Adults can enjoy it! Six selections of factory tours where you can taste freshly made delicious taste

Adults can enjoy it! Six selections of factory tours where you can taste freshly made delicious taste
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Sightseeing in Okinawa is not just shopping and leisure. If you are unsure about your trip schedule, we recommend a facility where you can enjoy factory tours for both adults and children! One of the attractions of companies in the prefecture that manufacture souvenirs, etc., have a free guide to the factory with a free guide and taste the freshly made taste. In addition, fresh products before shipping can be purchased as souvenirs a little earlier, so they are popular with locals.

Products that are sold exclusively for factories are also popular! "Kamima Confectionery Shop"

Processing dried plums "Suppaiman" from Kamima confectioneries. You can see how it is being processed from the window.

"Suppaiman" is a dried plum that has a lot of fans from children to adults. It is popular not only in the prefecture but also outside the prefecture. The factory can be easily visited in about 30 minutes, and if it is less than 10 people can jump in without reservation. The process of processing a large amount of plums is just a masterpiece. You can also learn about the history of Suppaiman, and you can also enjoy shopping for factory-only and rare products at the adjacent stand "Kamima Shoten".

★Tour details★

[Opening hours] [Asahi] 10: 00-11: 30, [Afternoon] 13: 00-16: 30 (excluding Sundays and public holidays)
*On Saturday, the factory line is closed, so you will have a tour while watching the video.
[Visit fee] Free
[Time required] About 30 minutes / 10 people
[Reservation] WEB: Application form (reservation not required for less than 10 people)

"Masahiro Gallery" by drinking more than 30 kinds

A tour of the manufacturing line. A large jars from awamori are lined up, and you can tour them with a guide.

You can learn about the culture and history of awamori at Masahiro Gallery, a brewery that makes awamori, liqueur and moromi vinegar. Not only awamori but also those who are not good at drinking and drivers can taste "Moromi vinegar." If you would like to receive a guide on the production line, you need to make a reservation in advance, so please contact us in advance. In addition, "Masahiro" will receive original old sake from "Masahiro" and a awamori bottle for those who have a birthday. Don't miss the unique service! (Identity card)

※Currently, we do not conduct a "guide tour" to combat COVID-19 infection. Free tours are available only.

★Tour details★

[Opening hours] 9: 30-17: 00 (excluding New Year holidays)
[Visit fee] Free
[Time required] About 30 minutes
[Reservation] TEL: 098-994-8080 (reservation not required for individual tours)

Nuchimasu, the world's only salt factory

The world's only salt factory in the world.

"Nuchimasu" is located on the rich nature of Miyagishima, via the underwater road in Uruma City. The site is located on the cliff of the island, and the superb view overlooking the blue sea, Kaho Banta, is popular. Nuchimasu's factory tour seems to be one of the popular ease that can be enjoyed in about 10 minutes. The salt in the factory is as beautiful as if fresh snow had fallen. The world's first technology has been patented as the world's first technology to obtain a patent. Its ingredients are 25% less salt than ordinary salt and contains many minerals such as magnesium and potassium, and are supported as "delicious and healthy salt". It's two birds with one stone for souvenirs. There is also a shop and a restaurant.

★Tour details★

[Time required] About 10 minutes / [Guide guide] Starts from 0 minutes, 20 minutes and 40 minutes
[Visit fee] Free
[Time required] Approximately 10 minutes / [Guide Guide] Starts from 0 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes (9: 40-16: 40)
[Reservation] TEL: 098-983-1140 (reservation not required for less than 10 people)


Let's experience it by hand! Tropical taste "Okinawa brown sugar"

At Okinawa Brown Sugar, a tour of the factory every year, you can learn about all processes, from planting sugarcane to packing brown sugar bags. In addition, on the paid experience course, you can actually boil down sugar and take your own original brown sugar! You can enjoy the freshly made taste at home. In the factory, the guide will carefully guide you through the flow leading to manufacturing and the ingredients of brown sugar.

※In the factory, the guide will carefully guide you through the flow leading to manufacturing and the ingredients of brown sugar (weekdays only).

Recommended points

[Opening hours] 8: 30-17: 30 Brown sugar making experience course: [A.m. 10: 00-12: 00, [Afternoon] 13: 00-15: 00
[Visit fee] Free of charge (charged brown sugar experience course)
[Experience fee] ① Brown sugar making (aluminum cup): 1,000 yen (tax included) 2 brown sugar making (Shisa side): 2,000 yen (tax included)
[Time required] ① Brown sugar making (aluminum cup): About 40 minutes to 50 minutes, 2 brown sugar making (Shisa side): About 50 minutes to 60 minutes
※Reservation required (email)
[Other] The brown sugar making experience course is over 10 years old

※The experience of making brown sugar will be canceled for the time being to prevent the infection of COVID-19.

A must-see for beer lovers! Happy Park, Orion Beer Factory

Images of the Orion Beer Factory Happy Park. A beer bottle is flowing through the lane inside the factory.

Orion Happy Park, located about 10 minutes from Kyoda Interchange, is a classic tourist spot that attracts more than 100,000 people every year. Special beer made from carefully selected raw materials and have cleared strict quality control can taste freshly made. You can't miss the galleries and shops. Shops that recreate the scenery of Orion beer more than 50 years ago, galleries that display the history of Orion beer, and shops also sell Orion original goods.

Recommended points

[Source start time] 10:00/10:30/11:00/13:00/13:30/14:00/14:30
[Visit fee] 18 years old and over 500 yen, 7 to 17 years old 200 yen
[Reservation] 0570-00-4103
 WEB: From the calendar on the site

Deliciousness is a blessing of nature! "Helios Sake Brewery" awamori brewery

The Hespring water Sake Brewery, located in the northern part of Motojima, is a rare brewery in Okinawa. Factory tours where the precious manufacturing process can be seen, is attracting attention from inside and outside the prefecture. The tour is held every day, but it is a reservation system, so let's contact us as soon as you decide on a trip to Okinawa. In Ko sake brewery, you can enjoy the scenery and fragrance unique to a brewery. After the tour, you can sample not only awamori but also lamb and liqueur for free, so you can enjoy it without getting tired until the end.

※Currently, "Factory tour" is closed to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Recommended points

[Opening hours] 10: 30-16: 00 (excluding every Wednesday, New Year's holidays, and temporary holidays)
 ※Shops are open on Wednesdays
[Visit fee] Free
[Time required] Approximately 40 to 60 minutes (1 10:30 to 2: 30-3 15:00)
[Reservation] Check on the web site

When you visit Okinawa, you can also see the souvenir manufacturing process, and you can enjoy traveling more! You can enjoy it with children, provide guidance for a short time and free of charge, and there are various attractions depending on the facility! If you want to enjoy sightseeing with shopping and leisure plus alpha, why not stop by?

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