It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from July to mid-October

It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from July to mid-October
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Don't underestimate Okinawa's climate! The point of choosing clothes

Okinawa is said to have a long summer season. The summer heat continues until September and early October, as well as in July and August, at the height of summer. Therefore, if you are traveling to Okinawa at this time, you have to pay attention to your clothes.

In July and August, Okinawa was scorching sun. It is inevitable to sweat, so it is best to choose clothes that are breathable and sweat-absorbing. Okinawa has a good wind, so if you wear a breathable short-sleeved shirt, you won't feel so hot.
Then, prepare a few replacement shirts so that you can change your clothes immediately when you sweat. If you want to avoid bulky luggage, we recommend a tank top or a thin shirt. Don't forget to stole a towel or handkerchief in one bag so that you can wipe your sweat quickly!

In September and early October, as in July and August, we recommend air-ventilated clothes such as short-sleeved shirts. Some people may come to Okinawa with long sleeves according to the climate of the area where they live, but don't despise the climate of Okinawa! In the case of Okinawa, the heat continues until early October, the heat continues so that you can enjoy swimming comfortably.
However, you may feel a bit chilly at dawn or at night. Prepare long-sleeved shirts and haori items in advance so that you do not cool down and get sick during your trip.

For clothes when going to the sea, refer to Uchinanchu.

The ocean of Okinawa is characterized by clear blue. Isn't many people looking forward to swimming here and trying marine sports? Nevertheless, the sunshine in Okinawa in July and August is strong, and when you play in the sea, it is conceivable that you will continue to bath for a long time. When I came back from the trip, my whole body was bright red.……If you go to the sea at this time, it is important to choose clothes that can prevent sunburn.

It's tropical and nice to relax with a beach chair in your favorite swimsuit, but not only sunscreen but also those who don't want to burn too much, please refer to the clothes of the local people Uchinanchu.

When you go to the sea during the day, Uchinanchu wears "long sleeves" and "shorts below" to prevent sunburn. Under short pants, wear spats around the ankle to prevent your skin from exposing. As a result, it is possible to thoroughly guard the strong sunshine of Okinawa.
Of course, there are tank tops and short pants. If your skin is exposed and exposed to the sun properly, it will quickly turn red and red.

In addition to this dress, some people shut out the sunshine on their faces with wide brim hats and sunglasses. Uchinanchu knows the horror of the sunshine in Okinawa, so he is busy with sunburn. It's an aside.
The sea and beaches are not intended for swimming in Uchinanchu, but are places where you go for beach parties (barbecue on the beach). So most of them come together from the evening when the sun is falling than during the day.

A woman's natural enemy! Sunburn measures that are indispensable for traveling to Okinawa

Okinawa is so strong that it is said that suntan measures are essential throughout the year, especially in summer, it is just under the sun for about a few minutes, and it quickly gets sunburns. Don't you think "I'm okay because I don't play in the sea"? !
Let's bring "Sunscreen" as a sunscreen item when you travel to Okinawa.

There are various types of sunscreens. Among them, "SPF50, PA++ + (or ++)" are the best suited for traveling to Okinawa. It can be said that it is perfect for spending a long time with strong ultraviolet rays, such as swimming and marine sports.
However, this type of sunscreen can be too stimulated to the skin of children whose skin is thin and sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended for children to wear long-sleeved rush guard or wear a hat with hind neck.

If you get sunburn, how about esthetics as a physical care?
It is also good to take care of shopping at an aesthetic store around Kokusai Dori. It is also good to relieve the fatigue of sightseeing in the beauty treatment and spas of the hotel where you are staying. It is available to care for sunburned body in your favorite style.

Enjoy your trip to Okinawa as much as you want, wearing clothes that match the climate!

How was it? The climate of Okinawa is very different from the mainland. Therefore, when traveling, it is important to take into account the above and choose your clothes. It is also important to prepare not only clothes but also sunscreening items such as sunscreen.
In order to engrave your trip to Okinawa on your precious "one page of memories", please choose clothes and items that match the climate of Okinawa at that time and enjoy Okinawa to your heart's content!

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