Okinawa souvenir best selection

Okinawa souvenir best selection
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If you buy Okinawa souvenirs, you want to choose "Okinawa-like things" or "things that will please give me".
Why don't you give me a gift to your company, friends and family together with a souvenir story as a reward for yourself in Okinawa? Popular shop staff will introduce recommended souvenirs from popular classic souvenirs to new products for each recipient!

Complimented sweets

[Red potato tart] Genso red potato tart (6 pieces) 918 yen / candy palace 

Red potato tart of sweets palace

Red potato tart which is now very popular. The secret of its popularity is characterized by the elegant sweetness using 100% of the prefecture's red potato and the crispness of tart. Bake it with an oven toaster makes it savory and tastes better.

[Manju]  699 yen with 6 buns full of red potatoes / Okinawa shop

A lot of red sweet potatoes from Okinawaya.

A simple and gentle taste of Okinawan red bean bean paste (an) wrapped in light skin. Limited products for Okinawa shop only

[awamori Choco]  Morire & Warm Stream awamori Choco Choco sake brewery

Kamimura Sake Brewery_ awamori Choco

truffle type chocolate containing two kinds of awamori. Adult-only taste with a slight awamori scent

Okinawa food

[Okinawa seasonings] Shioya Kokusai Doriten Series

Shioya's Snow Salt Series

Popular "Snow Salt Kake Series". By blending ingredients that are characteristic of "snow salt", you can give a wide range of dishes.

[Craft Beer] ITOMAN/S (Itoman's) / Nanto Sake Brewery (in Okinawa World)

Craft Beer ITOMAN/S (Itoman's) _ Nanto Sake Brewery

Craft beer specializing in pairing with regional cuisine using local fish. Using prefectural salt, fruits and spices, the flavor that makes you feel a southern country is popular.

[Jushi's element] Jushi's element 429 yen / Okinawa Brown Sugar Co., Ltd.

Okinawa brown sugar__Jouse

Seasoning for Okinawa-style cooked rice. Simply cook it with rice, you can complete the warm and gentle taste!

[Okinawa Retort] Meat tacos meat 864 yen / Uehara Meat Market Main Store

A long-established meat shop is a tacos meat with 100% brand pork Aguo and is particular about juicyness and eating. When you eat it, just warm it up!

[awamori] Hollowsake brewerysake brewery

This awamori, which is characterized by its fragrant aroma, is young sake, but it is mild and good aftertaste. Recommended for beginners in awamori

[Liquel] Island Nagomi 300ml (1 bottle) 880 yen / Okinawa World Cultural Kingdom, Gyokusendo

Liqueur made from Tamaki water, one of the top 100 famous waters and fruits and petals from Okinawa Prefecture. There are four kinds of hibiscus, mango and Shekwasa taste.

Nankoku miscellaneous goods & fashion

[Sandals] Customized Design Island Zouri (5-finger type) 3,520 yen ~ / Japanese island sleigh specialty store OKICHU

Cute Okinawa sandals in the shape of toes. Natural rubber nasal cords are gentle to your feet, so you can choose the table and nasal cord color on the spot.

[Aloha shirt] Shisa pine 10,230 Yen / Mango House

Everybody likes Okinawan will be a trico! Let's go out to the city of Okinawa with a popular Shisa pattern.♪

[Ryukyu Glass] Sakuraka rock glasses 2,750 yen / Ryukyu Glass Village

A new glass that expresses the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Soft image of petals overlapping

[Yachimun] Small plate / Café Gallery

Among the traditional Tsuboya ware patterns, the pattern that makes blue valuable is a product reminiscent of the refreshing Okinawa sea. A small plate that can be used in various ways is good for souvenirs!

[Next] Coral necklace 53,900 Yen / Natural accessories cocoloba

Jewelry coral necklace grown in the deep seas of Okinawa. The deep coral pink color and blue turquoise make this item attractive. It makes your neck gorgeously.

Keychain] Leather honukey holder 2,980 yen each / HANAHANAHANA Studio

Sea turtle-shaped key chain that is likely to bring good luck. Uses hand-dyed red mold for back part. I want to get together with a couple

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