From standard to secret places! Tourist spot 8 in Naha

From standard to secret places! Tourist spot 8 in Naha
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Naha City, the prefectural capital of Okinawa Prefecture. There are plenty of transportation such as Yui Rail and buses, so you can enjoy many sightseeing spots. Also, because it is close to the airport, you can enjoy each spot even on the last day of your trip without worrying about time. Then, what kind of sightseeing spots are there in Naha City?

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The attraction of Naha sightseeing is that each spot is in a short distance! I don't waste a short time on my way home.

Spot.01 Kokusai Dori

Naha sightseeing, beginner! First of all, try to get rid of it on Kokusai Dori
Okinawa's main street, Kokusai Dori, about 15 minutes by car from the airport. There are many Okinawan restaurants and souvenir shops along the street. On Sundays, the whole street becomes a pedestrian paradise, and you can fully enjoy Kokusai Dori. If the timing is right, you can also watch Eisa folk dance or street performance.

Spot.02 Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori

How about a leisurely sightseeing? A tour of yachimuya, Naha
Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori, where the cityscape with stone walls and red tiles are eye-catching. If you step in, you can feel as if you have slipped back to Okinawa a long time ago. "Yachimun" is "baked" in the Okinawa dialect. There are more than a dozen potters on the street and sell their own Yachimun. There are also potters where you can experience pottery.

Spot.03 National Okinawa Memorial Park Shurijo Park

Photos provided: Kokuei Okinawa Memorial Park Shuri Castle Park

Symbol of Kingdom of ryukyu! Maast spot for Naha
Shurijo Castle Park is an unusually known tourist spot in Okinawa. You can experience Okinawa's history and enjoy performing arts culture such as Ryukyu dance. Shurijo Castle Park also has one side called scenic spot, and you can enjoy superb views from "Azana" and "West Azana". At night, the walls are lit up, and you can enjoy a bit different beauty.

※In October 2019, Shuri Castle Main Shrine was burned down by fire. At present, the restoration site and process of the main hall, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026, are open to the public.

Spot.04 Cobblestones in Kanagicho

The good old days of the Kingdom of ryukyu era, which remains in the castle town of Shuri
Cobblestones of Kanagicho, which has a charming atmosphere of Okinawa. The cobblestones give you a unique taste. One of the highlights of this spot is Dai-Akagi in Shuri Kanagi-cho. This is a large tree that is estimated to be over 200 years old, and has mysterious air around it. In addition, we recommend shoes that are easy to walk when you visit.

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The real pleasure of sightseeing is to enjoy local gourmet! Enjoy Okinawan cuisine at a recommended gourmet spot in Naha city

Spot.05 Naha City Daiichi Makishi Public Market

Fresh Okinawan ingredients will be greeted! Famous market where local people also visit
Naha citizen's kitchen in Naha, a kitchen for Naha citizens. Okinawan ingredients such as meat and fish are lined up in the hall. The appeal of this market is that there are many friendly sellers. It's a good idea to go shopping while interacting with local people. You can enjoy Okinawan cuisine in the dining area on the second floor. If you bring the ingredients you purchased, you will also cook (cooking fee is required separately).

Spot.06 Kokusai Dori Yatai Village

Hospitality with excellent dishes! Gourmet spots with food stalls
If you enjoy drinking on Kokusai Dori, you can't remove the Kokusai Dori Yatai Village. The appeal of this is a number of stores that are rich in genre. You can enjoy a variety of dishes, including Okinawan cuisine, Japanese, Western, and Chinese. Of course, there are plenty of alcohol to serve as accompaniment. Enjoy the night of Okinawa with awamori or Orion beer in one hand.

Spot.07 Sakaemachi

Its charm is a town that shows a different look between day and night.
Sakaemachi is a deep spot where the Showa atmosphere still remains. In the daytime, daily necessities shops and clothing stores are lively, and at night, izakayas and bars turn on light. It is a spot where not only locals but also tourists can visit, so even those who have visited Okinawa for the first time can enjoy it casually. Why don't you take a look at the beautiful old life scene of Okinawa?

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You can't remove the beach for sightseeing in Okinawa! There was a beautiful blue sea in Naha city!

Spot.08 Wave Beach

Astroke before I go home! Beaches in Naha
Namigami Beach is the only beach in Naha city. Here, you can enjoy a barbecue in front of the sea, as well as bathing and marine activities. Both changing rooms and shower rooms are fully equipped, so even women can feel safe. It's about 10 minutes by car from the airport, so you can drop in before you go home.

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