A leisurely trip to Okinawa on an island full of charm. Seven selections of recommended spots on Sesoko Island

A leisurely trip to Okinawa on an island full of charm. Seven selections of recommended spots on Sesoko Island
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Sesokojima, a 15-minute drive from the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, is a popular remote island as a one-day sightseeing spot. Hilton Okinawa Sesoko Resort opened in 2020 and will become a popular area as a lodging area. This time, we will introduce 7 spots from secret beaches that are perfect for those who want to spend a leisurely trip to Okinawa to old folk house Cafe and souvenir shops.

Spot.1 A secret spot that many local people visit.

Cross Sesoko-ohashi Bridge and get off to the left immediately, and you will find a secret beach "Anchihama". In the morning, locals who enjoy walking and fishing are also flickering. The emerald green sea spreads out in front of you, and the pure white and smooth sandy beaches are comfortable when you walk, and you are satisfied even if you immerse yourself in the sea. Life jackets are required for swimmers because of the tide is fast. If the timing is right, you can see the ferry of I-Eshima passing under the bridge.

Recommended points

If you want to take a break, try using the shade just below the bridge. Of course, you can rent parasols. It is recommended that you make a reservation and check in advance, as a covered barbecue facility will open during the summer season.

Spot.2 "Sesoko Beach" with a superb view of tropical country

Sesoko Beach, which extends to the west side of Sesoko Island, is a natural beach with a total length of 800 meters. Because it is shallow, blue and transparent, you can see colorful tropical fish up close and look like a natural aquarium! At sunset time, the collaboration between Ieshima Toucho (Shiroyama) and the sunset seen beyond the beach are superb. It is a photogenic spot both day and evening, so it is crowded with many people.

Recommended points

Sesoko Beach swims are from late April to early October. There are plenty of facilities such as changing rooms, toilets, and showers (paid), so anyone can enjoy swimming casually. The parking fee is 1,000 yen a day, so you can spend as much as you want until you get tired (※ parking lot use is from 9:00 to 17:00, July to September 17:30).

Spot.3 fuu cafe "fuu cafe" healed by nature of Sesoko Island

Speaking of the retreat café on Sesoko Island, "fuu cafe". The open and large garden surrounded by subtropical plants and log house-like buildings are rich in nature and calm. A popular menu using Okinawan ingredients, “Umi Grape and Agu no Bowl tailored” is a luxurious dish that matches the head-produced sea grapes, which are popular with a petit texture, and black pork agg stewed with characteristic sauce. Since the number is limited, we recommend that you go early.

Recommended points

Coffee lovers definitely want to try "Sesokojima Coffee", a home roasting using organic beans. Owners and couples who are qualified as coffee instructors will carefully brew one by one. This cafe is recommended when you want to refresh the fatigue of your trip.

Spot.4 Authentic sweet made by French patissier

Follow the settlement of Sesoko Island, you will find an "Apple Cafe" marked by the tricolor flag. A wide variety of macaroons and baked confectionery made carefully by French patissiers one by one with all their heart, and is a popular café. The interior of the shop owner has renovated an old private house, is full of warmth. It is recommended as a resting spot for Sesoko Island sightseeing because you can spend a relaxing time.

Recommended points

Macaron made with Okinawan ingredients is recommended as a souvenir. Unique macaroons such as island banana, sanpon tea, awamori, and I Eshima peanuts, are chewy and can be eaten as many as you like.

Spot.5 "Orange Sunset" where you can have a meal while watching the sunset on Sesoko Island

"Orange Sunset", which has authentic pasta and pizza, is a Hawaiian café with a tropical mood. Not only dishes, but also signboards and interiors in the store are filled with the owner's commitment. Popular menu is an old-fashioned Napolitan with a nostalgic taste! A little hardly boiled noodles and pasta sauce are intertwined, and the taste continues until the last bite. At dusk, sit on the window side seats or on terrace seats with pets, and enjoy the orange sunset slowly.

Recommended points

Don't forget the dessert after the meal. The combination of freshly made warm French toast and cold ice cream is excellent! This is a must-eating sweet with a lot of repeaters.

Special relaxing time at Spot.6 "trip cafe Okinawa"

"Travel cafe Okinawa" is located close to Anchihama. Café with pancakes and fruit drinks. The most popular is the red potato pancakes from Okinawa. The red potatoes grown by farmers in Kumejima have a lot of time and effort are finished in a monbrlan style with bright purple. Best match for freshly baked fluffy pancakes! For coffee lovers, we also recommend adult Tiramisu pancakes, where you can enjoy both sweetness and bitterness.

Recommended points

In addition to terrace seats, sofa seats and table seats in the store are stylish and relaxing. We recommend table seats in the cool season. You can enjoy a pleasant sea breeze and a sense of freedom.

Spot.7 "Sesoko Beach Marine Club" boasts a rich marine sports menu

The marine sports shop "Sesoko Beach Marine Club", which is close to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, is a popular marine shop where you can challenge a wide variety of marine sports. There are veteran staff members, so even beginners can feel safe. In addition to classic snorkeling and hands-on diving, you can fully enjoy the world of the highly transparent sea world, such as a banana board running around Sesoko Island and a seawall where you can take a walk under the sea with a dedicated helmet.

Recommended points

For those who are not satisfied with the first item, a special set plan is recommended. You can experience the deep blue sea from the sky if you set the first parasel in our shop, you can experience the deep blue sea from above. Let's try everything you care about!

Sesoko Island, where peaceful time flows, there are plenty of tourist facilities such as marine shops, cafes, and souvenir shops in addition to the natural beaches with facilities. It is also recommended as a driving spot because you can easily go by car from Okinawa Island across Sesoko-ohashi Bridge.

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