A spot 8 I want to go to sightseeing in Okinawa~~

A spot 8 I want to go to sightseeing in Okinawa~~
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"Okinawa Traveler" carefully selected recommended sightseeing spots. From the classic system visited by many Okinawa tourists to the rapidly increasing popularity, spots with reduced acupoints should be able to fully enjoy Okinawa. Also, be sure to stop by recommended spots and shops around each sightseeing spot.

National Okinawa Memorial Park (Ocean Expo Park) Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium | Motobu-cho

The world's largest aquarium that displays about 710 species of sea creatures in 75 large and small aquariums, and reproduces the sea of Okinawa as it is. The huge aquarium where a wide variety of fish, including whale shark and Nanyomanta, the largest fish, is an overwhelming scale, as if you dive into the cobalt blue world. Not only once, but also many times you visit. The creatures that can only be seen here are also on display.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. The breeding of whale shark by a huge aquarium is the highlight of Japan's leading aquarium in Motobu.Photos provided: Okinawa Memorial Park (Ocean Expo Park): Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Recommended points

You may be able to see the scene where the whale shark stands and swam!

There are plenty of out-of-park facilities other than the aquarium, and there are many rest spots and facilities where you can visit popular seas for free.

■Operating hours: Regular period: 8:30-18:30 (entrance deadline 17:30) / Please check the website for the extension period.
※Please refer to the official website for the regular and busy seasons.

■Access :
(By car) About 2 hours from Naha Airport
(In the case of a bus) You can enjoy a comfortable bus trip at the Okinawa Airport Shuttle for about 2 to 3 hours and a half!

■Admission fee: Adults 2,180 yen / high school students 1,440 yen / elementary school students 710 yen

■Estimated tour time: It takes about one hour to visit the main spots early, but if you want to enjoy each aquarium carefully, plan 2 hours.
If you look around facilities outside the aquarium, you want to go out with plenty of time.

Spot recommended by Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Center

National Okinawa Memorial Park (Ocean Expo Park), dolphin lagoon

Northern | Motobu-cho
You can watch the dolphin show for free. I hope you'll visit after the aquarium.

A row of Fukugi in Bise. A popular spot with cafes and restaurants scattered around the house as a wind forest near Motobu-cho's national Okinawa Memorial Park in Motobu-cho, and is dotted with cafes and restaurants.

Bise trees in Bise

Northern | Motobu-cho
Fukugi, which has been used as a windbreak forest since ancient times, surrounds the village, and you can enjoy the traditional countryside scenery of Okinawa.
It has a nostalgic atmosphere of about 1.5 kilometers. If you walk along the Fukugi Namiki Road, you will surely be able to enjoy Okinawa time!

National Okinawa Memorial Park Shurijo Park | Naha-shi Shuri

Shuri Castle, the center of Kingdom of ryukyu, which lasted for about 450 years, is a place where Kingdom of ryukyu's politics, diplomacy and culture flourished. The main hall is a two-story and three-story building in Kingdom of ryukyu.

※In October 2019, Shuri Castle Main Shrine was burned down by fire. At present, the restoration site and process of the main hall, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026, are open to the public.

Shuri Castle. A castle from the Ryukyu dynasty, a symbol of Okinawa. Although it was destroyed by fire, it aims to complete it in 2026. At present, you can observe the restoration site.
Shuri Castle. A castle from the Ryukyu dynasty, a symbol of Okinawa. Although it was destroyed by fire, it aims to complete it in 2026. At present, you can observe the restoration site.
Photos provided: Kokuei Okinawa Memorial Park Shuri Castle Park

Recommended points

It is wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere, such as the illuminated Shuri Castle wall after sunset!

Recommended spots around Shuri Castle

Cobblestones of Kanagicho. A 300m historical walking path near Shuri Castle, which is miraculously escaped the war.

Cobblestones of Kanagicho

Naha | Naha-shi Shuri
The historical walking path of about 300m miraculously escaped the war. Even today, it still retains the impression of those days. On the way, "Kanagicho's Great Akagi" is also famous as a power spot.


Free tour, no parking lot
A 20-minute walk from Yureru Shuri Station
※Cobblestones made of Ryukyu limestone are slippery, so be careful if it rains!
Shuri Ryuzen. You can visit the workshop of the colorful traditional craft "Red mold" near Shuri Castle, experience coral dyeing, and purchase

Shuri Ryusen

Naha | Naha-shi Shuri
You can visit, experience, and purchase the colorful traditional craft "Red Type". "Coral Dyeing", which can be used everyday, has a beautiful gradation. Experience is also possible. You can choose your favorite material from all four types (backs, T-shirts, etc.).


Coral dyeing experience is held 5 times a day (9: 30 / 11: 00 / 12:30 / 14:00 / 15:30)
It takes about 50 minutes at a time.
Reservation required (if available on the day if available)
Address: 1-54, Shuriyamagawacho, Naha-shi
Operating hours: 9am to 6pm
Parking: 5 units

Kokusai Dori | Naha-shi

Naha's main street. The entrance of Naha, which condenses various Okinawan charms while retaining its history and culture. On both sides of the approximately 1.6km road, Okinawan confectionery, awamori and T-shirts. It takes about 30 minutes on foot from end to end. Kenchomae Station on the west side of Kokusai Dori and Makishi Station on the east side are convenient for starting a walk. If you are a car, let's use the paid parking lot. There are many one-way traffic, so basically it is recommended to walk around.

Kokusai Dori. Naha's main street. On both sides of the approximately 1.6km road, Okinawan confectionery, awamori and T-shirts.

Recommended points

Many shops are open late at night, so you can enjoy shopping slowly even after dinner! There are also local manholes in Naha, and four locations are set up in the Tsuboya area! If you find it during a walk, please take a picture!

Recommended spots around Kokusai Dori

Daiichi Makishi Public Market. It's in Naha city. Small shops are lined up, and colorful fish, Shimano greens, pork lumps, etc. are lined up in a narrow space.

Dai-1 Makishikosetsu-ichiba

Naha | Naha-shi
Small shops are lined up, and colorful fish, Shimano greens, pork lumps, etc. are lined up in a narrow space. It's fun to talk with people in the shop.


Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori. Tsuboya is located in Naha, which has been around for 300 years since the Ryukyu dynasty.

Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori

Naha | Naha-shi
Tsuboya has been around for 300 years since the Ryukyu Dynasty as a town of pottery. Let's look for the yachimu (baked) on the elegant cobblestone street.


Toshima, Furuu | Nakijin-son

A sea bridge with a total length of about 2 km connecting Yaga Jinoshima and Kotoshima. The view of the sea, which reflects various gradations by reflecting light, is truly a superb view. There are observation spaces and sidewalks where you can walk across.

Toshima, Furuu. The view from the sea bridge, which is about 2 km long, connecting Yaga Jinoshima and Kotori Island in Nakijin Village is superb.

Recommended points

Kouri Island is also famous as "Koi no Shima", which has the legend of Adam and Eve. Power spots are also scattered!

Recommended spots around Furuuri Island

Kouari Ocean Tower. This is a tourist facility located in Kotori Island, and you can overlook the nature of Yanbaru from the observation tower 82m above sea level. There are cafes and shops as well.

Kouri Ocean Tower

Northern | Nakijin-son
This is a new sight of Kotori Island. From the observation tower, 82 meters above sea level, you can see the nature of Yanbaru.


Kori beach. Located under the Ohashi Bridge on Kotori Island, it is highly transparent and shallow and relaxing.

Kori Beach

Northern | Nakijin-son
Located under Kouri-ohashi Bridge, it is highly transparent and shallow, and you can relax.


Mihama American Village | Chatan-cho

A popular spot where stylish shops, gourmet spots, amusement facilities, etc. gather on a vast site modeled on the west coast of the United States. There are many foreigners who can feel the wind of a foreign country.

Mihama American Village. Stylish shops and gourmet spots on a vast site modeled on the west coast of the United States in Chatan Town.

Recommended points

The atmosphere of the city changes depending on the day, dusk, night and time of day, so you can enjoy it no matter how many times you go. At last night, the lights up like Las Vegas.

Recommended spots around Mihama American Village

Depot Island. A cityscape like a theme park in Chatan-cho is full of locals and tourists, day and night.

Depo island

Chubu | Chatan-cho
You must also see Depot Island like a theme park! Every day and night, locals and tourists come from day to day.


Chatan Park Sunset Beach. Adjacent to American Village in Chatan Town, you can see beautiful sunsets.

Chatan Park Sunset Beach

Chubu | Chatan-cho
Adjacent to American Village. As the name suggests, it is popular as a date spot where you can see beautiful sunsets.


Theme Park | The entire Okinawa Island

The theme park has a whole pineapple. You can easily explore the large tropical garden with a cute pineapple. Enjoy the pine, learn about history, observe the wine production process, and so on.

[Nago Pineapple Park | Nago City]

Nago pineapple park. The whole pineapple theme park is in Nago.

Recommended points

After going down the pineapple, let's walk around the promenade in the park. You can feel the subtropical nature such as anas and locusts on your skin, and you will feel refreshed!

Other recommended theme parks

Bios. A botanical garden located in Uruma City (Chubu) where you can interact with nature in an oasis surrounded by subtropical plants.

Vios hill

Chubu | Onna-son
An oasis surrounded by subtropical plants, where you can interact with nature. The popularity of "Lake Water Appreciation Boat," which travels around lakes in the forest.


OKINAWA fruitland. The Tropical Kingdom Story, a facility-experienced picture book in Nago City that can be explored as the protagonist of the story, is very popular.

OKINAWA Fruits Land

Northern | Nago-shi
Colorful butterflies and birds, including tropical fruits. The facility experience-based picture book "Tropical Kingdom Story", which can be explored as the protagonist of the story, is very popular.


Manzamo | Onna-son

Scenic spot that poets once loved. The beautiful scenery of white waves and the emerald sea that hit the cliffs of the raised coral reef, and the natural turf that spreads all over the area still attracts many people.

The popular scenic spot is located in Manzamo Village.

Seiba Mitake | Nanjo-shi

It is said to be the highest sacred place in Okinawa and is said to be one of the country's first Mitakes created by Ryukyu's creator Ama Mikiyo. It was used as a place for the Shinto ritual of the Ryukyu dynasty. The place of worship made of two huge stalactites is very mysterious. It is also very popular as a power spot.

Seiba Mitake. It is considered to be the best sacred place in Okinawa in Nanjo City, and is also popular as a power spot.

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