Tokashiki Island October 2023 NEW OPEN! Recommended glamping facility "Tatazumi@ Tokashiki Island"

Tokashiki Island October 2023 NEW OPEN! Recommended glamping facility "Tatazumi@ Tokashiki Island"
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Don't you miss the "unusual" time when you're busy every day? The glamping-style accommodation facility "Tatazumi @ Tokashiki Island" opened on Tokashiki Island in October 2023. You can enjoy the island time with "sounds" and "smells" that can only be felt on the island, and the enchanting "superb view".

What is "Tatazumi @ Tokashiki Island"? Experience the charm!

Tokashiki Island, a 35-minute boat ride from Naha, is a popular island among divers around the world. The sea called "Kerama Blue" has a slightly different beauty than Okinawa Island. You can visit it on a day trip, but this time I stayed at a new secret spot, "Tatazumi Tokashiki Island" to enjoy more extraordinary time.

When you arrive on the island, it takes about 10 minutes by free pick-up car. "Tatazumi @ Tokashiki Island", which opened on October 21, 2023, is located in the Aharen village on Tokashiki Island, near Aharen Beach, where white, smooth, long sandy beaches and sea spread all over. The limited two domes have enough private space, and the tension rises to a cute form like marshmallows.

Check-in is from 14:00, so leave your luggage and take a walk around Aharen Beach. After that, you can enjoy lunch near the beach.

[Day 1] First of all, go around Shimauchi

After checking in, rent a rental bicycle (free) and start visiting Shimauchi! There are eight observation deck in Shimauchi, but this time we aimed for the closest "Kubundaki Observation Deck". It is an observation deck that can be walked from Aharen Beach, overlooking the beautiful beach. For sunset time, it is absolutely recommended to spend leisurely on the sandy beach! The time I was watching the sunset over the shadows of the Kerama Islands was exceptional.

Boosting BBQ, starry sky observation and indoor activities.

Dinner time after returning. This time, I applied for a two-meal BBQ plan, so I enjoyed a barbecue with Orion Beer in one hand on the terrace. After the stomach is filled, observe the starry sky with an astronomical telescope from the wooden deck. Available to experience a vivid world that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

If you want to be surrounded by countless stars, we recommend you to enjoy the stars that fill out the night sky while listening to the waves at Aharen Beach. Even if unfortunate weather ..., you can enjoy planetariums and projectors indoors.

It is also possible to eat at a restaurant in Shimauchi, but the number of shops is limited, so check where to go when planning your travel plan and make a reservation.

In addition, toilets and showers are outdoor facilities located 30 seconds on foot. Call me for amenity goods, if you wish, please call me at check in.


[Day 2] Enjoy the clear sea of the island through marine activities!

If you wake up in the morning, we recommend you take a walk along the beach. It's still a time zone, so I feel like I've monopolizing the sea. Have a good breakfast and check out at 10. We spent a relaxing time in the morning after strolling through the villages.

In the afternoon, you will experience the boat snorkel which you reserved. Unlike seeing from the land, you are healed by colorful corals and fish swimming. He may encounter sea turtles depending on the timing of dive. Next time, I would like to try other activities, such as hands-on diving where you can see fish up close and clear kayak that feels the open sea with the whole body. I thought.

After the experience, change your clothes and prepare to return to Naha The departure was in the evening, so I was able to fully enjoy Tokashiki Island for a full two days.

How was it? You can spend an extraordinary time just by doing glamping, but the time you entrust yourself to an "island" that shows a different look from morning, daytime, and night. Why don't you plan to plan the glamping “Tatazumi Tokashiki Island” on Tokashiki Island?


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