Okinawa -4 recommended events in May

Okinawa -4 recommended events in May
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In May, Okinawa is entering the rainy season a little earlier, but there are many fun events that will blow away such a jizzy mood. Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce four recommended events in May for those who want to fully enjoy the trip to Okinawa.

A big event in Okinawa that can never be removed! The 50th Naha Harley

Photos provided: OCVB

Every year from May 3 to May 5, "Naha Harley" is held at Naha Port New Port Wharf in Naha City. Harley is one of Okinawa's traditional event. It is held to pray for "bountiful catch" and "sea safety."
In Naha Harley, 32 rowers work together to row a boat with a total length of 14.5 meters and a weight of 2.5 tons. From students to adults, the figure of rowing the oars together is a masterpiece! Supporting nature and support is also important. The program includes the main wishes (Ugan) Barrie and Hon Barrie, Harley rowing against schools, and Harley rowing with a wide variety of teams, including women-only teams, American teams, and airline teams. There is.
In addition, there will be programs such as music live, comedy live, and Eisa folk dance. In addition, a stall will be opened in the venue, so your stomach is perfect. There are also stalls such as the standard goldfish scooping and darts games at festivals, so you can enjoy the summer festival a little earlier.
And at night, fireworks are fired from the sea to the music. Why don't you get drunk by the beautiful production of sound and light?

Recommended points

[Event Name] The 50th Naha Harley
[Date and time] May 3 (Fri./holiday)-5 (Sun./holiday)
[Place] Naha Port New Port Wharf
[Entrance fee] Free
[Parking lot] Let's take public transportation.
[Contact] 098-862-1442 (Naha City Tourism Association)

In hope of healthy growth of children…… Oku-Jan Baru Koinobori Festival

Photo: At the time of past events

Every year from May 3 to May 5, the "Oku Jan Bar Koinobori Festival" is held at Oku-Janbar Village River Park in Kunigami Village, northern Okinawa Island.
At the Oku-Janbar Koinobori Festival, events such as children's Eisa folk dance, folk song and dance are held. It's a good idea to put a leisure sheet on the lawn and spend a relaxing time watching the entertainment.
And the stalls sell tea of agricultural and forestry products from Kunigami Village. Would you like a souvenir for your trip to Okinawa?

※There will be no event in 2024.

Recommended points

[Event Name]] Oku-Jan Baru Koinobori Festival
[Date and time] No event held in 2024
[Place] Oku-Janbar village

Let's touch nature at night! Bios Hill Night Tour

Photos provided: Vios hill

From mid-May to late June, a "Bios Hill Night Tour" will be held at Bios Hill, a popular tourist spot in Uruma City.
The attraction of this event is that you can enjoy the nature of Okinawa's night. The main program, night cruise, allows you to watch creatures living on the water surface and trees.
Among them, the firefly, we want to pay particular attention! Children should be excited and adults should be fascinated by the beautiful light of fireflies flying in the night sky.
When you get off the boat, you will take a walk around the park with your guide. There are many pleasures unique to night tours, such as watching fireflies while listening to the sound of the wind and the sound of insects, and setting up traps to observe insects. This is an event that we want your family to visit.
The Bios Hill, which is often seen in tourist information magazines. There are many ways to enjoy canoeing, flat boats, athletic, and oversized swings, and you can take a leisurely stroll in the park on a buffal car. It is a tourist spot loved by locals, and it may be a good idea to leave yourself to nature at night.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Bios Hill Night Tour
[Date and time] (Scheduled) mid-May to late June 2024 ※Held only on Saturdays and Sundays during the period.
[Reservation] Full reservation system

20th Children's Festival Adventure World "24

The Golden Week annual event "Children's Festival Adventure World" in Chatan Town in Okinawa Prefecture will be held at Kitatani Dome. Areas that can be enjoyed by the whole family, such as dinosaur battles, the popular 30m long "huge slider" and "fluffy of the world" will appear.

Recommended points

[Event Name] 20th Children's Festival Adventure World "24
[Date and time] April 27 (Sat)-May 6 (holiday / Monday) 2024
[Place] Kitatani Dome (Chatan Park Indoor Playground)
[Entrance fee] ※For more information, please visit our website.
[Contact] Children's Festival Executive Committee TEL: 098-936-0134

How was it? There are many events in Okinawa that can be enjoyed only in May. All of these are attractive and you will be satisfied with any event. If you are still deciding on a travel plan, please refer to the above.

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