The whole family is very excited! Eight major parks in Okinawa where large slides and giant athletic playground equipment are enjoyed.

The whole family is very excited! Eight major parks in Okinawa where large slides and giant athletic playground equipment are enjoyed.
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In the park in Okinawa, which has been powered up, there are many interesting playground equipment that not only children but also adults can get excited! This time, in addition to familiar playground equipment such as roller slides and Tarzan rope, we will introduce parks that have the latest playground equipment such as trampoline and bouldering by area. There are many parks where playground equipment areas are divided according to the target age, so it is nice that children of all ages can enjoy it safely. Please refer to this as a reference when choosing a park.

[Southern Okinawa] From 1 year old to adult! ? "Okinawan Castle Road Park"

"Okinawan Castle Road Park" built in Nanjo City, which faces two seas, was renewed in April 2017! Areas are divided for each target age, so you can enjoy it on the same premises regardless of age. Areas between 1 and 3 years old have roofs and low fences, and the ground is rubber mats, so it is safe for small children! In other areas, large slides with a view of the sea and a Tarzan rope that can go around are installed, and it is very popular enough to form a line.

Recommended points

In the park, the official character of Nanjo City, "Nanji" plays hide-and-seek. They range from large to small, and silhouettes. Try to find a Nanji with a straw hat and a heart-shaped beard.

[Southern Okinawa] Let's play with all five ways of enjoying! "Egg of life,"

"Egg of life" is born in Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City, where the history of Okinawa is engraved! It is divided into five zones based on the image of the sky and the sea, and the way of enjoying is different. The ball playground equipment in the center draws the shape of sea creatures such as dolphins and turtles, and the inside is a huge net playground equipment. There are also unusual playground equipment such as bouldering and slides that can be enjoyed by three people at the same time. There are playground equipment connected to the slope, and it is nice that children in the stroller can play.

Recommended points

If you want to enjoy the slide as much as possible, go to the empty zone. The longest long rail slider among multiple slides in the park, and the tornado slide, which is spiral around, are very popular with children.

[Southern Okinawa] Children who like vegetables gather! Colorful playground equipment "Honbu Park, Vegetable Kingdom Chinkuwaland"

Motobu Park, Vegetable Kingdom Chinkuwa Land, is close to the high-speed IC in Haebaru-cho, is a park that boasts pop and colorful playground equipment. Chikuwa is an Okinawa dialect that means "island pumpkin" and is a naming perfect naming for Haebaru-cho, where pumpkin is produced. In addition to the traditional stone slides, there are also rare playground equipment such as spider webs and bouldering for little children. Tables are also set up in the shade of well-ventilated trees, so it's nice for parents.

Recommended points

The signboard at the entrance of the park is also a must-see. In addition to the usual rules, there are also some unique items such as "I like vegetables" and "I can say the name of Uchina vegetables". If you enjoy it, you will definitely want to follow the rules of the 10th article!

[Naha] Where are you going to play? "Ounoyama Park Aozora Park" which has a wide variety of playground equipment

"Ounoyama Park Aozora Park" is conveniently accessible, about 5 minutes by car from Naha Airport. In the area named Namjamui Tori, a huge dragon welcomes you. After passing under the dragon and climbing the long stairs, you will arrive at a large slide! Go further back, you will find a variety of playground equipment, such as suspension bridge, net playground equipment, and torned slides from Shisa's mouth. The area for small children is also adjacent.

Recommended points

Parasols are installed right next to playground equipment, so you can take a break while watching the children play. There are vending machines and shops where you can buy snacks nearby, so don't forget to hydrate and replenish nutrition.

[Central Okinawa] Enhance up to the superb view slide! "Minamiuehara Itama Park"

Minamiuehara Itama Park is located in Minamiuebaru, Nakagusuku-mura and Minamiuebaru, which have many supermarkets and restaurants. The highlight of this park is a large roller slide that takes advantage of the slope! Children and adults are crazy about the slide that slides while overlooking the sea and the cityscape. There are traditional playground equipment such as seesaws, swings, rope jungle gyms, and it is nice to be able to play at ease on a spacious site. The park also has a park golf course and a basketball court, making it ideal for sports.

Recommended points

There are a wide variety of slides in colorful combination playground equipment that you can climb, cross, jump, and enjoy plenty of slides. Let's try various slides, such as straight lines, curved ones, and cylindrical ones!

[Central Okinawa] "Nakagusuku Park" with two giant trampoline

Nakagusuku Park, which spans both Nakagusuku-mura and Kitanakagusuku-mura, is one of the largest parks in the prefecture. The most popular is a huge white trampoline with a cone-shaped cloth! In two large and small trampolines, many children jump and slide every day. The inside of the trampoline can be played as a net playground equipment and can be used as a resting place. There are multiple cylindrical slides in this area, so you can enjoy it in one place.

Recommended points

If you want to enjoy playground equipment and sandbox, go to the playground equipment open space, and go to the large lawn open space for playing games and ball games! There is also a one-day campsite in the park, so after playing as much as possible, barbecue is recommended for the whole family (* reservation required).

[Northern Okinawa] Japan's largest! "A little kidding" with net playground equipment

Photos provided: At Okinawa Memorial Park (Ocean Expo Park), little kids

Marine Expo Park, famous for the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, has one of Japan's largest net playground equipment, Chibikkotoride. The tension up to the huge playground equipment that makes you want to run unexpectedly when you arrive! It is divided into four zones with the theme of the Okinawa Sea, each of which is connected by arched bridges.

Recommended points

A must-see "Okai Zone" that expresses the open sea that continues forever! This zone, where blue net playground equipment spreads all over, is intended for children aged 6 to 12 years.
※In case of rain or when the net is wet, the use has been discontinued to ensure safety.

[Northern Okinawa] It's full of Okinawa! Yunohama Park is perfect for a break.

Yunohama Park is a two-minute drive from Ogimi roadside rest area, is a park with a motif of fairy Bunagaya, which is said to live in Ogimi's forests and rivers. The entire park is full of Okinawa, including the walls depicting Okinawan nursery rhymes and playground equipment inspired by Okinawa Harley. In addition, there are playground equipment that is a little difficult, such as climbing sticks and tightrope. The observation deck overlooking the East China Sea and the promenade along the sea are also popular and are recommended as a resting spot for northern driving.

Recommended points

A spiral slide made in the image of a bump. Cute eyes are attached near the exit. If you take a picture of the place that came out of the mouth of the Utsubo, you will be able to take a mysterious piece.

How was it? This time, we introduced a park in Okinawa, where old-fashioned playground equipment and the latest playground equipment are available. You can play with playground equipment, run around in the open space, and why not enjoy the whole family? Please use it carefully when you play with playground equipment.

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