Which group is the sea or the forest? Six selections of fashionable cafes in southern Okinawa

Which group is the sea or the forest? Six selections of fashionable cafes in southern Okinawa
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I don't want to go on a girl trip is a café tour.
This time, we will introduce a cafe in the southern part of Okinawa Island, where there is good access from Naha Airport and facilities where you can experience power spots and traditional crafts are gathered. From the sea café where the panorama of the Pacific Ocean spreads out in front of you to the forest cafe where you spend surrounded by nature rich greenery! There are plenty of cafes that want to be uploaded to SNS. Recommended for the day you arrive in Okinawa or return home.

Cafe.01 “Café Kuruma”

"Cafe Kurukuma" is located on a hill in Nanjo City and is one of the superb view cafes in the south. An Asian herb restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. The terrace seat offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, so it is always busy. The original curry has a lot of volume and is very satisfied! Popular Tomyun can enjoy a taste that matches the freshness and richness, with several kinds of herbs cultivated in the attached herb garden and plenty of coconut milk.

Recommended points

Even if you can't sit on the terrace seat, you can see the blue sea of Okinawa in the garden near the shop. The swings in the garden are popular with children.

Cafe.02 Urban Natural Cafe "Cafe Yabusachi" to enjoy the azure sea under your eyes

"Cafe Yabuschi" has a shop in Nanjo City. Yabusatsu Gogoku, one of Okinawa's seven prisons in the immediate vicinity of the shop. This name is given because Yabutsu is called "Yabusachi" in the Okinawa dialect. Behind the large windows are beautiful seas and green forests. It is perfect for girls' trips because you can enjoy dishes based on casual French and Italian food.

Recommended points

A great location overlooking Hyakumei Beach, which boasts one of the best transparency in the prefecture. There are also sweets menus such as tarts with plenty of fruits and rich gauto chocolate.

Cafe.03 Full-fledged Nepalese cuisine "Karika" in front of the beach

A full-fledged Nepalese dish "Karika" located on the Niihara Beach in Nanjo City. A full-fledged curry that has been carefully stewed! There are plenty of kinds, so I want to taste it all. How about a time to spend luxuriously while listening to the sound of the waves on the terrace seat with a pure white tent and benches and tables on the sandy beach?

Recommended points

In addition to Chai and Lassy, there are plenty of alcohol such as wine and Nepalese beer. Look at the sea spreading in front of you, and toast luxuriously from noon! That would be nice to say.

Cafe.04 A little rich and adult time "Replace Cafe KAI"

A full-fledged resort cafe "KAI" is located on Chura SUN Beach, Tomigusuku City, a 10-minute drive from Naha Airport. You can enjoy light meals, authentic dishes, and desserts that are particular about local products and pesticide-free vegetables. Gorgeous chandelier inside the store makes you feel a little rich. The large wooden deck terrace is an attractive location as if you were visiting a beach overseas.

Recommended points

We recommend "daily lunch" for lunchtime. Set of main dish with salad, soup, drink bar and dessert. Let's spend a full time in front of the blue beach.

Cafe.05 "Yama no Chaya Rakusui" where you can forget your busy everyday life

"Yama no Chaya Rakusui" is surrounded by greenery and is surrounded by greenery. It is located on a small hill, and you can reach it by climbing the stone steps. From the open windows inside the store, the beautiful scenery of the sky, mountains and the sea. You can enjoy natural food slowly while being healed by the magnificence of nature. Okinawan accessories and paintings are displayed in the store, giving peace of mind.

Recommended points

We focus on Okinawa's regional cuisine and natural food. Popular menu "Sachibaru Set Meal", which does not use any meat, is recommended. This is a hideaway cafe where you can forget the busyness of the city and enjoy nature.

Cafe.06 I am excited about the openness of the air terrace! 「Cafe Lodge」

Cafe Lodge (former CAFE style tree) is located just from Kakihana Okegawa in Nanjo City. The center of the log house has a stairwell in the center, so you can feel a refreshing breeze. The shop has a room and a table seat where the group can relax slowly, and the terrace seat offers a view of Kudaka Island, Kokama Island and Aeg Island.

Recommended points

Lunch menus are available for limited meals, so it is recommended to go early! In addition, my stomach and heart are very satisfied with meals and handmade cakes that use plenty of fresh vegetables.

(Updated August 2023)

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