Okinawa Marine Sports Paradise! Sea play schedule by moving experience

Okinawa Marine Sports Paradise! Sea play schedule by moving experience
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Summer Okinawa must have to play in the sea! Introducing a recommended shop for Mr. Grebari who wants to enjoy sightseeing and sea play with plenty of marine menus a day or looking at the sea. Find marine sports that match your travel plan and make the best memories that will not be forgotten!

Greedy who wants to go sightseeing and sea.

I want to enjoy the sea while visiting a lot of sightseeing spots! Introducing menus that can be easily enjoyed on and from the popular sightseeing spot "Churaumi Aquarium", and a menu that can be easily reached from a hotel in Naha city and play with sightseeing. Let's play in the sea between sightseeing!

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium tour course

Motobu Genki Village

dolphin Encounter S (Swimm Plus)

After learning about dolphins, you can interact with dolphins in the sea. You can catch dorsal fin and swim together.

[Access] About 5 minutes by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
[Time required] 50 minutes


Sesoko Island Parasailing & thrilling marine pack 3

The beautiful sea seen from the sky is superb! Marine pack has 3 popular menu items! Recommended for those who don't have time.

[Access] About 14 minutes by car to Churaumi Aquarium
[Time required] About 2 hours

Within 40 minutes from Naha! South sightseeing course

Sodo fish

Banana boat + big marble + band wagon

Held at Niihara Beach, a natural beach near Naha! The popular marine menu is set as a set of 3 items, so you can enjoy it in a short time!

[Access] About 37 minutes from Kokusai Dori
[Time required] About 45 minutes

Convenient access! Play on the beach near the hotel

Introducing a marine menu that you can easily enjoy on the beach near the West Coast Resort Hotel! Because it is convenient and you can experience it in a short time, you can enjoy both sightseeing and sea play! We also recommend marine sports to experience during the sparkling sea in the morning and the time when the beautiful sunset falls!

Onna Seaside Park Nabi Beach

Banana Boat & Snorkel

Parent-child participation menu held at points where beautiful corals and tropical fish are located in the Manzamo sea area is popular! Best for family summer memories.

[Access] About 2 minutes from ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort
[Time required] About 1.5 hours

Let's play at resort hotel

Why don't you spend a day luxuriously at the resort hotel beach? There is plenty of time, so you can experience the popular marine menu and the topic marine menu as much as you want, and if you are tired, relax while watching the sea on the beach side. I'm sure my daily stress will go away.

Busena Underwater Park

Glass boat

Glass bottom boat where you can stroll through the Churaumi Sea without changing clothes! Let's go for colorful tropical fish on a whale-shaped boat that is popular among children!

[Time required] About 20 minutes

Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa

Dragon boat

Enjoy plenty of marine sports with a variety of menus on the natural beach designated as the Seaside Park in the country!

[Time required] About 10 minutes

ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort

Manza Ocean Park

Marine athletic "Manza Ocean Park" that both adults and children can enjoy, once you play it! Let's enjoy it as much as possible!

[Holding time] 9: 00-17: 00 ※Different depending on the program season

Sunmarina Hotel

Rocket boat

You can enjoy the standard rocket boat and other marine menu! A special set plan is also available. Please enjoy yourself with your family.

[Time required] About 10 minutes

The Moon Beach Museum Resort


Let's enjoy a walk in the air on the hot flyboard! The open feeling of openness from the sky is irresistible! With the support of the staff, I will enjoy it with peace of mind!

[Time required] About 30 minutes

Renaissance Resort Okinawa

dolphin Encounter S (Swimm Plus)

The dolphin program, "Learning with Dolphins" is popular among children. Let's play together with cute dolphins!

[Time required] About 1 hour and 30 minutes

Day trip is OK! Stress releases on remote islands and uninhabited islands

Within 30 minutes by boat from Okinawa Island. Now go to remote islands and uninhabited islands! It's a paradise where the untouched nature remains! The Kerama Islands designated as the 31st National Park on March 5, 2014, and uninhabited islands unrelated to busy everyday life, refresh your mind and body if you forget your time and enjoy the sea plenty of the sea!

Play on remote islands around the northern islands (Minoshima and Sesoko Island)!


[Half-day offshore] A Minna Island Marine Sports Plan & Snorkeling

Screaming system adjusts speed according to customer's wishes! Snorkel is lectured in advance, so even those who can't swim can experience it with confidence.

[Access] Fifteen minutes one way from Motobu Port.
[Time required] 3 to 4 hours in a set plan

Ocean style

Minnajima Marine Trial 3 Course

You can enjoy marine activities such as U tubes, big marble, and banana boat marine activities in the sea with excellent transparency in the sea!

[Access] About 15 minutes by high-speed ship from Toguchi Port.
[Time required] 10 minutes each

Play on remote islands around Naha and southern islands (Kerama Island and Komaka Island)!

Sea World

Coconut crab course (pasailing + snorkel + marine sports 1 point)

Let's enjoy marine sports in the sea of the Kerama Islands designated as a national park and attracts attention! The course where you can experience the sky and the sea is very popular!

[Access] 30 minutes one way from Mie Castle Port.
[Time required] About 3 hours and 30 minutes

Pirates Marine Club

[Half day] Kerama boat fan diving

Let's enjoy boat diving in the Kerama Islands, a national park. Coral reefs of various shapes have attracted many divers.

[Access] About 30 minutes by cruiser from Naha
[Time required] 3 to 4 hours

Kaiser Marine Club

Course C: Landing and snorkel

For a limited time, Kerama uninhabited island landing tour! The rental of activities is also substantial. Let's enjoy the sea of Kerama in cobalt blue!

[Access] About 60 minutes by large cruiser from the port
[Time required] About 7 hours

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