Full of highlights such as superb views and cafes! Let's master the popular drive spot "Kourishima" in Okinawa

Full of highlights such as superb views and cafes! Let's master the popular drive spot "Kourishima" in Okinawa
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Furuuri Island, located in Nakijin Village in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture, is a very popular remote island that can be reached by car. The Kouri-ohashi Bridge over the island is about 2 km, and if you drive while watching the emerald blue sea on both sides will increase your expectations for the island. Beyond the bridge is packed with elements that increase tension even though small islands, such as beautiful natural beaches unique to remote islands, spots that appeared in TV commercials and superb view cafes. Kori Island is also called "Koi no Shima" because the romantic legend that can be said to be the Okinawa version of "Adam and Eve". I will introduce plenty of the charm of this island.

Tension MAX before you get to the island! ? "Kouri-ohashi Bridge" drive spot

This is a 160-meter-long bridge connecting Kotori Island and Yaga Jinoshima, and opened in 2005. The attraction of Kouri-ohashi Bridge is the blue sea spreading on both sides and the exhilaration of driving by car. You can enjoy a mysterious feeling like floating on the sea. It is one of the most famous scenic spots in Okinawa, which is very popular as a driving course.

Natural beach recommended for swimming with facilities! Kori Beach

It is a natural beach at the foot of Kouri-ohashi Bridge. The sandy beach is smooth and white, and the sea is outstanding. It is a beautiful beach unique to remote islands. There is "Kourishima Fureai Plaza" near the bridge, where facilities such as shops, showers, toilets, etc. are in place, so you can enjoy swimming casually. During the season when you can't enter the sea, take a walk while watching the clear sea. It is full of tourists and locals, regardless of the season.

Chignu Beach, a hidden superb view spot overlooking Kouri-ohashi Bridge

A small beach located about 3 minutes by car from Kouri-ohashi Bridge. There are no signs, and Chigunu Beach is located under a large rock (Cape Shirasa) that rises beside the breakwater near Kori Port. On a rocky place called Cape Shirasa, there is a stone sign stating that the god of fire descended from heaven. It is also said that men and women in the birth myth of mankind transmitted to Kotori Island lived here for the first time. It is also a place where the sea god festival (Unjami) is held on the day of the first boar day after the end of the old Bon Festival, is held, and it is still cherished as a sacred beach, so let's follow the rules and enjoy it.

A spot that couples don't get rid of it! Let's go to see a heart-shaped rock.

Teine Beach, located on the other side of Kouri-ohashi Bridge and on the north side of the island, is about 10 minutes by car from Kouri-ohashi Bridge and about 8 minutes by car from Chignu Beach. It became famous because it became the stage of TV commercials of an airline company where a popular group appeared.
Many visitors to Tine Beach are looking for a heart-shaped rock called "Heart Rock". The rock in the shape of a heart and the fact that Kotori Island is called "Koi no Shima" have been mixed, and it has come to be called a sacred place of love. It is gaining popularity among couples as a power spot for love.

It is possible to swim, but you need to be careful because it is a complete natural beach, the sea is rugged with rocks and it may suddenly become deeper.
It is recommended to check the time of low tide and other times in advance, as the appearance of the heart rock changes as the tide rises.

Local gourmet food at the restaurant Nishikiya while being wrapped in panorama of the sea

If you want to eat at the best location overlooking Kouri-ohashi Bridge, go to "Restaurant Nishikiya". Emerald blue spreads at the height of the eye on the roof terrace.

Not only superb view, but also dishes are excellent. The rich sea urchin bowl, made with fresh sea urchin carefully selected by landlady, is full of sea urchin. The sashimi attached while surrounding the sea urchin is only fresh fish caught locally. The sashimi that changes from day to day is a luxurious full of you can enjoy the bright blue Irabu char like Hama dai and tropical fish called gussets in Okinawa, a crisp and chewy island octopus, and sea grapes with no petit feeling. A conversation with a famous landlady who can get energy is also one of the attractions of Nishikiya. It is filled with not only stomach but also heart.

KOURI SHRIMP, where you can fully enjoy the island's commitment

"KOURI SHRIMP" is a white wagon car with a pink and light blue logo parked in the parking lot. Garlic Shrimp, a specialty of Oahu in Hawaii.

There are four flavors of garlic sampling: original, spicy, butter lemon, and mix. All flavors are compatible with garlic, and if you wear them on shrimp and shrimp, the aroma and moderate salty will spread your mouth. Cooking method and spices to bring this taste are original in the store. Using the local awamori is used for the preparation of shrimp, the local area is filled with the unique commitment of Kotorishima Island.
Kouuri Island has a particularly tropical atmosphere in Okinawa. Garlic Shrimp is a food that makes you feel like a tropical country.

How was it? Although it is a small island, it is full of Okinawa's goodness. It's nice to enjoy not only the sea, but also the gourmet. Visit from the morning with few people and enjoy the quiet sea, eat a delicious lunch in the daytime, and watch the sunset in the evening. Kouri Island is an island full of charm that won't get tired even if you stay in a day.

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