Eight hotels in Okinawa recommended for multi-generation families!

Eight hotels in Okinawa recommended for multi-generation families!
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It is good to go home while traveling home slowly at home, but sometimes I want to enjoy it with my grandpa and grandma! In such a case, the recommended thing is a family trip with a three-generation family of parents, children and grandchildren. Playing in the pool together, going into a hot spring and sleeping together in a spacious Japanese-style room. .. This time, we chose a hotel that is perfect for such a three-generation family and has a full range of services for children. Please enjoy an unforgettable filial trip in Okinawa, which has many attractions.

[Northern Okinawa] Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa

Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa is only a seven-minute walk from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Barefoot Rooms have great ocean view. Take off your shoes and make yourselves at home in this shoeless, comfortable environment. The hotel has many kid-friendly services, like a year-round kids’ pool, restaurants with kids’ menu and baby food, and free strollers and crib bumper rental. Jurassic Onsen is a hot spring that oversees the emerald green ocean and Ie Island that floats in the distance; it’s the perfect place for grandparents to rejuvenate themselves.

Recommended points

Comes also has a thalassopa "Belmail" that makes use of the natural blessings of Okinawa. Mom and grandma can refresh with spa treatment while your child is playing with dad and grandpa. In "handmade workshop", we recommend courses that children can easily enjoy, such as making gel candles and painting whale sharks.

[Northern Okinawa] Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa

Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa, which oversees the East China Sea, is a five-minute drive from the expressway’s Kyoda exit. From the outdoor pool, which is the largest of its kind in Okinawa, you’ll be able to see one of the best sunsets over the East China Sea. The Long Water Slide that is 47.5 meters is exciting for kids and adults. A pool for smaller kids is also available. Family Rooms are spacious guest rooms with maximum occupancy of six. Each room has both Western and Japanese style rooms. Cribs, crib bumpers, and urine pads are available to rent—great services for families with kids.

Recommended points

There is also a free pick-up and drop-off to Kariyushi Beach. Full of beach activities that even preschoolers can enjoy. There are plenty of services for adults such as partner golf courses and aesthetic salon, as well as nail salons, so enjoy yourself in the morning and join in the afternoon! I can do it.

[Northern Okinawa] ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort

ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort oversees Cape Manzamo, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Okinawa. Great facilities allow for fun activities involving all three generations in your family. Kids can run around even on rainy days at the Kids Play Land.
Strollers, crib bumpers, flipflops, and pajamas can be rented. Get a meal at Aqua Belle, which has a playroom to keep kids busy while adults enjoy a relaxing meal.

Recommended points

Underwater observation boat "Submarine Jr. II" where you can feel the beautiful sea up close, "Experience Fishing" that you can enjoy for the first time, Manza Ocean Park, one of the prefecture's largest marine athletic "Manza Ocean Park", and Osako's powerful activities that can be participated with your child! There is no doubt that adults will be able to enjoy themselves.

[Northern Okinawa] Renaissance Resort Okinawa

"Renaissance Resort Okinawa" with a balcony where you can see all private beaches. About 10 minutes by car from Ishikawa IC. The Flippers Connecting Room, which is inspired by the world of the sea, has plenty of tricks that your child will please. The two rooms can be moved back and forth by the inner door, so it is ideal for a 3-generation family that you can spend time while protecting your private life. The room amenity for children, such as pajamas and beach sandals for children!

Recommended points

There are plenty of services such as indoor and outdoor pools with sliders, and thalassotherapy that can be relaxed by the blessings of the sea. It is full of charm that children will be pleased with, such as the dolphin program, work experience with dolphins, and treasure hunting in the hotel. Recommended for a long stay!

[Central Okinawa] Royal Hotel Okinawa Zanpamisaki

Royal Hotel Okinawa Zanpamisaki, where the sunset over the East China Sea and the Kerama Islands can be seen on a clear, sunny day. All twenty-five rooms on the fourth floor were newly renovated as Ryukyu Japanese Style Rooms in April 2018. Some rooms are certified as “Welcome Baby Accommodation.” Cute shisa await you at the rooms with bunk beds.
The Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants all have kids’ menu, so you can have a relaxing dining experience even on a rainy day.♪

Recommended points

Kids menus are prepared at Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants, so you can enjoy a meal at the hotel even on rainy days. Field sports such as marine activities, golf and rental bicycles that can be enjoyed from the age of 0 are also enhanced! There are beaches, lighthouses and parks within walking distance, so it is recommended to take a walk.

[Central Okinawa] Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa

Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa is located in Depot Island of Mihama American Village. It’s only a minute walk from the hotel to Sunset Beach! Gourmet food, movies, and shopping are all within walking distance. Feel the Okinawan breeze and be enchanted by the gradual color transformation during sunset from the balcony. Kids under the age of eighteen who co-sleep with their parents or grandparents can stay at the hotel free of charge. Kids under the age of twelve get breakfast and baby food for free! They have plenty of family-friendly services. The pool on the top floor is available during summer; it’s got a pool for small kids and jacuzzi.

Recommended points

The superb view bath has a sauna, cold water bath, bath items for children, cleansing and lotion for women, and a long-established brand in the UK. ♪ The summer-only rooftop pool also has a pool for small children and a jacuzzi. Why don't you enjoy the private space only for guests with the whole family?

[Central Okinawa] The Beach Tower Okinawa

The Beach Tower Okinawa is located next to Mihama American Village. It’s a twenty-four-floor tower resort that faces Chatan Sunset Beach. Disposable diapers and wipes are available for free, and there are lots of rental options like crib bumpers and potty rings. The restaurant has a large menu including baby food, and a wide variety of formula. They take pride in providing the best service to meet your needs. Satisfying your little picky eater won’t even be an issue.

Recommended points

Animals that welcome you everywhere in the facility are very popular with children! You can also meet rare animals. In addition, at the hand fir place "Yumego", which is popular among women, you can relieve stiffness of your whole body with shiatsu massage and aroma massage to relieve fatigue of your trip.

[Naha, Okinawa] Loisir Hotel Naha

Loisir Hotel Naha is only seven minutes from Naha Airport. It’s one of a few resorts in Naha that stand by the ocean. The guest rooms have a view of the port and airplanes landing and taking off; it’ll definitely pique interest of dads and kids that are into vehicles. The Japanese-style rooms are certified as “Welcome Baby Accommodation” by Miki House Child Rearing Institute. A child (under twelve years of age) can stay for free with a parent or a grandparent. The butterfly-shaped wave pool is a work of a world-renowned fashion designer. It’s open in summer, from 10am to 9pm, so kids that couldn’t get enough play time outside can get some more here!

Recommended points

Indoor Kuapur, where you can swim all year round, you can use the thalasotherapy effect using natural hot springs to heal the fatigue of your trip and moisten your skin. If you want to be healed slowly after dinner, go to "Miejo Castle Onsen Shimajin no Yu". You can enjoy natural hot spring until 24 p.m.

How was it? It is a trip with children who tend to be centered on children, but I would like to keep a schedule that can be enjoyed without difficulty for grandpa and grandma. For activities and sightseeing, it is recommended that you enjoy the facilities inside the hotel with plenty of breaks at the hotel. ♪ Please refer to the best hotel selection that will fulfill the wishes of the three generations of parents, children and grandchildren.

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