Traveling with Okinawa Children - Only Now! Making outstanding bonds [6 years old for elementary school students]

Traveling with Okinawa Children - Only Now! Making outstanding bonds [6 years old for elementary school students]
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The exciting family trip is something that both children and dad and mom want to enjoy together. There are plenty of programs that can be used not only for fun but also for homework during summer vacation, such as marine sports in southern countries and Okinawa and cultural experiences unique to Okinawa! Let's try various things and deepen the bond between parents and children!

Traveling with Children

Yanbaru Nature School

Let's enjoy the nature of Okinawa! Adventure experience of mangroves by canoeing!

This is a river-only experience that can be attended by 3-year-old children.
Two canoes can be named, and 3-4 year olds can be three. Please contact us. ※Only when high tide

Experience menu name: Petit course Gesashi River mangrove Canoe Experience
Age: 3 years old~
Time required: About 2 hours
Price: 5,000 yen for adults / 3,000 yen for children / 1,500 yen for infants, about 2 hours including lectures (about 1.5 hours for canoeing)

82, Gesashi, Higashi-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

Recommended points

While rowing canoeing, you can observe the creatures living in the mangroves! You can also experience while listening to the guide's explanation, so you can learn about Okinawa's nature! ! Recommended for free study during summer vacation.

A blue cave

Let's go out to a world I've never seen! Parents and children work together to pass through a large rocky place and go to the blue cave. In the dark, the cave where the sea shines, is a series of excitement. Let's look for nocturnal fish with snorkeling.

Experience menu name: Going by sea kayaking! Blue cave exploration Snorkel Tour
Age: 7 years old~
Time required: 3 hours to 3 and a half hours
Price: 2 or more people / 6,380 yen per person

Toshima, Furuu Marine Club Zammarine

How about snorkeling on Kotori Island, which is one of the most transparent in Okinawa Island? The instructor will guide you carefully, so it is also recommended for children who are afraid of diving and beginners in marine activities.

Experience menu name: Snorkeling (90 minutes course)
Age: 3 years old~
Time required: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Price: 5,000 yen (12 years old or older), 3,000 yen (3 years old to 11 years old)

Rapismarine sports

Search the blue cave by snorkeling! Children's eyes are sparkling in the sparkling cave! Since an exclusive instructor will follow you, even small children can feel safe. There are also childcare services for children under 5 years old.

Experience menu name: A blue cave snorkeling tour
Age: 5 years old~
Time required: 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes
Price: 4,900 yen per person for 2 or more people


Take a kayak in the forest of subtropical plants! The encounter with the magnificent mangroves forest seen from the surface of the water, the encounter with rare wild birds and creatures unique to Okinawa is a great adventure. Because it is near the mouth where the flow is calm, even small children can feel safe.

Experience menu name: mangrove kayak tour
Age: 4 years old~
Time required: 2 hours
Price: 5800 yen for adults (high school students and above) and 4800 yen for children (junior high school students and younger)


Adventure experience at Tar Falls in the rich nature of Jan Bal! Waterfall Dive, which can be played like Tarzan, is very exciting for both children and adults. You can choose from the course to the waterfall according to the physical strength of the participants.

Experience menu name: Challenge ♪ Waterfall Dave! Tartaki Adventure Tour
Age: 4 years old~
Time required: 2 hours
Price: 6800 yen for adults, high school students to 5,800 yen, 4,400 yen under 4 years old

Ryukyu Glass Artisan Studio

Transformed into a glass craftsman! Let's try to make glass of Ryukyu glass. Craftsmen will support you according to your child's level, so you can experience it safely and happily. You should be excited just by imagining how many juice you will drink in the glass you brought back.

Experience menu name: Blowing glass experience
Age: 6 years old~
Time required: 15 minutes
Price: 3000 yen ~ (Received or shipped after 14:00 on the next business day * shipping fee)

Ryukyu Glass Village

A photo frame made by sticking colorful Ryukyu glass frames, shells, and starfish attached to wooden frame. It is a very popular experience with children because you can make full-fledged works with the feeling of drawing! Let's show your favorite one and show it to everyone.

Experience menu name: Photo frame making experience
Age: Elementary school students and above
Time required: 40 minutes~
Price: 2,580 yen~

Kanoa Onna Store

Let's make original photo frames using plenty of pure white shells. Use as much as you want from various types of shells and corals as you want! After completion, the work will be done in the shooting space inside the store.

Experience menu name: Shell Photo Frame Making Experience
No restrictions
Time required: 40-60 minutes
Price: 2200 yen~

Beni-shaped workshop, Ryuzen

Let's make only one original item in the world with coral dyeing! Put a T-shirt or tote bag on a coral fossil and rub it from above with a color of your favorite colors.……。 Unexpected color combinations for children and adults.

Experience menu name: Coral dyeing experience
Age: 3 years old~
Time required: About 50 minutes
Price: Adult 3300 yen, children ((3 years old to elementary school students) 2750 yen

Lunch for Travel with Children

After playing a lot in the morning, why don't you enjoy a lunch that feels Okinawa? ! The picture I'm eating will surely have a good smile.

Burger Shop H&S

The taste is super big! Let's enjoy homemade burger with a gentle taste with less spices.

Equipment: Table seat

Kinzuki soba

The “Kanazuki Soba Gala Blue Sea Store” based on the concept of salt uses Okinawa's seawater salt “Blue Sea” for homemade noodles and soups. Families with children are pleased only by gilt-free shops that are kind to the body. The meal in front of the sea will be filled with your heart.

Dinner travel with children

Children's tension, such as standard grilled meat and a little luxurious steak, are also rising! We also recommend folk song Live, where you can enjoy Okinawan performing arts.

Agu's hideaway Fuchaku Store

Enjoy the sweet Ishigaki beef and Agu that grew up at ease with grilled meat! We recommend sausage or tontoro for little kids. You can enjoy barbecue with the whole family at the open terrace seat.

Equipment: Table seats, parlors, open terrace seats

Authentic charcoal grilled meat, Ryukyu beef

Good quality prefecture-grown Wagyu beef and carefully selected specially-known beef! The reasonable set menu is popular with family members. All the seats are dug-out type for children, and chairs and plates for children are also available.

Equipment: Dug seat

Okinawa's Kitchen Paikaji Head Office

Not only is it close to the monorail station, but also has a free parking lot, so it is easy for families to access. A service in which the staff of Sanshin play around each table makes you feel like Okinawa. Let's ask for your favorite song.

Equipment: Table seats, parlors, dugs, and private rooms are available.

Dining flower

Enjoy a special dish that makes use of local ingredients! Although it has a moist and calm atmosphere, there are also popular menus for children, such as rolled sushi and dashi rolled eggs. There are private rooms where you can relax without worrying about the surroundings, so it is recommended that you make a reservation.

Equipment: There are table seats and dugs.

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