Okinawa Recommended Beach Ranking BEST25

Okinawa Recommended Beach Ranking BEST25
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Speaking of Okinawa, the sea! Beach! The blue sky, white sandy beaches, emerald green seas and beaches are the world that everyone longs for. But ... where do you recommend? ! I'm getting lost. Therefore, this time, the editorial department conducted a questionnaire survey to 100 people living in Okinawa Prefecture, "Recommended Beaches I want to teach everyone"! Then, where was the No.1 among many beaches? ! The result is here.▼


First place, everyone is satisfied! Yonaha Maehama, one of the most beautiful beaches in Miyako Island.

Miyako Island_Yonaha Maehama BeachPhoto: Takuya Kawakami

The contrast between the white and smooth sandy beach and the cobalt blue sea is worthy of the title of the Orient. Many people continue to be fascinated by the brilliant blue sea that reflects the sun's light. In the morning and evening, you can monopolize the beautiful scenery of Yonaha Maehama. Swimming in the clear sea or stroll along the sandy beach, but it's also a good idea to relax while watching the sunset over the sea.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] April-October, admission is free (beach house / 9: 00-18: 00) [Equipment] Shower, toilet, stand

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●I've never experienced such a pleasant powder sand! (Women in their 30s)
●I forgot the time for the blueness and gradation of the sea, and I fell in love. (Women in their 20s)

The second place is impressed by the sea shining emerald green! "Minano (Minna) Beach"

Honbucho Minnajima_Minano Beach

Mino Island is a short distance of 15 minutes by boat from Motobu Town (Northern Okinawa Island). A 10-minute walk from the port is Mino Beach, where the blue of the sky is reflected and the beautifully shining sea spreads all over. The sea is quite high, and you can watch corals and small tropical fish that live in the swimming area up close. Therefore, even small children who can't dive very deeply can easily interact with sea creatures.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] April-October, 8: 00-17: 00 [Equipment] Shower (paid), toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●I was impressed by the fact that I was surrounded by fish at 360 degrees after snorkeling. (Men in their 30s)
●The children who were catching tropical fish seemed to be very happy and glad they came. (Women in their 20s)

3rd place "Condoi Beach" is shallow and quiet beach. When the tide rises, it was as if you were walking on the sea

Ishigaki-jima Island Taketomijima_Condoi Beach

Taketomijima is a popular tourist destination among remote islands around Ishigaki-jima Island. Condoi Beach, located on the west side of the island, is characterized by calm waves and shallowness that is likely to last forever. Therefore, even families with small children can enjoy swimming with peace of mind. In addition, it is recommended not only to swim and enjoy the sea of turquoise blue sea, but also watch the sunset watching the sun sinking in the sea. If you are on a day trip, you will not be able to meet your return trip, so let's stay overnight.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet, stand

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●I live in Okinawa Island, but the sunset at Kondoi Beach is too beautiful and I often go to play. (Women in their 20s)
●There were so many cats, and I couldn't bear the cat lovers. (Women in their 30s)

"Sesoko Beach", a natural beach with the word paradise is perfect. Many tropical fish are suitable for snorkel

Motobu-machi Sesoko Beach

Sesoko Beach has gained a lot of local people's votes because of being able to drive from Okinawa Island. The attraction is that it is a natural beach suitable for snorkel. Not only can you see colorful tropical fish that are rarely seen on the mainland nearby, but you can swim together, and enjoy the experience as if you have become a fish. Spend a wonderful time on the beach full of ease of access, fun, and so on.

■Natural beach, [swimming period / time] Late April to mid-October, 9:00 to 17:00 (from July to September 17), [Equipment] Shower, toilet, stand (swimming period only)

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●Every year, I go to play with my family. It's a nice point that you can go by car. (Women in their 30s)
●For me who likes snorkel, Sesoko Beach is just a paradise! (Men in his twenties)

"Kori Beach" is located on both sides of the base of the bridge. White sand and transparency are unique to remote islands.

Korishima Island_Kori Beach

Kori Beach has a beauty that captures the local people. Immediately after crossing Kouri-ohashi Bridge, it is a beautiful beach that uses the natural beach. If you step into the beach, you can see Okinawa Island and Yaga Jinoshima, as well as the bright blue sea. Kori Beach is said to be a "beach that can be enjoyed by people who are not good at sea bathing" because of its beautiful sight. It is the unique charm of Kori Beach that you can see the starry sky when the sun sets. In addition, there are sea houses and palms around the beach, so you can enjoy island gourmet.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet, stand

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●Kori Beach is the best! I love to go many times a year! (Women in their 20s)
●The first swim of the year is decided at Kori Beach. (Men in their 30s)

6th place "Araha Beach" is a beach where you can easily go. There are many foreigners and you can enjoy the feeling of beach resorts abroad.

Chatan-cho_Araha Beach

Come here, the beaches in the city are ranked in a stately ranked. Araha Beach is a beach near the popular tourist spot American Village. There is a barbecue area, so you can enjoy a barbecue (commonly known as a beach party) while bathing. Not only tourists, but also locals and foreigners living in the prefecture are often seen, so you can feel a homely atmosphere.

■Artificial beach [swimming period / time] Late April to the end of October, 9: 00-18: 30 [Equipment] Shower (paid), toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●I am always taking care of you when you have a barbecue in summer. (Men in their 30s)
●I live in Chatan, but I like to watch the sunset at Araha Beach, where you can drop in. (Women in their 20s)

7th. The beach with a total length of 700m is the largest in the prefecture! "Orion ECO Chura SUN Beach" with many arbors in the shade.

Tomigusuku-shi_ Orion ECO Chura SUN Beach

This beach is recommended for those who want to go straight to the sea when they arrive in Okinawa! This is because Orion ECO Chura SUN Beach is about 20 minutes by car from Naha Airport! From its proximity, you can see the airplane stopping over the beach up close. The largest white sandy beach in the prefecture is an outstanding location that has appeared in movies. In summer, many tents are set up on the lawn in front of the beach besides the arbor, and many people enjoy barbecues. In addition to the facilities, you can enjoy beach soccer and valleys on the sandy beach, and it is full of students and young groups.

■Artificial beach [swimming period / time] Late April to the end of October, 9:00-18:00 (from July to August until 19:00) [Equipment] Shower, toilet, stand

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●I'm happy to enjoy sports as well as swimming! You can enjoy it for a long time because it has a wide variety of types. (Men in his twenties)
●Tomigusuku City is close to Naha, so I'm happy to go to play casually! (Women in their 20s)

The sandy beach, which lasts about 1 km in 8th place, is impressive white "Kozamami Beach". Coral reefs spread near the shore

Old Zamami Beach on Zamami Island

The old Zamami beach on Zamami Island where many corals live. The attraction is, of course, high transparency. You can see colorful tropical fish, and you can swim together if you diving or snorkeling. In addition, the sea area around the old Zamami Beach is a spawning ground for sea turtles, so if the timing is right, you can enjoy the Kerama Blue sea with the sea turtle.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower (paid), toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●I swam with sea turtles! I was quite excited about the rare experience! (Women in their 20s)
●This is the first time I saw a coral reef so close. It was very pretty. (Men in their 30s)

Since it is the ninth cove, the waves are calm. I want you to see the deep blue sea and sky on the floating ring.

Tokashiki Beach in Tokashiki

Tokashiki Island is the largest island in the Kerama Islands. Above all, Tokashiku Beach has a pure white sandy beach spread like a crescent moon, giving you a sense of private life. Because it is adjacent to the forest park, it is also important to be able to rest in the shadows of the trees without having to set up a parasol. Also, wild sea turtles inhabit, so you may enjoy a rare experience of watching sea turtles at your eyes and nose.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●Because it was a shallow beach, it was safe to be with the children. (Women in their 30s)
●I succeeded in taking a commemorative photo with sea turtles! I can't feel! (Women in their 20s)

10th "Hate no Hama" is an island with only sandy beach floating off the coast of Kumejima. There is no luxury here.

Hate beach on Kume Island

A paradise beach that goes from Kumejima by boat. The sight surrounded by the emerald green sea at 360 ° C is as if you were in a different space. You can enjoy a variety of ways to enjoy, such as watching tropical fish while floating on the surface of the water, or lying down on a sandy beach and watching the sky that spreads over the entire surface. Please spend your best time in the healing space floating offshore.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] April-October (depending on the ferry company) [Equipment]-

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●It's the beach, it was too great. I thought I didn't want to leave this place for a while. (Women in their 20s)
●I didn't know that there was such a beautiful remote island, even though I was local. I'm surprised. (Men in their 30s)

11th place The gradation of the sea looking down from the point where you climb the small sand mountain is a masterpiece! "Sandzan Beach"

Miyako Island _ Sunayama Beach

Sandy beach with gradation of sandy beach and sea gradation. Fine grain sandy beach is very smooth and comfortable to wrap your soles. It is crowded during the season, but it is relatively vacant around 9-10 o'clock in the morning. Why don't you monopolize the superb view of the Miyako Island sea?

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●Not only the sea, but also the moderately green surroundings, so I was able to enjoy nature very much. (Women in their 30s)
●We played sand on the shore with the children. It was very pleasant with a dry touch. (Women in their 30s)

12th. The fine white sandy beach and the emerald sea are impressive "Nishihama Beach". The color changes depending on the time of day

Hateruma Nishihama Beach

Hateruma blue, which boasts a sigh of beauty. Nishihama Beach is a place where you can fully enjoy its beauty. The color of the sea changes depending on the degree of sunlight, so you can enjoy a different blueness that day. At dusk, you can see the beautiful sunset over the horizon, and at night you can watch the full starry sky.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●The bright blue sea that endlessly continued to the horizon was very beautiful! (Women in their 20s)
●On my way home, I was looking at the sunset, tears came out of the beauty. (Women in their 30s)

13th Aharen Beach, a beach with excellent transparency suitable for snorkeling in shallow water

Tokashiki_Aharen Beach

Tokashiki The Aharen district is the largest restaurant in Tokashiki Shimauchi. Aharen Beach in the settlement is a spot where these three colors are brilliantly fused, white on the sandy beach, greenery of trees, and the blue of Kerama Blue that extends far away. Even if you do not go offshore, you can come in contact with colorful tropical fish at the shore. For those who want more beautiful scenery, we recommend observation deck on the beach. You can see Aharen Beach as a set with Zamami Island and Aka Island.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●There were cute tropical fish in the shallows, so I was able to fully enjoy the snorkel as much as I wanted. (Men in his twenties)
●I can't forget the excitement of first blue called Kerama Blue in front of you! (Men in his twenties)

14th place Uppama Beach, a secret beach in Nakijin Village, where natural conditions remain. The white sandy beach lasts more than 1 km

Nakijin Village_Uppama Beach

Uppama Beach has a beautiful gradation of the sea. "Uppama" is an Okinawa dialect that means "big beach", and as the meaning implies, a white and comfortable sandy beach has continued for a long time. Because it is shallow, families with small children can enjoy swimming with confidence. In addition, it is possible to enjoy marine sports such as jet skiing.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower (use of Bell Paraiso Hotel, paid), toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●The time spent on the big beach with the children was very special. (Women in their 30s)
●Snorkeling is determined to be Uppama Beach. Thank you for always the wonderful scenery! (Women in their 20s)

15th A natural beach "Mibaru Beach" where you can feel the simple scenery of Okinawa. A white sandy beach with a total length of 1km

Nanjo City_Niihara Beach

The local beach in the southern part of Okinawa Island is coco. A relaxing time flows on Niihara Beach, a hideaway. There are not so many tourists who enjoy swimming, so it is a perfect spot for those who want to enjoy the sea of Okinawa quietly. If you visit early in the morning, you can see the beautiful morning sun coming out of the blue shining sea. From the natural beach, you can enjoy a fantastic world where colorful tropical fish live on a glass boat. Blessed with terrain, it is also characterized by a higher departure rate than in other areas.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year-round, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet

Recommended points

★Reason for choosing★
●Since I am a citizen of Nanjo, Niihara Beach has an attachment to Niihara Beach. I really like the quiet atmosphere. (Men in his twenties)
●I like the large rocks on the beach are artistic. (Men in their 30s)

Sixteenth, the city is close to Naha. "Tropical Beach" where there are many locals and enjoy beach parties on weekends

Ginowan City _ Tropical Beach

Tropical beach adjacent to Ginowan Seaside Park. It is about 30 minutes by car from Naha, which is easy to access, so it is crowded with many locals during the season. Such tropical beaches are very convenient because they are equipped with shops, changing rooms, coin lockers, barbecue facilities, etc., making it extremely convenient. This is a city-style beach where you can enjoy with peace of mind.

■Artificial beach [swimming period / time] April-October, 9: 00-18: 00 [Equipment] Shower (paid), toilet

17th Okma Beach is a natural beach surrounded by the nature of Yanbaru. The white sandy beach lasts.

Kunigami Village _Okuma Beach

Okma Beach is recommended for those who want to value the resort feeling. Sandy beaches and jewels-like blue sea, which extends for 1 km are natural. Because it is a beach located in Okma Prive Beach & Resort, it has a perfect management system. You can enjoy such a luxurious time in the daytime and watch the sunset over the horizon at night.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] whole year, 9: 00-18: 00 [Equipment] Shower, toilet

18th. Beach for local customers! Azama Sunsun Beach, which is highly transparent and recommended for children.

Nanjo City_Azama Sunsun Beach

Azama Sunsun Beach is an artificial beach but fascinating with high transparency. A jellyfish prevention net is set up in the swimming area, and guards and life savers are always stationed, so families with small children can enjoy swimming with peace of mind. There are plenty of activities such as banana boats and big marbles, so it is perfect for those who say "sea bathing alone is not satisfactory."

■Artificial beach [swimming period / time] Open-November, 10:00-18:00 (-19:00 in July and August), [Equipment] Shower, toilet, stand

19th place "Kise Beach" is a shallow, gentle long beach. You can swim regardless of the tide.

Nago City_Kise Beach

Kise Beach, which has a long coastline, is a resort beach attached to a hotel. Because it is one of the few natural beaches around the West Coast Resort Hotel, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy the nature of Okinawa. One of the charms of Kise Beach is also one of the attractions of Kise Beach. The sound of the waves that resonate quietly and the pleasant breeze should surely forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] April-October, 9: 00-17: 00 [Equipment] Shower, toilet

20th place Onna Seaside Park Navi Beach, a citizen beach located in the resort area. You can enjoy BBQ with plenty of marine menus.

Onna Village_Onna Seaside Park Nabi Beach

Navi Beach, Onna Seaside Park, full of wide variety of fun. In addition to marine leisure, you can enjoy a mermaid plan that can become mermaid wearing a mermaid suit. You can also enjoy a barbecue while watching the blue sea. This beach is recommended for those who want to enjoy the sea with family and friends.

■Artificial beach [swimming period / time] April-October, 9: 00-17: 00 [Equipment] Shower, toilet

21st A beach with a very beautiful view of Kawahira Ishizaki and a white sandy beach is very beautiful. Because it is shallow, we recommend high tide.

Ishigaki-jima Island beach

The bottom beach is a natural beach with mountains in Ishigaki-jima Island. Trees grow along the beach, so you can spend most of the time shading and cool. In addition, even those who are not good at swimming can enjoy the sea because the water level is shallow. Seawater temperature is higher than other beaches, so you can enjoy swimming slowly even in the cool season.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] From mid-March to November, admission is free [equipment] Shower, toilet

The beach where you can enjoy a sense of private, is even more romantic in the evening. Mission Beach

Onna-son Mission Beach

Mission beach with vivid turf, white sandy beaches, white walls, and mission beaches with an American atmosphere like a movie scene. It is a relatively small beach with a total length of 300m, but it has a taste like a secret base. In the evening, you can watch the romantic sight of the sunset over the sea.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] Late April to mid-October, 9: 00-18: 00 [Equipment] Shower, toilet

23rd place calm waves are suitable for families! "Zanba Beach" surrounded by one of the largest coral reefs in Motojima

Yomitan Village Zanba Beach

Zanba Beach, which extends to the west side of the famous tourist spot, Zanba. It won't be too crowded on average, so it's perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing bath. There is a multipurpose open space on the beach side, where you can interact with animals such as turtles and goats. This beach is also recommended for families, as well as marine sports.

■Artificial beach [swimming period / time] April-October, 9: 00-18: 00 [Equipment] Shower, toilet, stand

24th place Moon Beach, a crescent-shaped natural beach surrounded by tropical trees. Enriched marine activities

Onna-son Moon Beach

Private beach at Hotel Moon Beach. It is characterized by a crescent-type, and the sandy beach that spreads all over and the sparkling blue sea create a tropical look. The charm of Moon Beach is a rich marine activity. You can enjoy a variety of types that are not common on other beaches, such as wakeboards, dragon boats, and U tubes. Recommended for those who want to play in the ocean of Okinawa.

■Natural beach [swimming period / time] year, 8: 00-18: 30 [Equipment] Shower, toilet

25th place Bibi Beach Itoman is a popular beach with locals whose waves are quiet. Best for summer leisure

Bibi Beach Itoman

About 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport, it is an attractive beach with substantial facilities. Because it is very close to sightseeing spots such as roadside rest area Itoman and Peace Memorial Park, you can easily drop in. In addition, local people often use it, so you can witness how to spend Okinawa's unique sea, such as entering the sea with clothes and enjoying a barbecue. Please enjoy the beach in a way that is unique to local people.

■Artificial beach [swimming period / time] April-October, 9: 00-18: 00 (July and August 19) [Equipment] Shower, toilet, stand

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