Okinawa's recommended superb scenic spots

Okinawa's recommended superb scenic spots
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Refreshing! Wonderful! Great excitement! Well, the editorial department will introduce the most recommended spots in the ranking. Enjoy the tropical mood at spots recommended for women's trips, couple trips, and families with children, such as seaside drives and sea cafes unique to the island surrounded by the sea, and forest cafe surrounded by subtropical trees!

I'm impressed! Superb view drive ranking!

★1st place Kouri-ohashi Bridge

Nakijin-son | Sightseeing spot

Kouri Island is located in the northern part of Okinawa Island. It can be crossed at Kouri-ohashi Bridge, the largest manned remote island in Japan, which boasts a total length of about 2 km. The emerald green sea seen from the bridge on a sunny day is a word of superb view! A shallow Kori Beach spreads under the bridge, and in summer it is full of many bathers. The island is a small island of about 8 km, but it is dotted with spots for marriage and prayers for safe delivery of children, sightseeing entrance facilities overlooking Kouri-ohashi Bridge, and stylish sea cafes. I want you to spend a day relaxing.

★2nd place Nirai Bridge Kanai Bridge

Nanjo-shi | Sightseeing spot

"Nirai Bridge / Kanai Bridge" is cheering involuntarily in the large panorama of the blue sea and sky spreading beyond the tunnel. The dynamic bridge with a total length of 660m and a height difference of 80m, which has a large curve toward the sea, makes you feel like a bird flying in the sky. There is no parking space in the middle of the bridge, so when taking a commemorative photo, use the observatory in front of the tunnel. In addition to seeing the whole view of the bridge, you can also see Kudaka Island and Komaka Island floating in the cobalt blue Sea.

★No. 3 Underwater Road

Uruma-shi | Sightseeing spot

A 5km long maritime road connecting Katsuren Peninsula and Heianza Island, located on the east coast of central Okinawa Island. You can enjoy a sense of reality as if you were running on a runway. Before the opening of the road, they came and went on foot at low tide, but as the high tide, the road sank into the sea, so it came to be called the "underwater road". It is also recommended to stop by the underwater Road Park, specialty product sales offices, and restaurants near the center of the underwater road. After crossing the road, I want you to go around the four islands (Heianza Island, Hama Higa Island, Miyagishima, Ikei Island).

★4th place Sesoko-ohashi Bridge

Motobu-cho | Sightseeing spot

A bridge with a total length of 762m and a height of 25m connecting Okinawa Island and Sesoko Island. It is about 15 minutes by car from the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, so you can easily drop in when you go back and forth to the aquarium. It is good to cross by car, but if you have time, please walk by all means. The sidewalk is wide, so you can slowly enjoy the superb view of the blue sea and Anchihama seen from Hashigami. On Sesoko Island, it is also recommended to spend time at Sesoko Beach, which boasts a highly transparent sea unique to remote islands and a white sandy beach of about 800m, and a cafe where you can feel beautiful nature.

★5th West Coast Resort Coastline (Onna Village National Highway No. 58)


This coastline is where you can enjoy the atmosphere of "This is Okinawa!" It is a coastline along the west coast of Motojima, where Okinawa's leading resort hotels are lined up. From Naha, go north on National Route 58, pass through Yomitan Village, enter Onnason for a few minutes, the magnificent sea that appears on your left when you see Renaissance Resort Okinawa. The gradation of various colors such as cobalt blue and emerald green can be healed no matter how many times you pass. If you want to take a picture, we also recommend the observation room on the 3rd floor of "Onna Village Cultural Information Center" next to "Onna no Eki Nakayui Market".

I want to watch it forever! Superb view sea cafe ranking!

★No. 1 Aji Anne Ha Brestlan Café Kuruma

Nanjo-shi | Café fast food

Café Kuruma is located on a hill in southern Okinawa Island. Understand the straight horizon and the wavy blue Pacific Ocean, the location of superb views can be monopolized. It is also a Thai restaurant that recreates the authentic Thai Asian taste and has been certified by Thailand Selected stores, and has a reputation from locals for its full volume and spicy taste. The adjacent Kurukuma Shop also sells curry and seasonings that make you enjoy the taste of Kurukuma at home and seasonings that make use of herbs.

★2nd place pizza cafe flower party

Motobu-cho | Café fast food

Pizza café, which has been very popular since its foundation. It is a blissful moment to see the beautiful sea and the clear blue sky in the garden while relaxing in Okinawan old folk house. Food menu is only plump and crispy pizza. However, not only superb views, but also many customers repeat this pizza. And what I want to enjoy with pizza is a drink using acerola from the local headquarters. Fresh acerola penetrates into every corner of your body with moderate sweetness and sourness.

★3rd place cafe CAHAYA BULAN (closed temporarily)

Motobu-cho | Café fast food

You can enjoy lunch and tea time while looking at the sea in an Asian taste shop.

★4th place, Café Gallery

Onna-son | Café fast food

Cafe Gallery Dokadoka, overlooking the sea of Onna Village, one of Okinawa's leading resorts. From the terrace and the inside of the store surrounded by nature rich greenery, you can enjoy the changing open sea every time. And not only superb view, but also the food is satisfactory at any time. Morning plates such as hot sand (limited quantity) in the morning, handmade pizza and taco rice for lunchtime, and handmade sweets for tea time. The owner will make it delicious with a bowl or cup that the owner baked in a blue-style kiln.

★5th place Cafe Yabusachi

Nanjo-shi | Café fast food

Café Yabuschi has a popular view, with a beautiful view of the chalk building shining in the blue sky. A number of authentic French and Italian food add even more sinter in a comfortable space that makes you want to stay forever. Cuisine with ingredients carefully selected by French chefs will delight your eyes and tongue. Plate lunch where you can enjoy fresh Shimano greens and prefectural meat at once, and omelet wrapped in pasta and fluffy eggs that change depending on the season. There is also a menu for allergies.

Take a deep breath! Superb view forest cafe ranking!

★No. 1 fuu café

Motobu-cho | Café fast food

Fuu café on Sesoko Island, a remote island that crosses the Motobu Peninsula by a bridge, has a very pleasant garden surrounded by the healing of a fresh forest. You will forget the passage of time, such as spacious terrace seats in the store where you can feel the warmth of the wood and handmade hammocks. Recommended is "Sea Bowl of Bow and Agu" The sweet and spicy simmered Aguo pork is hidden under the sea grape. The salty taste of sea grapes, the sauce of the Agu pork, and the white rice match wonderfully.

★2nd place Yachimun Cafe Shisa Garden

Motobu-cho | Café fast food

The garden like walking in the field is so quaint that you want to call it a hidden village. From the second floor seat with all the sliding doors open, lovely Shisa who show various expressions meet you. The degree of healing increases by the rich greenery of Mt. Yae, which spreads out in the back of Shisa. "Hirayachi (Okinawa version Chizumi),", which has been popular as an Okinawan snack for a long time, offers a sticky texture. We also want you to taste "Kurosaccharide Zenzai", which is made with shaved ice placed on shiratama mochi with shaved ice.

★No. 3 Agricultural teahouse Shiki no Aya

Motobu-cho | Café fast food

You can spend a relaxing time in a forest surrounded by deep greenery and seasonal flowers. Special seats are counter seats on the terrace. Let's take a deep breath and refresh your body and mind. Recommended is "Four Seasons Aya Set Meals". There are cartilage soup boiled in trolley, tofu and nigana, light soup Okinawa soba, and body-friendly dishes made with seasonal vegetables. "Aya Set of Four Seasons" if you want something sweet for tightening. It comes with fluffy chiffon cake and drink.

★4th place cafe hakoniwa

Motobu-cho | Café fast food

The renovated café, a 50-year-old old private house, is surrounded by the forest of Yanbaru, giving you a sense of relaxation as if you have returned home. The store has a modern atmosphere with retro and stylish interiors. “Today's Hakoniwa Plate”, which focuses on fresh vegetables that can be harvested locally, is colorfully served with healthy dishes and makes you wonder what to eat. You can add a cake for 200 yen. The vessels used use Okinawan pottery and chimmun, and here you can feel the specialty of the shop owner.

★5th place Cafe ichara

Nanjo-shi | Café fast food

A retreat café in a forest full of subtropical plants unique to northern Okinawa, such as Hikagiego. On the wooden deck, you can spend a relaxing time while taking a negative ions. There are several kinds of pizzas baked in a stone kiln. The dough and sauce are also handmade. "Icharapiza", topped with island pork wiener, "Go-Ya-Pizza", plenty of bitter gourd, and "Pizza of lotus root and smoked chicken pizza", which is rare in pizza. I want you to enjoy the pizza that you can't taste anywhere else.

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