Recommended for girls to travel alone! A relaxing and healing trip that you can enjoy the first time in Okinawa

Recommended for girls to travel alone! A relaxing and healing trip that you can enjoy the first time in Okinawa
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Okinawa wants to visit alone when you want to relax and relax. In the southern part of Motojima and around Naha, there are healing spots such as hot springs, power spots, cafes, and other bars where you can interact with local people, and there are many spots that even beginners in Okinawa can enjoy. Relax your body and mind during the relaxing Uchina (Okinawa) time.

1. Hot spring in Okinawa! ? A large open-air bath "Ryukyu Onsen Ryujin no Yu" where the sea spreads in front of you

"Ryukyu Onsen Ryujin no Yu" located on Senaga Island in 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport, natural hot spring springs out of 1,000 meters underground. The ingredients have the effect of warming the body from the core and are also referred to as "Koho no Yu". Because it is close to Naha city, you can drop in before and after flights or between sightseeing.

Recommended points

The large open-air bath with luxurious natural hot spring is a location facing the sea. While immersing in the hot springs, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the emerald green sea in the daytime and the sunset over the Kerama Islands.

2. Kudaka Island feels the mystery that the goddess of the Ryukyus came down.

Kudaka Island is about 30 minutes by ferry from Azama Port in the southern part of Okinawa Island. It is a sacred place of Ryukyu, which is said to have begun the goddess Ama Mikiyo, who created Ryukyu, has descended from heaven and has begun nation-building. Even now, Shinto rituals are held, and there are some areas in Shimauchi, but I want to follow the rules and enjoy the mysterious island.

Recommended points

There are plenty of highlights, such as the place where Ama Mikiyo got off, and "Ishiki Beach", where a god from Niraikanai anchored the ship. Since it is an island with almost no height difference, it is recommended to rent a bicycle and go around.

3. A place where you can get your power to clean your mind.

The best sacred place on Okinawa Island is "Sefu Utaki". The quiet space is hilly, and you can worship Kudaka Island, known as the island of God. Mitake is a place where prayers have been held since ancient times. When you calm down and go around, you will naturally feel gratitude.

※At present, Sangui altar is closed to protect the sanctuary. You can't get through Iwama.

Recommended points

There is no glittering decoration and it is natural, so it is not flashy compared to other sightseeing spots, but each of the six sanctuaries (Ibi) in the venue have meaning. If you turn around the pamphlet, you can learn more about Seiba Utaki.

4. The valley of Gangara, which reminds us of ancient nature

If you want to enjoy healing and adventure at once, be sure to go to Gangara Valley! About 30 minutes southeast by car from Naha. In the valley formed by the collapse of the limestone cave over a long period of time, and the forest rich in nature spreads out in the valley formed by the collapse of the limestone cave over a long period of time with a guide doubles.

Recommended points

Take a break at the cavé, an open cafe built in solutional cave at the entrance of the Gangara Valley. In a mysterious space, why not think about ancient times while enjoying coffee roasted with local beer and coral reef.

5. The more you know World Heritage, the more deepest Shuri Castle

Photos provided: Kokuei Okinawa Memorial Park Shuri Castle Park

Shuri Castle, a classic Okinawa sightseeing spot, is a spot that you want to visit alone and take a closer look. In October 2019, Shuri Castle Main Shrine was destroyed by fire, but now the restoration site and process of the main shrine, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026, are open to the public. The East Azana, observation deck, is also a superb view of Naha and the Kerama Islands. If the timing is right, you can also participate in seasonal events.

Recommended points

Shuri Castle is also attracting attention as a power spot because it is built based on Feng Shui. If you walk a little, there is "Senhiya Taketake Ishimon", which is said to have always prayed for safety when the King of Ryukyu went out. Let's feel the power of the Kingdom of ryukyu era.

6. One of your favorites. Journey to Search for Traditional Crafts

When you enter Sgegu (muscle road) from Kokusai Dori, you can get to Tsuboya Yachimmun Street. "Yachimun" is a pottery in the Okinawa dialect, and it was the beginning of Tsuboya ware that more than 300 years ago, potters from various places were collected in Tsuboya. You can meet a variety of works, from traditional designs to modern cute works.

Recommended points

You can see Shisa made of Tsuboya ware sits in the townscape where the original scenery of Okinawa with red tiled roofs on cobblestones. If you find your favorite product, such as a small plate or hot water that you can usually use, it is recommended as a souvenir of Okinawa to yourself, your family, and friends.

7. While watching the superb view of the sea cafe & forest cafe in the southern part

There are superb view cafes in the southern part. In particular, Senaga Island and Nanjo City are dotted with new cafes and popular cafés. You can enjoy meals, sweets, and drinks using Okinawan ingredients in nature, such as the "Umi Cafe" overlooking the sea with various expressions in the time of day, and the Forest Cafe surrounded by subtropical plants.

Recommended points

If you take a break while listening to the sounds of the waves and the birdsong in an Okinawa-like scenery, you will surely be free from daily stress. Power charge is completed here at once!

8. At night, toasting at a bar where locals gather ♪ Kokusai Street Yatai Village

Opened on Kokusai Street in Naha City in 2015, Kokusai Dori Yatai Village, is a popular spot with locals and tourists daily. There are 20 stores, including Japanese, Western, and multinational izakayas. There is a stage in the center of the hall, and if the timing is right, you can appreciate Okinawan music and dance.

Recommended points

Each store is small and one store, so you can visit it without hesitation. If you have a toast with your neighbor, you'll soon get together! "Where did you come from? How long are you going to stay? ○Did you go? ”And beginning with the conversation, and finally laddered together.

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