Experience the subtropical nature! Trekking in Okinawa is a bit different.

Experience the subtropical nature! Trekking in Okinawa is a bit different.
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When you hear about the nature of Okinawa, many people think of the sea, you may think of the sea. However, green forests, mountains and rivers are also one of the beautiful natures that Okinawa boasts.
Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce the charm of the "Okinawa Trekking Tour" where you can fully enjoy the mountains, forests and rivers of Okinawa. If you want to enjoy trekking in the unique scenery of Okinawa, or if you are an outdoor group who wants to enjoy active Okinawa sightseeing, please refer to it.

Walk through the great nature of Okinawa! ONE OCEAN's Yanbaru Trekking

The area called Yanbaru in northern Okinawa Island is an area rich in nature, with untouched forests. Because of its magnificence and unique ecosystem, it is also called "Oriental Galapagos".

If you want to fully enjoy the nature of Yanbaru, we recommend a trekking activity held by "ONE OCEAN"! There are plenty of activities where you can experience the powerful nature of Okinawa, such as kayaking tours to explore the waters of mangrove, snorkeling and diving in blue caves.

Among them, the most popular tour is an adventure tour around the unexplored Tar Falls in the forest. Tar Falls is a waterfall located upstream of Hira-Minamikawa in Yanbaru and Ogimi Village. Follow the broccoli forest, exposed rocky areas, and the clear stream, where rich greenery is thick, you should be attracted to the sound of water flowing down.

In addition, you can select the course according to your physical strength and experience, so it is safe even if you have a child who is new to trekking. If you want to enjoy a trekking activity that is different from the nature of the mainland, the ONE OCEAN tour is perfect.

Hichi Otaki Falls, which also blows away the fatigue of walking on an overwhelming scale.

Hichi Otaki is a clear stream and forest spot where you can also feel the great nature of Yanbaru. It boasts a height of 25.7m and is the most abundant waterfall in Okinawa Island. There is promenade up to the waterfall, so children and the elderly can easily visit. After trekking, it is recommended to take a break at the Hiji Café at the foot.

On Iriomote Island Sunny Day, Iriomote Island Exploration

Okinawa Prefecture is home to many rare animals and plants that are not found on the mainland. Among them, Iriomote Island is a treasure trove of life with endemic species, represented by Iriomote Cat and a jungle with subtropical plants.
If you want to enjoy the nature of Iriomote Island, why not join a tour organized by Iriomote Island Sunny Day? Iriomote Island Sunny Day offers a variety of activities, such as trekking dynamic waterfall basins and exploring mangrove forests by canoeing.

Among them, the tour around Iriomote Island's leading power spots, Pinaissara Falls, is a popular course that both adults and children can enjoy! On the course, we will first aim for the waterfall with a kayak. After passing through the mangrove's thick river, follow the green jungle covering Iriomote Island to the Pinaisara Falls. There is no doubt that adults can stir up adventure in the jungle of subtropical plants.

On Sunny Day, Iriomote Island, a tour of mangrove Canoe & Yufujima Buffalo Car Tour, which includes mangrove canoeing experience and buffalo car sightseeing, is also popular. This is a greedy tour that combines a riverside experience with kayak and an experience of going around the island elegantly with a buffalo car, and if you want to experience an Okinawan sightseeing experience, take this tour.

Okinawa, which belongs to a subtropical climate, is home to many rare creatures and plants that are not found on the mainland. The trekking tour is a great sightseeing experience where you can meet those flora and fauna and touch the power of nature. Why don't you take part in a trekking tour where you can fully enjoy the nature of Okinawa on the next trip to Okinawa?

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