Feeling like traveling to Okinawa at home! 13 Recommended online shops

Feeling like traveling to Okinawa at home! 13 Recommended online shops
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Why don't you get products that you can feel the southern country Okinawa at an online shop? Even when you can't travel casually, online shopping where you can easily select and purchase your favorite products at home, is a reassuring ally! This time, the Liccadcca Editorial Department will introduce recommended products from the three categories of "food", "miscellaneous goods" and "fashion & accessories"! "I want to feel like a southern country at home!" `I want to eat again!' It's a must-see for those who say "I forgot to buy it in my previous trip!"

"Red potato tart" that I want to eat again is now a cake!

① Good candy palace | Rad tart Okinawa Kirari (6 pieces) 1,296 yen
A red tart that has always been bought as a souvenir for people who have come to Okinawa. "Red potato tart" is a little extravagant of the red tart. Finished with two layers of red potato paste and custard cream, the light and smooth texture will further enhance the taste! If you haven't experienced it yet, why don't you take this opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity?

How about a healthy snack with brown sugar flavor during your home time?

② Ryukyu Front Okinawa Co., Ltd. | Chura bean brown sugar taste (10g x 15 bags) 972 yen (tax included)
There are many Okinawa brown sugar confectionery, but this "Chura bean", which is coated with brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture, is recommended for the texture and taste that will not stop when you start eating! In addition to the richness of brown sugar, it is characterized by a firm feeling of flavor of broad bean. Brown sugar contains minerals and vitamins, and is rich in nutrients, so it is popular with healthy-oriented people.

Simple and gentle taste! Okinawaya's original products

③ Okinawa shop | A lot of red potato buns (6 pieces) 699 yen (tax included)
Recommended tea confectionery "Red sweet potato full of buns", which is relieved when eaten during snack time when you are tired. The steamed buns wrapped with sweet potato bean paste is very good with sanpon tea that is drunk in Okinawa! It is one of the most popular product among Okinawa shops like Okinawan souvenir department stores.
It is a snack that you want to taste if you don't have any eyes on sweet things.

Superior! Local curry of Aguo produced in Okinawa

④ Okinawa Brown Sugar Co., Ltd. Okinawa Agu pork curry (medium spicy) 510 yen (tax included)
Agu pork that is typical of Okinawan brand meat. Not only is it soft and delicious, but also low cholesterol rolls and healthy pork, so Okinawan citizens love it! This time, I would like to introduce a local curry using the Agu pork. Curry made from the prefecture's Agu pork luxuriously is rich and mellow. The roux is not too spicy and has just a good taste. The meat is cut in large size, so it is enough to eat!
Retort powder has a long shelf life, so why not recreate the taste of Okinawa at home?

Let's have a drink with a lot of delicious plum wine and Okinawan snacks!

⑤ Masahiro Sake Brewery | Masahiro Plum Sake 12 degrees 600ml 1,430 yen (tax included)
I'm drinking at home which is increasing recently. This time, we will introduce "Masahiro Plum Sake", a brewery that carefully prepares domestic Kishu plums and awamori. The rich aroma of plums spreads over your mouth, and is less sweet and never get tired. If you have tidbits such as Goya Champloo and Raftate, you should be even more excited by the Okinawa izakaya. I'm glad that you don't use any additives such as fragrances or colorings.

"Yachimun (baked)", a tropical atmosphere in everyday life

⑥ Laboratorio696 rokukyuroku | "Corallo Corallo" 43pottery ball
The thick and thick shape "Yachimmun" (the pottery in the Okinawa dialect) is a favorite item that is used not only for tourists but also everyday in Okinawan households. The "corallo Corallo" ball of the Atelier 43 original brand "43Pottery" is characterized by white coral-like irregularities, 16cm x 5cm - easy to use.
Why don't you use it in your daily life while feeling the warmth of Okinawa potter.

Lagoon series depicting the sea of coral reef

⑦ Glass art indigo | Lagoon glasses 3,300 yen (tax included)
Ryukyu glass, which is born from a small workshop, is all gentle and elegant and perfect for rewarding yourself! "Laguon Glass" is a gradation that expresses the sea of coral that continues from white sand and gradually becomes deeper. I want you to relax and feel the beautiful sea of Okinawa at home. Glasses with such thoughts of craftsmen is a gem that can be used for a long time.

Have a cool time with Ryukyu glass on a hot day…

⑧ Ryukyu Glass Tida Studio | Smuggling beer glass set 3,410 yen (tax included)
Beer glasses with cute stubborn glass. If you toast Orion Beer with your loved ones with this Ryukyu glass glass, you will surely blow away the summer heat. In addition, there are also glutinous, rock glasses, and single vase. Why don't you look for tropical products that will color your life?

A glass of Ryukyu glass featuring a cute form

⑨ Forest Glass Museum | Awamu Glass: 2,200 yen (tax included)
"Awamu Glass" recommended for women, with star pattern studded with star patterns in size. There are variations in color, so it is good to have several pieces and use them properly according to the mood of the day, and it is also good to relax tea time.
In addition, there are rock glasses engraved with Okinawan traditional pattern minters, so check it out!

Soapy tropical bath time with soap filled with the blessings of the island

⑩ SuiSavon-Shuri Soap - | Botanical Handmade Soap CUBE soap set 2,750 yen (tax included)
SuiSavon soap based on Okinawan plants and fruits with high beauty effects, and thoroughly pursue Okinawan taste. The natural fragrance of the selected aroma essential oil gives a great relaxing effect. Recommended "CUBE Soap" is a popular secret of CUBE size and cuteness.
Choose soap according to the mood of the day and enjoy the tropical resort bath time.

Adding Okinawa's atmosphere to your usual coordination.

⑪ Grace | Car 26,400 yen (tax included)
Grace has a reputation for simple, natural accessories with Okinawa motif. Among them, the necklace "carry" (with a chain) representing Okinawan minter pattern. The two cubes have a delicate and delicate silhouette designed for the two cubes. This item has a casual and gorgeous look, so it can be used both in your office or private.

It's an original island sleigh, and you're also Uchinanchu!

⑫OKICHU/Okichu, a Japanese-made island specialty store OKICHU/Okichu Normal-type original island sleigh 1,650 yen ~ (tax included)
Every year, Okinawan people have a lifestyle of Okinawan people with bare feet on the island. Even if it's not in the neighborhood, shopping is commonplace (laughs). Introducing the products of OKICHU, a specialty store of island sleigh that citizens love. The more you wear it, the more you wear it, and the thongs made of natural rubber is gentle to the toes of women and children's toes. It has a wide variety of variations, including 20 colors of table (sole) and 12 thong thong, so you can make it with your favorite color.

Just wearing Aloha makes you feel like a southern resort! ?

⑬ Mango House | Men's open collar 8,580 Yen, Ladies' dress 20,790 yen (tax included)
Aloha shop that is particular about design with the pattern and color of the Okinawa motif full of play gokoro. Designers will devise new works every day to convey your favorite Okinawa. The best ladies dress you want to wear it in hot and hot summers, just wearing it in a resort! Not only design but also excellent quality, such as quick-drying and moisture absorption, Okinawan citizens also have many fans.

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