Okinawa Recommended Gourmet Ranking

Okinawa Recommended Gourmet Ranking
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Okinawa is full of food and unique menus that you never saw.
Therefore, the editorial department introduces Okinawan cuisine, izakaya menus, sweets, and B-grade gourmet information that you want to challenge in Okinawa gourmet.
Let's have a restaurant recommended for families with children, girls' trips and couple trips!

Standard Maast Menu Ranking

★1st place Okinawa soba

"Okinawa soba" is one of the popular Okinawan cuisine that is said to be prefectural food. Although it is named buckwheat, flour is used without buckwheat flour, and the soup stock is basically pork bones and bonito. Some stores use chickens and vegetables as well. The ingredients are called three pieces of meat (pork roses), kamaboko and chopped green onions. The menu name of the soba changes depending on the type of ingredients.

Okinawa soba__Hundred Years Old House in Nago City

Nago-shi | Okinawa soba

A hundred years old landlord

"Agu's meat soba set", which is made by carefully stewed Agu pork with plenty of umami ingredients and boldly served.

Okinawa soba_Kishimoto Shokudo in Motobucho

Motobu-cho | Okinawa soba

Kishimoto Shokudo

For more than 100 years, soup made with homemade noodles and skipjack made with traditional manufacturing methods still attract many fans. I want you to eat it in line.

★2nd place Champloo

In Okinawan language, it means "gochammaze" and "coat", meaning stir-fried using tofu and vegetables. Somen Champloo is literally a stir-fried dish with noodles. It can be eaten not only at the dining table as a home cooking, but also at the cafeteria and izakaya. One of the major and popular dishes among Okinawan dishes.

Goya Champloo_A marine dining room in Tomigusuku

Tomigusuku-shi | Okinawan cuisine

Ocean dining room

"Goya Champuru-", which is perfectly compatible with island tofu and pork, has a gentle taste. It is essential to prevent summer batter.

"Carrot Shiri" and "Blue Papaya Shiri" Ishimine Shokudo in Naha City

Naha-shi | Okinawan cuisine

Okinawa's taste Ishimine Shokudo

The set of the standard stir-fry “carrot Shiri” and “blue papaya Shiri”, which is often eaten in Okinawa, are popular. A taste that makes you feel nostalgic.

"Somen-chan Puru" Okinawa kitchen in Naha

Naha-shi | Izakaya

Kitchen Paikaji Kokusai Dori Store in Okinawa

Okinawa's home cooking "Somen Champuru" is fried with boiled noodles with tuna and vegetables. Chopsticks with simple seasonings.

★3rd place steak

There are shops that are open until late at night, and some people eat steaks after drinking because they can be eaten at low cost! The fact that steak shops opened one after another to satisfy the stomachs of Americans stationed after the war is one of the reasons for many steak shops.

"Tendar Louin steak" 88 in Naha

Naha-shi | Meat dish

Steakhouse 88 Tsuji Main Store

"Tendarloin steak" with rare fin meat that can be taken only by 3% from one cow. Recommended for soft meat that has no fat and light taste.

"Harami Steak" Steak Matsuya in Naha

Naha-shi | Meat dish

Steak Matsuya

"Harami Steak", which contains the original taste of the red meat, is popular. You can enjoy a set of soup, salad, and drink buffet set.

★4th place Agu pork shabu-shabu

You can enjoy shabu-shabu made from carefully selected brand Agu pork. You can enjoy shabu-shabu that is different depending on the shop with special soup stock, pickling sauce, and side menus.

"Agu Shabu" pork shabu Ganaha Pork Store in Naha City

Naha-shi | Meat dish

Pork shabu Ganaha Pork Store

If you enjoy "Agu pork" with low cholesterol and more umami ingredients than twice as much as usual, use a refreshing shabu-shabu style.

"Agu Pork Shabu-shabu" located in Onna Onna Village, Okinawa's creative cuisine location Dining Nagi

Onna-son | Okinawan cuisine

Okinawa's creative cuisine location Dining Nagi

Shabu-shabu with plenty of vegetables from Yomitan brand meat "Red pork", which features juicy red meat.

"Agu Shabu-shabu" Ago hideaway in Onna Village

Onna-son | Meat dish

Agu's hideaway Fuchaku Store

Shabu-shabu, where you can enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves without missing the umami of Agu pork and vegetables, enjoy ponzu and sesame sauce.

Agu-shabu-shabu_Ag-shabu-shabu-shabu-shabu-Okinawa cuisine Kafu-po

Onna-son | Okinawan cuisine

Agu shabu-shabu, Okinawan cuisine Kafu

The balance between sweet and melt fat and soft and juicy meat is exquisite. I am impressed by the deep flavor of Agu pork!

★5th place seabird

Seaweed called Kuvilezta, which lives in subtropical regions. It has a little salty and crisp texture, and sometimes it is eaten as tidbits or sea grapes. The expiration date of about one week is stored at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. Please note that refrigerated storage is strictly prohibited!

"Umibudo" Maruoki Shoten in Nago City

Nago-shi | Okinawan cuisine

Okinawa Cuisine Maruoki Shoten

In order to enjoy the crisp texture, it is recommended that you add a little sauce just before instead of pouring the sauce on the sea grapes.

"Seafood-don" restaurant located in Kotorishima

Nakijin-son | Restaurant

Restaurant Nishikiya

A seafood bowl with plenty of sea grapes harvested in the morning and fresh thick sliced sashimi, and is perfectly compatible with troloro. Good location overlooking Kouri-ohashi Bridge.

Betsubara! Okinawa Sweets Ranking

★No. 1 Ice Cream

Ice cream and soft ice cream with many Okinawan original flavors. There are so many types that you can enjoy no matter how many times you eat during your stay, and you will not get tired.

Blue seal ice cream

The whole area of Okinawa | Sweets & Fruit

Blue seal

An ice cream specialty store born in the United States and raised in Okinawa. Among the rich flavor, there are many Okinawan tastes such as mango and red potato.

Soft cream at the Snow Salt Brand Shop

Naha-shi | Candy

Snow Salt Brand Shop Kokusai Dori Store

A specialty store for salt sweets from Miyako Island. Even though it is slightly salty and rich sweetness, it gets fresh and addicts.

★2nd place zenzai

"Okinawa Zenzai" is a sweet boiled kinto beans with shaved ice placed on sweet potatoes. It's sold at convenience stores, so it's popular with locals. There are a wide variety of types, including brown sugar and kinako.

"Red Sweet Potato Black Sugar Zenzai" in Yomitan Village

Yomitan-son | Sweet

Tsurukamedo zenzai

"Red sweet potato brown sugar zenzai" is a combination of red potato x brown sugar. The vivid purple color of red potato powder and gentle brown sugar syrup are impactful!

"Ice Zenzai" in Naha City

Naha-shi | Café fast food

A thousand days

Founded for more than 50 years old. "Ice Zenzai" is made with ice like fluffy fresh snow on top of mochi.

"Zenzai" In Motobu-cho, "Zenzai"

Nakijin-son | Café fast food

Motobu Nanban Kiln, Café Aun

Fluffy ice with brown sugar powder and soft kinto beans match perfectly. You can enjoy the original taste of beans with low sweetness.

"Zenzai" Aragaki zenzai located in Motobumachi

Motobu-cho | Sweets & Fruit

Aragaki zenzaiya

Okinawa zenzai shop wants to go even if it is far away. It is healed by the gentle sweetness of soft kintoki beans.

★3rd place Tropical Fruits & Ice

Let's survive the heat by eating cold sweets full of vitamins made from tropical fruits such as colorful mangos, pineapples and passion fruits!

Ryu-pin, located in Onna Village, "Tropical Fruit Mountain"

Onna-son | Sweets & Fruit

Ryubi Ryu-pin

"Tropical Fruit Mountain", which uses several kinds of seasonal fruits such as dragonflies on shaved ice, is popular.

Tomigusuku-shi | Café fast food

Senaga teahouse

A large mango with a fluffy cotton snow on the first landing in Okinawa has a luxurious feeling. Let's go on a terrace seat with a nice view.

Nago-shi | Theme park

Nago Pineapple Park

A powerful parfait with raw pine, ice cream, sherbet, cookies and jelly and a pineapple.

★4th place pancake

Hawaiian gourmet is evolving! Unique menus that are as competitive as the sacred place of pancakes are born one after another!

Naha-shi | Café


"Red potato pancake" made from Miyako Island red potato. Popular menu that has been used for a limited time, but it has become regular according to customer's voice.

Onna-son | Café

Hawaiian pancake house Paanilani

Freshly baked "nuts pancakes" made with plenty of butter milk. Tastes with original nut sauce and banana.

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