Okinawa - four recommended events in December

Okinawa - four recommended events in December
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In December, winter has begun in earnest, and some areas are snowing. snow scene is also very beautiful, but some people say, "I'm tired of snow" or "I want to enjoy it without worrying about snow." Why don't you take a plunge at this time when the tour fee is low?
In Okinawa in December, it can be felt warm depending on the day, so it is actually perfect for travel. Check out popular events and enjoy your December trip to Okinawa in December!

※For the latest information, please check the official website of each event.

Cheering alone is fun! The NAHA Marathon like a festival

NAHA Marathon, an event recommended for sports enthusiasts! This event starts at Ounoyama Park and runs around Naha City, Haebaru Town, Yaese Town, Itoman City, and Tomigusuku City, centering on Peace Memorial Park. It is now a sporting event that represents not only Okinawa but also in Japan, and many runners from outside the prefecture and overseas will gather.

Of course, the event itself has a variety of pleasures. Until now, artists and popular actors from Okinawa Prefecture have been used as starters, and in the past, athletes who have participated in the Olympics as guest runners. There are also songs, performances and dances by children's Eisa folk dance and band artists around the course.

In addition, in the support provided along the roadside, you can see that Okinawa's food is being served. The appearance of cheering people to runners with cold water, sports drinks, rice balls that can be eaten with one hand, etc. is a sight that you often see at any marathon event. However, at the NAHA Marathon, various things are actually distributed, such as somen, Okinawa soba, and beef bowls in small cups. Some of them hand over Jushionigiri made at home. On the day of the event, please pay attention to the contents of the insert distributed along the road.

With a variety of fun, the goal is close to the goal. There are things that come to their chests, even though others are others, they come to their chests. Why don't you enjoy such excitement that tourists and locals can be united regardless of?

※The above-mentioned support scenery along the road will be an article before 2019.

Recommended points

[Event Name] The 37th NAHA Marathon
[Date and time] Sunday, December 3, 2023 9: 00 ~
[Place] Start: Ounoyama Park, Goal: Ouyama Athletics Stadium
※Five municipalities in the southern part of Naha City, Haebaru-cho, Yaese-cho, Itoman-shi and Tomigusuku-shi centered on Peace Memorial Park
※There are traffic restrictions on the day of the course on the day.
[Contact] 098-862-9902 (NAHA Marathon Association Secretariat)

Okinawa Children's Country Christmas Fantasy 2023-2024

The annual New Year's holiday event, which celebrates its 27th anniversary, Okinawa Children's Country "Christmas Fantasy", will be held again this year! It is an event that is popular among citizens of the prefecture as the largest illumination events in the prefecture. Aurora appears in Okinawa, including illumination spots that shine SNS, such as the popular illumination spots "Niagara" and "Heartland"! Japan's largest "Super Aurora Attraction of Sound, Light and Fireworks" is a must-see, and fireworks are launched every day. At Snow Yuenchi, you can also enjoy snow experiences in Okinawa, such as snow sleds, kamakura, and snowfall shows. In addition, Eisa folk dance appeared in dance and dinosaurs in Santa zombies! Recommended for Christmas and New Year's holiday.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Christmas Fantasy 2023-2024
[Date and time] December 16, 2023 (Sat)-January 8, 2012 (Mon. holiday)
Time 16: 30-21: 30 ※Special holding time on December 31st, 18:00-25:00
[Venue] Okinawa Children's Country (Okinawa City)
[Entrance fee] "Advance ticket" Adult 2,100 yen, children (4 years old to junior high school students) 1,200 yen ※Sales until December 23.
"One-day ticket" Adult 2,400 yen for children (4 years old to junior high school students) 1,400 yen ※Free for children under 3 years old
[Parking lot] Yes, it's free
[Contact] 098-933-4190 (Okinawa Children's Country)

The charm of the event is also attractive! Yomitan Village Pottery Market

A recommended event where you can easily touch with Yachimmun, Yomitan Village Pottery Market. The workshops of Yomitan-mura ware kiln and Yomitan-mura ware north kiln gather at this place and sell boasting Yachimmun and Shisa at reasonable prices.

Even if you say it in a nutshell, the design is varied. How about a small plate or cup with a gentle polka dot pattern for your home use, and a dish with a taste that makes you want to drink alcohol? Of course, it's perfect as a souvenir for a trip to Okinawa.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Yomitan Village Pottery Market
[Date and time] Scheduled from mid-October to mid-December 2023
[Place] Yomitan Yachimmunnosato (Yomitan Yamakita Kiln Plaza)
[Entrance fee] Free

You can enjoy it with your family! Okinawa Pan Sweets Festa 2023 Winter

※Festa scenery that was held before. Photo: Shinnosuke Yasui

"Okinawa Pan Sweets Festa" is an event proposed by a bagel specialty store coco bagel, where specialty bakery and confectionery shops from Okinawa gather together. This event is held twice a year, and this time it will be held at Chura SUN Beach in Tomigusuku. Let's enjoy delicious food with your family and friends.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Okinawa Pan Sweets Festa 2023 Winter
[Date and time] December 9 (Sat)-10 (Sun) 2011 11: 00-16: 00
[Place] Tomigusuku-shi: Chura SUN Beach Minami Hamada Objective Plaza
[Contact] Okinawa Pan Sweets Festa Secretariat

Okinawa in December, where you can enjoy it comfortably. You can't enter the sea, but there are many events of different genres, as well as winter Okinawa has a unique way of enjoying winter. When traveling to Okinawa, be sure to participate in the above events!

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