Travel to Okinawa Bus! You can enjoy nature, culture and gourmet food! -South Okinawan edition~

Travel to Okinawa Bus! You can enjoy nature, culture and gourmet food! -South Okinawan edition~
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The southern part of Okinawa Island where Naha Airport is located, the gateway to Okinawa. Passing through the downtown area of buildings, there are plenty of sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the charm of Okinawa, from healing spots where you can experience the rich nature to popular areas where gourmet and shopping. If it is a bus or shared bus, it may be an unforgettable memory of a trip.…?

This time, we will go around the recommended spots in the south from Naha, "Enjoy a lot! "Recommended standard spot course" and relaxing around the resort Umikaji Terrace, which is a 15-minute drive from Naha Airport! "Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace Course" will be introduced!

【8:25】 ①Departure~ enjoy plenty of time! Recommended standard spot course~

The starting point of the trip to the southern part is the Naha Bus Terminal, the largest in Okinawa. Take the bus No. 38, Shikiya Line, which is registered in World Heritage.

Recommended points

★Bus ride guide★

[Vehicle name] No. 38 Shikiya Line
[Bus Stop Guide] 8:25 "Naha Bus Terminal Stop 7"-9:18 "Saiba Utaki Entrance (for Shikiya)"
[Budget] 850 yen
[Transfer time] About 57 minutes

【9:30】 ②Seiba Mitake (stay is about 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Permission: Nanjo-shi Board of Education

It takes about an hour to be shaken by bus. We arrive at "Saiba Utaki" in Nanjo City, where the lush scenery spreads out. The place where Okinawa was once called Kingdom of ryukyu and was registered in the World Cultural Heritage in 2000. Why don't you feel the deep Okinawa culture while taking the energy of nature falling from the huge rocks?

【11:15】 ③Cape Chinen (30 minutes stay)

At Cape Chinen, you can see the beautiful horizon of the Pacific Ocean, and is loved as a place to relax for driving and travel. It is a spot where you can slowly look at the sea, sit down, and relax while enjoying the contrast between blue and green.

【12:00】 ④Lunch time "Cafe Yabuschi" (stay is about 1 hour)

If you are healed abundantly, take a reservation-based shared bus "Odekake Nanji". "Cafe Yabuschi" is a sophisticated cafe where you can enjoy a lunch filled with superb view of the Pacific Ocean and the delicious food of Nanjo City. It is a privilege of bus trip to enjoy the alcohol menu!

Recommended points

★Bus ride guide★

[Vehicle name] Demand bus in Nanjo City
[Bus Stop Guide] Reservation: 098-988-1112 (Please make a reservation 1 hour before travel with plenty of time)
[Budget] 500 yen
[Transfer time] About 9 minutes~

Recommended points

★Moving guide★

※"Outing Nanji", which operates 12 times a day every hour, is a reservation-based shared bus that can be moved anywhere in Nanjo City for 500 yen. Travel time varies depending on the flight, as the transfer will be made via another person's reservation destination. Also, you may not be able to get on the bus due to full capacity, so please make a reservation in advance and use it with plenty of time.

【13:20】 ⑤Gyokusendo, Okinawa World (stay is about 3 hours and 50 minutes)

Okinawa World, a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy the whole history, culture and nature of Okinawa, where you can enjoy the whole history, culture and nature of Okinawa. The scenery of the castle town is like a time slip back to Kingdom of ryukyu.

The biggest feature is "Godsendo Cave". Please experience the artistic sculptures of nature that was created over 300,000 years at Japan's largest limestone cave, which is also designated as a natural monument. In addition, "Super Eisa folk dance", which is held three times a day, is accompanied by powerful drums, brave dances, and lion dances. You can enjoy a powerful special program.

Recommended points

★Bus ride guide★

[Vehicle name] No. 83 Gyokusendo Line [via Kochinda]
[Bus Stop Guide] 17:10 "Tamasen-dong Parking Lot"-18:17 "Naha Bus Terminal Oriba D"
[Budget] 580 yen
[Transfer time] About 67 minutes

【18:30】 ⑥Naha Bus Terminal (Naha OPA)

Thank you very much! At the end point, we arrive at the bus terminal.
If you allow time, it is a good idea to enjoy "Naha OPA", which has multiple commercial facilities. Why don't you take a break in the aftermath of your trip at restaurants and cafes while watching fashionable Okinawan items?

【11:25】 ①Departure~ Have fun! Senaga Island sea turtle terrace course~

You can travel to Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace by land using the Tokyo Bus Umi Kaji Liner (shuttle bus). The bus waiting area is the "Kokusai Dori Entrance" bus stop. If it is full, you will have to use the next flight, so let's start with plenty of time!

Recommended points

★Bus ride guide★

[Vehicle name] Tokyo bus sea urchin
[Bus Stop Guide] 11:25 "Kokusai Dori Entrance"-11:56 "Senagajima Hotel (Umikaji Terrace)"
[Budget] 360 yen
[Transfer time] About 31 minutes

【11:56】 ②Senaga Island Sea Cater Terrace (in front of Senaga Island Hotel)

The destination by bus is Senaga Island, Tomigusuku. Even if it is an island, it is connected by land, so you can easily move without changing trains! The beautiful cityscape, like the Mediterranean resort, is the best view spot where you can see airplanes takeoff and landings at Naha Airport and beautiful sunsets.

【13:00】 ③Lunch time "Taco Rice Cafe Kijimuna Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace Store"

Among the more than 30 restaurants, the most recommended is Kijimunaa, a specialty store for Okinawa's soul food taco rice. The decisive factor of taco rice is a refreshing salsa sauce based on plenty of vegetables and tomato-based fresh salsa sauce. You can choose from 4 types of specialty ometa review, which is a specialty of ometa review, and you can customize toppings to your preference. It's fun and delicious and satisfying!

【14:30】 ④Ryukyu hot spring Ryujin no Yu

After a meal, take a walk while feeling the pleasant sea breeze. Once you have settled down, enjoy the natural hot spring of Senaga Island until a bus returns to Naha city. "Ryukyu Onsen Ryujin no Yu" has an open-air bath with an ocean view, as well as sauna, cold water bath, body care and Akasuri menu. There are towels and amenities, so it's okay to leave your hands alone!

Recommended points

★Bus ride guide★

[Vehicle name] Tokyo bus sea urchin
[Bus Stop Guide] 17:00 "Senagajima Hotel (Umikaji Terrace)"-17:28 "Kokusai Dori Entrance"
[Budget] 360 yen
[Transfer time] About 28 minutes

【17:28】 ⑤Palette

After being healed by the hot spring, shaken by bus and go to "Kokusai Dori" again. After getting off, why not visit the only department store in Okinawa, "Department Ryubo", which is adjacent to the bus stop? The “Rakuen Department Store” on the 2nd floor collects “good things” from inside and outside the prefecture and around the world and sells a variety of products. The bus stop is at the intersection of Kokusai Dori entrance in front of you, so it is recommended to go out to walk around the city to find a dinner spot.

How was a bus trip in the southern part of Okinawa Island where the charm of Okinawa was packed? "Route bus" where you can enjoy the scenery of moving from the city to the suburbs, a "sharing bus" that is close to the locals, and if you want to make it more advantageous, you can ride a local bus for 3 days "Route bus tour pass" too! Combining various buses, please enjoy a more comfortable and memorable Okinawa bus trip.

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