newts that live in clean water places such as rivers and wetlands in Okinawa, have appeared in such a cute figure! There are so many fans that they sell out immediately if they are lined up in stores, but if you look at this lovely expression, you'll be convinced. If you take it home as a souvenir, you will surely become a healing item at home. If you would like to purchase it, please contact us once before visiting the store.

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"Nago Grocery Store" is a select shop that handles a large number of handicrafts and specialty products from northern Motojima, mainly in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture. Each work created by the writer with all his heart has a different expression, so you won't get tired of watching it. Why don't you visit us once?

"Organic Cotton Mosquito Pig Towel" which becomes softer and fits in.

Hand towel made from organic cotton material that is kind to the environment and people. This item is perfect for gifts, featuring Okinawa's natural monument Okinawa rail and moon peach fruit with cute touch embroidery! There are two types of colors: natural generated color and green that reminds you of moon peach leaves. It is available to enjoy the touch of the skin that fits comfortably with each use.

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"AKOH KLOH", a shop named after the Okinawa dialect meaning "dusk", is an original & select shop located on the corner of Ukishima-dori and Sunrise Street, where popular shops are lined up. We have a wide selection of carefully crafted items that will be loved even if the times change.

Colorful and bold expression of Okinawan motifs! "Tenugui,"

The Tenugui features Okinawan motifs such as nature and animals. The colorful colors also show off the uniqueness of Okinawa. The design of "Doucatty" is characterized by a free and dynamic style that is not restricted to the mold. Not only as daily necessities but also as a tapestry to accent your room. Each of them is carefully made by hand-dyed, and try to touch the taste and fun of each time!

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The brand name "Doucatty" means "self-reliance" in the Okinawa dialect, and the work is finished in a unit by Mrs. Tahara and Mrs. Tahara. As the name implies, many of the works created under the motto of making what we want to make in our own way are truly unique! Featuring vivid colors that are full of vitality.

Arrange traditional crafts are arranged in a modern style, "Junshu Kobo no Yachimn"

A potter Tsunehide Shimabukuro, who works on a number of modern design vessels that match modern life while keeping traditional techniques. The cute pattern and vivid colors are popular among young women. We are conscious of things that are easy to use, and we are actively pursuing the beauty of the spirit of folk art.

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Yachimmun, made with a special technique called "Goserouuki" using indigo pigment "Kuresu", is also a work called Shimabukuro. The Tsunehide Studio & Gallery Utsuwa House, which handles Shimabukuro's work, is also supported by women from inside and outside the prefecture.

"Red masking tape," a dream world that jumped out of picture books

"Yadokari no Yume" is a picture book that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, drawn with the traditional Okinawa dyeing "Bingata". The beautiful picture book world and the cute characters have become masking tape that can be pasted and peeled off! It is a fun item that opens a treasure chest that colors the familiar everyday scenery colorfully.

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The reddish miscellaneous goods "Nijigame Shoten" in the southern part of Okinawa Prefecture is a workshop and shop that sells original miscellaneous goods and hand-dyed works. Pop and adorable motifs that make use of traditional techniques are very popular with younger generations! Warm product with plenty of handmade feel is perfect for gifts.

The color of the Kerama sea following the white sandy beach "Glass and small bowls of the lagoon series"

The "Laguon (coral reef)" series, which expresses the beautiful sea and white sandy beach between Okinawa and Kerama with Ryukyu glass, a traditional Okinawan craft. The delicate and beautiful gradation shows various expressions depending on the angle of view. This item allows you to feel the lingering after traveling to Okinawa at home.

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"Glass Art indigo" seeks new possibilities of Ryukyu glass while preserving tradition carefully. It is a popular workshop for making pale pastel colors that make use of the transparency of glass. We also have a Ryukyu glass experience, so you can select your favorite colors and designs and create only one original work in the world.

How was it? Miscellaneous goods that can bring back the charm of Churashima and Okinawa. Why don't you use it as a souvenir for your home or close friends, and make a flower in your travel memories? In addition to the miscellaneous goods introduced this time, the shop has plenty of fun miscellaneous goods unique to Okinawa, so be sure to visit us.

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