Okinawa -4 recommended events in March

Okinawa -4 recommended events in March
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March is the graduation season. Isn't many people thinking about sightseeing in Okinawa as a graduation trip?
This time, we will introduce four recommended event information to be held in Okinawa in March for you, "Tell me how to enjoy traveling to Okinawa in March!"

Enjoy spring surrounded by colorful azaleas! Higashimura Azalea Festival

※State of the event held in 2015

Higashimura, the venue will be located in Yanbaru. Yanbaru refers to an area rich in nature, such as mountains and forests in the northern part of Okinawa Island.

With the rich nature of Yanbaru spreads, about 50,000 azaleas are in full bloom throughout the park. Red, white and pink and colorful azaleas are lined up on the left and right across the road. If you look at a little distance, it looks like a "azalea carpet"!
Also, several times during the period, light up at night. The beauty that is a bit different from the illuminations makes you feel unintentionally. This event is also recommended for couples.
In addition, you can stay at the adjacent azalea eco park. It's a good idea to spend a relaxing time in a pleasant nature.

Higashimura Villagers' Forest Azalea Garden is fully equipped with a free parking lot for 500 cars, so even those who use a rental car can easily visit.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Higashimura Azalea Festival
[Date and time] From March 1 (Fri) to March 20 (Wed), 2024, 9: 00-17: 00 (16: 00)
[Place] Higashimura Villagers' Forest Azalea Garden
[Admission fee] High school students and over 300 yen, junior high school students and younger free

The fun that you can only understand after actually touching, Okinawa City Crafts Fair 2024

Photos provided: Okinawa City Crafts Fair

The Okinawa City Crafts Fair will be held for three days from March 1 (Fri) to March 3 (Sun), 2024. It is a collection of famous crafts and workshops in Okinawa Prefecture, and exhibits and sells the largest crafts in the prefecture. This event attracts many people, both inside and outside the prefecture, because they can interact with all kinds of crafts for free. This time, it will be held in Koza town between Koza Gate Street and Chuo Park Avenue.

Let's enjoy visiting delicious lunch shops and famous stores while visiting the craft fair venue!

Recommended points

[Event Name] Okinawa City Crafts Fair 2024
[Date and time] March 1 (Fri)-March 3 (Sun), 2024, 10:00-18:00
[Place] In the Koza town between Koza Gate Street and Chuo Park Avenue
[Entrance fee] Free
[Parking lot] Please use Chuo, Okinawa-shi public parking lot or neighboring toll parking lot.

Debuting the sea debut first! The southernmost tip of Japan! The sea of Yaeyama 2024 in Ishigaki-jima Island

Photos provided: (One company) Yaeyama Visitor's Bureau, Yonagunijima Namahama held in 2012.

On March 16, 2024 (Saturday), the southernmost island of Japan, the Yaeyama Islands, said, "The southernmost tip of Japan! "Yaeyama Sea Biraki 2024" will be held. This year, the event will be held at Minamiuhama Beach Green Park.

One of the pleasures of this event is "entertainment" In addition to praying for the safety of the sea, various programs such as the announcement of "First Swimming" and "Mis Yaeyama", traditional performing arts, mini-live, beach treasure hunt, marine experience, etc. are planned, and the early summer visit I will excite.
※The content of the event differs depending on the year of the event.
Please take a sightseeing trip to Ishigaki-jima Island and drop in. There is no doubt that it will be exciting!

By the way, Ishigaki City and Yonaguni Town are also known as diving spots. After the sea, you can enjoy diving while watching coral reefs, tropical fish and manta in the sea of the Yaeyama Islands. Let's enjoy this year's first swim in Ishigaki-jima Island.

Recommended points

[Event Name] The southernmost tip of Japan! The sea of Yaeyama 2024 in Ishigaki-jima Island
[Date and time] Saturday, March 16, 2024
[Place] Minamiuhama Beach Green Area (artificial beach)
[Entrance fee] Free

Discover a special dish! Moon Beach Okinawa Island and Chimmun City

Photos provided: Hotel Moon Beach

"Moon Beach Okinawa All Island Yachimmun City" will be held at The Moon Beach Museum Resort (beach floor). At this event where 39 potteries in the prefecture gather, the types of Yachimmun sold vary, such as vessels, cups, and Shisa.

Some people think that "Yachimn = a simple and strong local colors," but now there are many kinds of yachimums that can be used everyday, such as colorful ones made of pink and green, as well as "small stars" that image the night sky. Why don't you look for your favorite dish from the selected yachimums made by professionals with your arms?

Also, on the day of the event, the Yachimmun City Special Buffet, where hotel accommodation tickets are awarded at Restaurant Corallo, is also held at the same time, so it is a good idea to spend a relaxing time.

The Moon Beach Museum Resort is about 15 minutes by car from the famous tourist spot "Bios Hill". There is no problem with a parking lot that can accommodate 350 cars, so there is no problem with a rental car. When you visit nearby, be sure to take a look.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Moon Beach Okinawa Island and Chimmun City
[Date and time] March 30 (Sat)-March 31 (Sun), 2024, 10: 00-19: 00
[Place] The Moon Beach Museum Resort Beach Floor

How was it? People can feel the coming of spring, swim in the sea, interact with traditional crafts, and enjoy traveling to Okinawa. Visiting popular sightseeing spots is also good, but it is also fun to take part in events unique to this period. Please refer to this article and look for your own way of enjoying your trip to Okinawa!

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