Treasure House of Tasty! Calbee Plus Okinawa Kokusai Dori Store

Treasure House of Tasty! Calbee Plus Okinawa Kokusai Dori Store
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If you want to go to a place different from people or want to bring back a little different souvenir when traveling to Okinawa, check it out!
This time, we will introduce a spot full of charm, "Calby Plus Okinawa Kokusai Dori Store", which is full of charm, such as enjoying freshly fried hot snacks and purchasing Okinawa limited products. Then, let's check it out immediately.

Take a break on Kokusai Dori, a snack at 3 p.m.

Calbee, familiar with "Jariko" and "Kappa Ebisen", has antenna shops around the country. The name is "Calby Plus." As a spot where you can experience the “delicious” and “fun” of Calbee, you can enjoy not only local customers but also tourists who visit the land.
At the Calbee Plus Okinawa Kokusai Dori Store, which opened in 2012, there are many specialty products such as Calbee Plus limited products, all of which are attractive. There are also food menus such as freshly fried hot snacks, so it is perfect not only for purchasing souvenirs but also for snack time.

You can only taste it at the store! Fresh fried and other menus 

A food menu that is one of the great attractions of Calbee Plus Okinawa Kokusai Dori store. There is also a menu that is limited to Okinawa Kokusai Dori, and the product lineup is very rich.
Among the many menus, one of the most popular ones is "Pote Riko". This is a hot snack made from Calbee's typical snack called Jagariko. While "jagariko" has a "crunchy" texture, potato riko has a "crunchy, hoku" texture. This stuffy feeling is the charm of potato riko. Please make sure that the difference yourself.

In addition to the freshly fried menu, there are also "black sugar soft ice cream" limited to the Okinawa store and cold soft drinks, so it is perfect for a break when you are tired of walking on Kokusai Street.

Recommended as a souvenir! Limited products at Okinawa Kokusai Dori Store

Calbee Plus Okinawa Kokusai Dori is also a great spot to buy souvenirs for traveling to Okinawa. There are a variety of souvenirs, including sweets that please many people.
Among them, the most popular product is Okinawa-only product, "Umi-Pote Asamase Taste", which is limited to Okinawa. It is a product made by cutting domestic potatoes into a die-like shape and finished simply with the fragrant "Aosa" and the mellow "Hiragama Shioshima Maas". The package inspired by the sea of Okinawa is refreshing and perfect as a gift!

※The picture is an image of the lid. ※We don't sell Jagariko Cups at our shop.

In addition, there are Okinawa-only "Jagariko lid" with cute pop illustrations, as well as miscellaneous goods and stationery with the motif of Calbee familiar sweets, so please check it out.

If you visit Calbe Plus Okinawa Kokusai Dori store, you will surely be able to meet your favorite items! Please drop in when you travel to Okinawa, please.

Post: September, 2023

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