Ishigaki-jima Island Recommended Ranking

Ishigaki-jima Island Recommended Ranking
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"Ishigaki-jima Island" has a different taste and lid taste than Okinawa Island. "Okinawa Traveler Editorial Department" introduces the secrets to enjoy such Ishigaki-jima Island by category! Let's Go to Ishigaki-jima Island, which has become more accessible, in addition to the launch of LCC and other airlines.

【Tour】 Recommended sightseeing tours for remote islands

Recommended points

Eight unique islands studded in the Yaeyama Islands.
For those who want to visit a remote island based in Ishigaki-jima Island, but don't know if the island is recommended, the Riccadka Editorial Department ranks a sightseeing tour where you can enjoy remote islands from Ishigaki-jima Island.
Let's plan according to your purpose, from one island that can be easily enjoyed to the four islands where you can fully enjoy the charm of the island.

【Experience】 It's OK even on rainy days! Recommended craft experience & exploration ranking

Recommended points

"Rikadokka Editorial Department" introduces recommended games that allow you to enjoy Ishigaki-jima Island even on the first day of your trip or return, or sudden weather changes.
Ishigaki-jima Island is full of the real pleasure of traveling, such as making accessories that can be taken home while receiving the guidance of craftsmen, making accessories that can be taken home, touching subtropical nature!

【Marine】 Ishigaki-jima Island's recommended marine sports & activity ranking

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The sea around Ishigaki-jima Island, where you can meet colorful coral reefs and tropical fish!
The "Rikadocca Editorial Department" introduces recommended marine sports that allows you to experience the world where one of Japan's leading coral reefs spread from various angles. Let's experience the beauty of the sea together for the first time and family with children!

【Marine】 Ishigaki-jima Island's recommended snorkel ranking

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Snorkeling is recommended if you can easily enjoy the sea around Ishigaki-jima Island (Yaeyama Islands), which has one of Japan's largest coral reef!
Among the many snorkeling spots, we will introduce the most recommended spots in the ranking. You can participate with confidence even for the first time with the guidance of a professional guide!

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